Loose Lips

One Lucky Republican

D.C. Republican Patrick Mara

Is Patrick Mara the luckiest sonofabitch in D.C. politics?

He was looking that way until this weekend, when news broke that the sole Republican in the April special election for an at-large D.C. Council seat might be booted from the ballot for submitting petition signatures that appeared forged.

Suddenly, things seemed bleak for Mara. One need not be a handwriting expert to look at some of Mara’s petitions and instantly see there was something fishy going on. The D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics found the Mara campaign, which relied in part on petition gatherers who were paid by the D.C. Republican Party, submitted a total of 160 forged signatures. D.C. election law says “nominating petitions tainted by fraud...may be discounted in their entirety.”

But the BOEE decided to go easy on Mara. They only invalidated the forged signatures, leaving Mara with more than the 3,000 signatures he needed to get on the ballot. (Ward 8 Democrats President Jacque Patterson, by the way, was booted from the ballot for not getting enough signatures.)

The ruling is another piece of evidence that Mara is on an incredible hot streak, one that he had mostly nothing to do with. He needs it. In a town with more than 10 registered Democrats to every one Republican, candidates like Mara require something close to divine intervention to win a council seat.

When current At-Large Councilmember David Catania first won as a Republican in 1997, the hand of God came in the form of his opponent Arrington Dixon, a political has-been the D.C. Democratic State Committee picked as an interim councilmember. Legends still persist of Dixon’s antipathy toward actually campaigning, and the archives are full of gems about Dixon’s lack of interest in governing. “For months, council members and staffers have complained that Mr. Dixon appeared to be not interested in government work, took few clear stands on issues and seemed more interested in playing golf than in mastering legislation,” The Washington Times reported after Catania’s victory. “Mail and packages piled up haphazardly outside his locked council office and staffers often shoved copies of legislation and memos under the locked door.”

Mara hasn’t been similarly blessed with a dud of a candidate. Democratic leaders, including Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown, were determined not to repeat history; they coalesced behind Sekou Biddle, an ambitious and bright education reformer who should appeal to supporters of former Mayor Adrian Fenty and his public schools chancellor, Michelle Rhee. Biddle’s not lazy, and he’s fully aware that he’s in for a tough fight.

But while Biddle might not be a bum, he’s now weighed down by the support of the very people who helped him nab the Democratic State Committee’s appointment to the council. And that brings us back to Mara’s good fortune. Biddle’s most influential backers are tied up in embarrassing scandals that have the whole Wilson Building—to say nothing of voters—gawking.

Kwame Brown’s appetite for a taxpayer-funded, “fully loaded” Lincoln Navigator couldn’t be better calibrated to produce maximum outrage among constituents. Then there’s the Gray administration’s colossal early screwups, which have already produced the politically explosive phrase “the FBI is looking into accusations” (even if nothing comes of the investigation, that’s something most elected officials like to avoid). The last few weeks have Gray’s critics feeling vindicated in their belief that he’d be some kind of Marion Barry-lite, while even fierce supporters fret about the mayor’s communications efforts.

If Mara can’t use these scandals to fire up a good chunk of the District’s 30,000 registered Republicans to come out and vote in the only election they have a shot of winning, then he has no business being in politics.

All of this puts Biddle in a tight spot. With little name recognition and not a ton of money, (he’s raised about $100,000 so far, but has spent most of it already) he’ll have to depend on Brown and Gray for help. If they can get their die-hard supporters to vote, that could be enough to put Biddle ahead in a low-turnout special election. (Which is why it still wouldn’t be a surprise if he wins.) Biddle’s campaign has strong links to the Kwame Brown machine—including Marshall Brown, Kwame’s father, who has been paid $5,000 by Biddle as a campaign “consultant.”

But Biddle seems to get annoyed whenever anyone suggests he’s the establishment candidate. “It’s a pretty broad group of people who have endorsed me so far,” Biddle says. LL suspects he’ll have to come up with a better way of distancing himself to fend off the onslaught of negative campaigning that’s headed his way.

