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Sinclair Skinner Feels “Vindicated” By Report That Slams Him

Former Mayor Adrian Fenty's biggest believer, Sinclair Skinner, held a news conference at the Wilson Building today to share how happy he was that the council's report into park contracts had "vindicated" him of any wrongdoing.

LL sure doesn't read the council's report that way, especially the part where the report says the investigator, Robert Trout, writes that Skinner and his business partner Omar Karim "essentially thwarted the investigation, and their performance left us with the clear perception that they believed they had  something to hide."

Trout also wrote that Skinner's company "submitted a false proposal" to get city contracts, and "its invoices were grossly inflated" and a rip-off for taxpayers.

And Trout recommends that the council refer matters related to Skinner and Karim's business dealings to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which would be able to do a more thorough investigation.

Still, none of that seemed to bother Skinner. He said the report is wrong on a number of things regarding to his business ventures. And if Skinner said "I don't recall" to basically every question Trout asked, well, that's because Skinner wasn't expecting Trout's questions to be so invasive and didn't want to perjure himself.

  • Really?

    Is it just me or does Scott look like an Angry bird?

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@Really; I think he's a Kappa too.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Drez- what part of that "smear campaign" wasn't accurate? Even if Fenty has been cleared of any "illegal" acts, the perception of what he did or at least should have been accountable for, is actually a lot worse than the perception of what Gray has done recently or should be accountable for. The hypocrisy is limited to your camp, who will never ever even concede that these shady fucks did anything remotely shady. And I know that you're not a fucking idiot, but if you want to continue acting like one, fine by me. Fenty's friends, Skinner, Jannarone, Karim, Lomax, and Moten made a fortune during his tenure. If you know any of these idiots, you would know that without Fenty being mayor, not a single one of them would have been able to get any government contract or be in any position of power. The only smart thing that they've ever done in their lives was to be friends with Fenty.

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  • Jeff

    Mr. Skinner:
    You are so arrogant that you now can be classified as dumb. There is a fine line between arrogance and dumness. Fenty is exactly the same thing as you, Arrogannce bordering on dumbness. Why the hell in the world are you out there advertising yourself when even you know that you are not qualified to undertake a contract worth Millions of dollars. All you were was a front for Fenty. Without Fenty allowing you to feed at the trough, you ain't nobody bro. The fate of a real businessman does not depend on one man. Clowining around with Kappa windbreakers don't do. Your true DNA is out now. You aint no businessman. You are just a con man.