“Sekou is the one who is in bed with Kwame Brown and the mayor,” says Mara. “We all make decisions, and Sekou made his.”

Similar firebombs have been lobbed Biddle’s way by candidates Bryan Weaver and Josh Lopez, who also stand to benefit from tagging Biddle as the establishment’s guy. Weaver’s positioned himself as a good government type who wants to clean up the council, while Lopez, who helped run the Fenty write-in campaign, is looking to benefit from Green Teamers who are still sore over their man’s defeat.

(And if his Twitter account is to be believed, Lopez seems to be outworking the rest of the field combined when it comes to knocking on voters’ doors.)

The only candidate who doesn’t seem willing to bash Biddle as the establishment pick is former Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange. Which is interesting, since if the establishment hadn’t picked Biddle, it would have picked Orange; after Kwame Brown crushed him in last fall’s council chairman primary, Orange narrowly lost the Democratic Party’s appointment to Biddle.

Orange tells LL he’s not given much thought to Biddle’s political connections and how that might affect the race.

“I’m staying focused and trying to make sure I’m in a position to win,” says Orange.

Yeah, right. But Orange has put himself in a good position by raising more than $190,000 in less than two months, far more than any of his rivals. That kind of cash will go a long way toward boosting his name recognition (which is already higher than the rest of the field, probably in no small part to the fact that he left signs from his last campaign up for a long, long time), as well as toward paying for transportation in the all-important get-out-the-vote effort.

Which brings us back, again, to that lucky Mara. The more Democrats who run strong races and split the party’s vote, the better for the lone Republican. Will it be enough to win? LL isn’t making any predictions this far out. But stay tuned.

* * *


It turns out David Wilmot, one of the city’s best paid and most connected lobbyists, will get to keep his group homes for the developmentally disabled after all.

As one of his last moves before waltzing out the door, former Attorney General Peter Nickles slapped Wilmot’s group-home outfit with $240,000 in fines and began the process to remove six homes from Wilmot’s care. Nickles’s action came after an independent monitor found that Wilmot’s non-profit, Individual Development Inc., had violated several terms of a 2009 settlement between IDI and the District.

Wilmot called Nickles’ actions politically motivated payback—Wilmot served on Gray’s transition team—and IDI went to court to try to block the fines and the takeover of the six group homes.

Last week, new Attorney General Irv Nathan said at an oversight hearing that his office had settled with IDI. The settlement hasn’t been approved by a judge and isn’t public yet, but Nathan said in written testimony that “the District will be receiving a substantial portion of the civil penalties that had been imposed, conditions have been improved, and we lifted the termination of these facilities, which allows the residents to avoid considerable disruption.”

If any of that sounds familiar, it’s because Nickles gave virtually the same reasons when he agreed to settle with IDI two years ago. That settlement arose after Nickles sued IDI for allegedly mistreating its patients; Nickles said he settled because he didn’t want to disrupt IDI’s vulnerable patients and because IDI had promised to make improvements. The 2009 settlement also came shortly after Wilmot threw former Mayor Adrian Fenty a fundraiser.

In January, LL reported that an independent court monitor in a federal class-action case found several problems with IDI, including “serious concerns” about the low weight of some of its high-risk clients. The monitor also noted that IDI has a pattern of only making short-term fixes. “Although remedial action has been taken by IDI when informed of deficient practices...the correction actions have not been sustained over time,” the monitor wrote.

The monitor also wrote that various city agencies are “concerned whether future efforts to correct longstanding deficiencies will be sustained, especially once the period of intensive monitoring is ended.”

The contract for the independent monitor that was part of Nickles’ 2009 settlement with IDI expired at the end of last year. Nathan’s office declined to respond to LL’s query as to whether the latest settlement would include a monitor. Wilmot didn’t return a call from LL, either.

IDI, which operates entirely on public funds, has long been criticized by advocates of the disabled. Last summer, an inspector general’s report said Wilmot and another executive were being overpaid; for several years, Wilmot has drawn six-figure salaries from IDI, in addition to the money he makes lobbying city officials on a full-time basis. And, the Service Employees International Union has alleged Wilmot engaged in unfair labor practices. IDI’s frontline employees have also complained of shoddy pay and voted last year to unionize, over Wilmot’s strong objections.

Besides Wilmot, IDI’s board includes politically connected attorneys Fred Cooke Jr. and A. Scott Bolden.

Now it looks like IDI might be angling to offset any fines it has to pay with a tax break. At a separate hearing last week, Department of Health Care Finance Director Wayne Turnage indicated that leaders of group homes for the developmentally disabled are “pushing very hard” to invalidate a $3.7 million providers’ tax the council imposed. Turnage said he’d met with group home leaders and was looking for a “win-win” compromise.

But Health Committee Chairman David Catania told Turnage that any compromise was unacceptable. Catania warned Turnage, who is new to D.C. government, that the leaders of group homes like Wilmot are “connected to every level of this government.”

“They have gotten away with providing shady services at best by undercutting the salaries of their staff and by all getting rich in the process,” said Catania, before offering this warning. “And the last thing they want is for this committee to start investigation every part of their operations, which I am entirely willing to do. So I don’t want any compromise. I want the money; it’s a lawful tax.”

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  • Southeast Ken

    I will not be voting for any of these fools and especially Patrick Mara.

  • John

    Hilarious. No wonder why Biddle bristles at being called out for the Establishment candidate he is. Just read the Wilmot bit right after. Of course, it would have been nice to note Wilmot was at one of the establishment hack's first big events for Biddle.

    Toss 'em all.

  • Hypocrite Much?

    ....All of this puts Biddle in a tight spot. With little name recognition and not a ton of money, (he’s raised about $100,000 so far, but has spent most of it already) he’ll have to depend on Brown and Gray for help. If they can get their die-hard supporters to vote, that could be enough to put Biddle ahead in a low-turnout special election....

    To this statement I ask, "what die-hard supporters?" I don't know about Kwame "Fully-Loaded" supporters, but I do know that Vince Gray has killed his base and he no longer has supporters for Mr. Biddle to pull. He has allienated Wards 4,5,7, and 8, and these votes will go squarely to Vincent Orange in an attempt to show the Gray Admninistration that you don't disrespect and turn-your-back on the very people who put you in the Mayor's Office.

    Sekou Biddle has hitched his star to a wagon full of sh!t!

  • Wendy Washington

    I suggest we elect Vincent Orange for the at-large seat. He definitely will NOT be a rubber stamp for Kwame Brown. In fact, I am hoping that he will call Kwame out at every opportunity. We know there will be multiple opportunities because Kwame is not too bright and it seems like the current councilmembers are giving Kwame a free ride -- even Catania who has a reputation for being cantankerous.

  • Drez

    I have friends on all sides of this: Mara, Biddle, Orange, Weaver.
    Going against the grain here, but I'm glad a lot of good folks are running.

  • Drez

    Vote your heart, people. :)

  • Mike

    Biddle is such a hypocrite, where does he stand on putting into place tough ethics law after his friend Kwame Brown, took DC Tax payers for a ride in a vehicle costs that cost the city $1,963.28 a month. In addition, why is Biddle not condemning this behavior and asking Brown to resign?

  • itsjustamess

    Biddle is not going to bite the hand that fed him...YET! My vote is going to Vincent Orange because he's qualified and he knows where all the dead bodies are buried on the CC. And, he has a big ax to grind with certain members of the CC. To my delight, he is both an accountant and a lawyer. I'm betting he's going to find, follow the money and show us all whose pocket it's in. He ain't gonna fatten no frogs for snakes. Kwame and Vince are both going to have a major case of AIDS (A-- IN DEEP S---!) Right about now, Vincent Orange is like a hungry fat lady who's just found out somebody done stole her "ham and cheese sammich." It's bout to get UGLY!!!!

  • 890

    Vince Orange is for himself and no one else. Anyone who thinks he is a fine representative doesn't really know him or his past actions as member of council.

  • itsjustamess

    @890 - Let's just agree to disagree. Orange returning to the CC is invigorating. I doubt if we'll be getting the same old juice in an 8-ounce glass. Oh no, I suspect we'll be imbibing a new version, gallon-sized, rich in calcium and highly concentrated.

  • DB

    Agreed, 890. Don't let the devil in the front door.

  • Time2BReal

    @890 & @DB you clearly don't make any sense. Vincent Orange seems to have all the credentials in the world that if he was all for himself he definitely wouldn't waste his time trying to get back on the council. He is what the city has been lacking because the current council is comfortable and doesn't care about the people as long as they can shake hands, fool yall with these door to door initiatives and cover your heads while they pull scandals.

    I've asked people what are true concrete reasons why Orange isn't the best candidate for the position, and they dont have any true reasons.

    The city picked Kwame over Orange, and you see where that has gotten. The DSNC picked Biddle over Orange, and has nothing to show for it.

    My vote means more to me than a popularity contest, pictures, and ass kissing. Im voting off proven results.

  • Rick Mangus

    This sounds like a typical dirty tricks by the democrats!

  • DC Elected Official Crap

    The DC Council is in need of an Ethics Committee and I do not trust any of the councilmembers there. I will vote to send a bulldog down to the wilson building to shake things up for the taxpayers--vincent orange.

  • DCRez

    Dream On Loose Lips

    Mara, Biddle, Weaver and Lopez are all vying for the same voter pool. The "progressives". Biddle did himself a disservice in getting Patterson removed from the ballot. They will certainly split the white vote in the city. Did I say white? No, I said "progressives", same thing. This just happens to be the world we live in and we are sadly still as politically segregated as ever. This will weaken the liklihood of any of these candidates winning a vote majority should African Americans who voted against Fenty, yet are discouraged by Gray/Brown, decide to exercise their right to vote in the special election if for no other reason than to express their frustration.

    Vincent Orange is the man who has benefited by the Gray/Brown scandals and the likely split vote among the "progressives" of the city. He is not in the pocket of any of the sitting council members or mayor (who support Biddle) the establisment candidate. He already, as you mentioned, has name recognition. He is a CPA that will serve him well among the deficit-stupid sitting members and he is an attorney that understands the law.

    The race is between Orange and Mara. If the Republicans come out in large numbers for Mara, he may win. If he is dependent on the democratic Fenty loyalists, he will loose as the "progressive" vote will be split and Orange coasts to victory.

  • tony

    Biddle can and should win this election. He is the most progressive and sensible democratic candidate in this race. Moreover, he has the support of the city's leadership. However, Biddle must not take Patrick Mara for granted. Biddle must zoom in on Mara and ensure that he(mara) does not make any inroads into his democratic base. Biddle must deal with the political reality that white democratic voters see Mara as one of them, and they are going to cast their vote for him because they believe Mara will represent their political interest. Sorry, but this is the political reality. I believe that Mara will do very well in Wards 3,2,1,6.. Thus, Biddle must do very well in wards 4, 5, 7, 8, and be competitive in wards 1 and 6. The other candidates simply do not have the political campaign machine to compete including Vincent Orange. Vincent Orange problem is that he lacks the personality and thus he can not connect with the voters he seeks. Again, Biddle must become a little more aggressive with Mara and reminds voters that he belongs to the republican party.The party of David Duke and other kkk.

  • DCRez

    @Tony: It was politically naive for Biddle to pass out campaign flyers in wards 4, 5, 7 and 8 with he and his white wife pictured on them. Unfortunately, that is not going to sit well with many closed minded African American women that he will depend on to carry these Wards. Vincent Orange has name recognition and the voters are not going to perceive him to be "the establishment" (Brown/Gray/Barry) candidate, which is suffering a self-inflected masacre these days. Orange is personable enough, but, more important, he is competent. He, if elected, is not beholden to a single person currently sitting on the Council.

    If Orange doesn't win, I'd prefer Mara over any of the others. We need a solid voice of decent on the this fiscally challenged Council.

    "Progessives" tend to spend without a plan. Even during deficits. That is a recipe for finacial ruin.

  • itsjustamess

    @Tony - Sorry, my brother, I respect your views but Biddle squandered a perfect opp to distance himself from the scandal-dripping Kwame Brown and Vince Gray. Now is the time to show "true grit" and Biddle's looking like a styrofoam cup of "Cream of Wheat." The voters are craving blood and we need someone on the CC that's willing to draw it. I think Biddle is a pleasant sort of guy but I also believe this little piggy should stay out of the political market or he is going to be crying wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

  • dcindy

    Having degrees is all very well, but only if you know how to use them. Orange distinguished himself during his last stint on the CC by raising a lot of fuss about relatively unimportant issues (such as the residency of the IG). This, apparently, is what passes for oversight in his mind. At this point, we need more than a gadfly to the Executive for the sake of being a gadfly. We need someone who can both oversee the activities of the Executive, AND propose sensible and meaningful legislation. Search Orange's legislative record, and you will find it lack-luster at best.

  • Observer

    Progressives will not vote for Orange or Biddle. Orange has waaaaaaay too much baggage that no one has mentioned yet. Once he starting spending money the facts will scare off voters. They will flock to Lopez and Weaver. I would pay close attention to Jacque Patterson. Will he stay neutral or endorse someone? He has pull that can potentially change the dynamic of this race. I'm willing beat that it won't be Orange or Biddle.

    Btw. Republicans are hesitant to elect Mara because he's already showing he doesn't have his stuff together.

  • Really

    @890 & @DB Agree about Orange. He was my councilperson and we weren't thrilled.

    @DCrez umm the white wife isn't what is giving Biddle the problems east of the river. Ironically it's the preception that he has a Fentyesque type personality.

  • Southeast Ken

    Why are you people voting for these clowns? Haven't you realized, all politicians are corrupt and liars? Screw the saying, vote for the lessor of two evils. If both candidates aren't worth voting for, why vote for them? Now of these assholes and opportunist will serve us the D.C. voters. They will serve themselves and be corrupt as hell.

  • Southeast Ken

    Progressive is another term for left wing liberal white individuals. The DC Council is too dam liberal and any and everything goes. I wouldn't be surprised if they allow a dog to marry a cat and residents can keep chickens and farm animals in their yards. The Democratic Party has pimped black folks for 40 dam years and most blacks are too dam blind to see it. Fuck both the Democrats and Republicans because they don't have the interest of the people.

  • Southeast Ken

    I forgot to add, the liberal DC Council and mayor supports illegal immigration and DC is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

    How can DC voters vote for these corrupt assholes? Miss Jim Graham need to be in a prison cell with Ted Loza.

  • tony

    There are tons of people in this city who could serve this city very well. But, we must deal with the candidates that will be on the ballot. Politically speaking, I think that Biddle will better represent the interest of the black community because he is so tied to the city's black leadership. I certainly, don't believe Mara will do any good for our people or the city as a whole. Mara will carry the water of the business establish and corporate interest. You now: reduction in taxes- less spending-more bike lanes-less social programs and the usual republican bullshit. Mara and Catania will forge an alliance and they will give the black leadership in this city hell; and any efforts to advance any sort of black agenda will be denied. And, the national republican party will work through Mara and Catania to micro-manage the city affairs. I am telling you that if Mara get elected black folks in this city will pay a heavy price. Biddle is the only black candidate that can realistically beat Mara given his political ties to the black community and his broad community support. I will say that Joshua Lopez should be considered for future elctions, but the stakes right now are just too damn high to roll dice.

  • DCRez

    @Observer: I believe Orange's folks are already courting Patterson for his support. What is certain, he is not going to throw it behind the person who challenged his petition. (Biddle)

  • Rick Mangus

    Carol Schwartz this city needs you!

  • KappaNupe

    I agree with Southeast Ken. Why vote for candidates if all of them aren't worth voting for? Votings across the U.S. have become disgusted with politicians and their corruption. Many U.S. citizens don't vote for this reason. I've voted for Republicans, Democrats, and yes Carol Schwartz in the past. Guess what, none of them lived up to my expectations and they all lied to me, after they recieved my vote.

    Vince Gray has disppointed a lot of people. I would never vote for Patrick Mara and Vincent Orange. These guys and the other candidates give a dam about the voters. They are only thinking of themselves. Doesn't Patrick Mara belong to the Tea Party? There's racism in both the Demoratic and Republican parties.

  • KappaNupe


    Voters across the U.S. have become disgusted with politicians and their corruption.

    @Tony; I would never vote for Joshua Lopez. This guy will on represent legal and illegal hispanic immirgants only. After seeing Josh Lopez on Fox5 DC talking bullshit about illegals are harding working people and they have a right to be in this country.

    Duh, what in the hell do liberals not understand, illegal immigrants that crossed our porous borders have broken U.S. laws, therefore they don't have a right to be here. If I break into someone's home, I can assure you, I would be arrested and sent to jail. Central Americans and Mexicans are now the chosen people in the U.S. and most don't give a dam about U.S. laws and customs. Politicans will continue to pander to illegal immigrants while U.S. citizens suffer.

  • Really

    Lord I'm agree with Rick Magnus and Southeast Ken.

    Tony...sorry but Josh has to not only mature about 10 yrs and the gain some experience before he is ready.

  • Southeast Ken

    The month of March have really been March madness for Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown. LOL LOL

    Sometimes you must take a break from politics and watching the evening news to maintain your sanity. Check out some of the basketball games to relax you nerves and to take your mind off these elected DC idiots.

  • Southeast Resident

    @ Observer, dcindy, and tony, unless I was dreaming, Orange fostered and brought part of the economic development in Ward 5 with Home Depot and other notable retailers. His only feud was with the Thomas'. Patterson was a puppet of the Federal City Council. They really have no politcal use for him now since he was a screw up in that he could not get on the ballot for the special appointment or the general election. Who needs his endorsement? If you want to sway voters on Patterson's side of town, the candidates better go line up to kiss Marion Barry's hand and pay him tribute.

  • Southeast Ken

    Congress is now looking into Mayor Gray's alleged corruption.


    Will there be a 'Control Board' on the horizon?

  • Wendy Washington

    @Southeast Resident, I agree with you. I moved to Ward 5 when VO was the CM. He had also proposed that a Target or Costco be built in Ward 5. (I think Harry Thomas, Jr. dropped the ball on that.) If VO had not run for mayor in 2006 -- we would not be stuck with HTJ -- idiot extraordinaire.

    I must agree with tony regarding Mara and Catania (pseudo-independent). They will forge a repugnicant alliance. Mara will further corporate interests. Catania will further the interests of affluent, gay white men. Agree with KappaNupe regarding Joshua Lopez. He needs to mature, he is a Fentyite, and he will only represent the interests of illegal aliens. Bottom line is Josh should just find a job.

    VO seems to be taking the high road. Some folks blamed VO for bringing Kwame's financial troubles to light during the 2010 election. That info needed to be broadcast/published by the media. It was a true indication of how Kwame handles his personal finances.

    VO will keep Kwame's feet to the fire, if for no other reason, that makes him the best candidate for the at-large seat. Then, in four years, VO can challenge Kwame again. Let's see who will win in that matchup.

  • itsjustamess

    @Wendy Washington - Sistergirl, I like the way you think. You broke it down to a mere decimal. You're right, the time is ripe for VO to go back to the council. This is a dogfight, so let's call in VO, who's got a nose as keen as a bloodhound and lockjaw abilities like a Michael Vick prize-winning pitbull. I'll put money on him to take a bite out of all this political corruption and crime. Wait! WTH! Hold up, VO! Sit! The election isn't until April 26th! LAWD, WHO LET THE DOG OUT????!!!!!

  • Danielle S.

    I think it's a disservice to not mention the other non-Democratic candidates for the At-Large City Council: Arkan Haile (Independent) and Alan Page (DC Statehood Green Party.) I admit I still don't know much about Haile, but Page certainly doesn't come with any past political baggage and is running because he's lived in DC for nearly 20 years and wants to serve his city and help it operate more effectively and more efficiently. You can learn more about his plans if elected at http://www.alanpagedc.com.

    (Full disclosure: I'm his campaign manager.)

  • itsjustamess

    @Danielle S. - Quite honestly, the disservice you speak of is self-inflicted. We are neither the candidate nor the campaign manager. It is incumbent upon you to introduce your candidate to the voting population. You're coming to our well asking for a pail of water. Being without political baggage and having lived in DC for 20 years does not automatically make one wholly electable. Full disclosure: If we haven't mentioned your candidate, perhaps it's because he hasn't given or shown us anything worth mentioning. Where has he been the past 20 years and even more importantly, what has he done? Now, in retrospect, would you like to begin again and "kindly" introduce your candidate to us or continue in this condescending, offensive vein? Just remember, the Page is yours to dog-ear or not.

  • itsjustamess FuckinIdiot

    I think Danielle S was referring to the media (Alan) not mentioning Page or Haile, and she is justified in making that point. She was not referring to the commenters lack of mentions of Alan, in my opinion.

  • itsjustamess

    @itsjustamessFuckinIdiot - I think Danielle S can and should speak for herself. If she was indeed referring the media's coverage of her candidate, she should have addressed the media directly. She honed in on our conversation regarding other candidates and seemingly began to chastise us unnecessary for her campaign's inability to reach the voters. On another note, I hope you're not calling me a fucking idiot because I don't take too well to insults and I certainly don't tolerate fools. For now, I'm going to regard your tag as just that, "your tag." Otherwise, Southeast Ken, won't be the only one, "tagging your a--!" If this is Cherita Whiting, I would rather you steal a fat rat out of a hungry python's mouth than mess with me 'cause I guarantee you will quickly find out "itsjustamess" ain't to be MESSED WITH!!!! I will spread your s--- like peanut butter on a Thomas English muffin and I will get it in every nook and cranny. Please don't kick my dog, 'cause I will stomp the h-- out of your cat. Now, that's a fact, not an opinion. Have a wonderful day. Try not to "steal" anything. Ok?

  • Really?

    Mr. VO has and been out for himself and loves the spot light. He wasn't the one who brought Target to the DC that honor would go to Mr. A. Williams.

    He gets two points for the Home Depot site but that's all folks

    He looses 20 points for lobbying on behalf of pepco who then increased our bills.

    He was slumlord and there is more shit.

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Why do our elected officials and their cabinet members have to make it so easy for dbags like Rep. Issa to say "The District is a ship of fools that is clearly unfit to govern itself" ??? Seriously, the behavior of our leadership is just mind boggling, and while the last thing we want is a bunch of outsider GOP pricks running things, our local Dems have done nothing but give the rest of the country the impression that D.C. is too hysterical and corrupt to self-govern. Bigglesworth is ever sadder when someone like Pat Mara has even a fighting chance to claim a city council seat.