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Loose Lips Daily: More Trouble For Kwame Edition

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  • Even More Bad News Regarding Navigators
  • Good morning sweet readers! Did you know babies do not recognize or acknowledge daylight savings time? Nor do they recognize or acknowledge that a respectable time should pass before soiling a fresh diaper. News time:

    More Bad News for Kwame: D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown has already been dinged for not being able to manage his personal finances, nor those of the District's. Shall he now be dinged for not being able to manage his campaign finances? Last week The Washington Post's Tim Craig took a look at some of Brown's 2008 campaign financial disclosure filings, which have undergone an initial audit by the Office of Campaign Finance, and found what looks like $270,000 worth of previously unreported donations and spending. "When The Washington Post reviewed Brown’s 2008 finance reports last week, data attached to the online file appeared to have stemmed from the audit. Brown’s list of donors included a line indicating that there had been $102,763 in 'contributions previously not reported per aud[it].' There also was an entry for $169,431 in 'expenditures previously not reported per audit.' Wesley Williams, a spokesman for the Office of Campaign Finance, said the financial information was posted by mistake. It was removed from the Web site Thursday afternoon." Oops. Williams goes on to say that nothing's final and no one should jump to conclusions until a final audit is released... someday. Brown declined to comment on specifics. Okay, LL will wait for the final audit, but $100,000 worth of donations and and $170,000 worth of spending sure seems like a lot of money not to report.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Transition Fail; Forge Ahead; 180 Degree Turnaround...

    Transition Fail, Hiring Fail: Former Department of Health Care Finance Director Julie Hudman lets Mayor Vince Gray have it for dumping the likes of Sulaimon Brown at her old agency, as well as for running what looks like a completely incompetent transition. "D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray should know better. It was his legislation that created the D.C. Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) in 2007, because he recognized the importance of improving the administration of health-care services for the District’s most vulnerable residents. ... During the transition after the November election, many of us were concerned that we would receive conflicting directions from our boss and from the incoming leadership. The reality was worse: Though I reached out, not once did the Gray transition team contact me. I left District government on Dec. 31 without having spoken to anyone in the incoming administration and deeply concerned about the fate of the agency and, more important, the residents it serves. As feared, after the inauguration the Gray administration started filling the many vacant senior positions with people who lack the technical knowledge or experience needed at a critical juncture of implementing reforms for this agency."

    Forge Ahead: The WaPo editorial board has the news that the Board of Elections and Ethics is investigating whether Republican at-large candidate Pat Mara's campaign submitted petition signatures that were forged. "An unscientific look reveals a number of cases in which multiple signatures seem to be written by the same person," says the Post, which then wonders: "How was it that both the [Sekou] Biddle campaign and this page were aware of the charges of possible forgery well before Mr. Mara’s campaign was notified? And was there consultation between the board and the Biddle campaign about whether the challenge should be withdrawn?"

    The Old 180: Post columnist Colby King reminds Gray aides Howard Brooks and Lorraine Green, as well as Gray tormenter-in-chief Sulaimon Brown, that lying to the feds is illegal. More interesting was Gray's comments to King "that all of the children of staffers, except Lorraine Green’s daughter, were hired without his approval. All, he said, are now off the payroll." That's quite a reversal from a few weeks ago, when Gray was defending the hiring of all the kiddos by saying they were the next generation of leaders and shouldn't be barred from District employment because of who their parents are. Jonetta Rose Barras wonders how Gray didn't know his aides were hiring their kids. "Who's in charge? How can you not know that your staffers are hiring their children?"

    Speaking of Sulaimon: It appears Brown was charged in 1988 with attempted murder in Chicago, reports WUSA9's Bruce Johnson. A jury found him not guilty. Johnson got ahold of background check commissioned by the Gray transition. Funny thing is, Johnson reports that the background check was amended last week, after Brown had already been hired and fired and made his infamous claims against the Gray Team. So is the Gray transition doing more oppo research on Brown to try and discredit him? But wait a second, didn't they give him a $110,000-a-year job and then defend his hiring?

    In Other News: Examiner has more on D.C. Auditor's report on Office of Risk Management. The Times sums up several problems afflicting D.C. politicians. DCFPI advocates a "balanced" approach to filling budget gap. Hearing on DCPS budget today. Are cops arresting people for talking back?

    Gray sked: 3 p.m. cabinet meeting.

    Council sked: 10 a.m. hearing on First Source, and 11 a.m. hearing on whether to release the Trout report.

    At-Large Council candidates' forum, 7-9 p.m., Bruce Monroe at Park View Elementary School, 3560 Warder Street NW.

    On Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt: Councilmember Jack Evans, and UDC President Allen Sessoms.

    • drez

      Hudman isn't the only former director that was not contacted let alone interviewed by the transition.

    • Rake

      Wow - the Hudman comments and the King column are especially damning. I know Vince is no genius, but seriously, what does he do all day?

      Seems like he just trusts the misfit toys he's hired to run his administration only to pop up so often to defend the latest scandal, and then pop back up to try and reverse course. Sweet.

      I expected a lot of this given the Pratt Kelly crew he was associated with, but the pace of these scandals and PR nightmares has been ferocious.

      One Citidiots, what say ye?

    • Southeast Ken

      Both Kwame Brown and Charlie Sheen are losers. The only difference, Charlie Sheen is a rich loser. LOL

    • Concerned Citizen

      It is unbelievable how fast it is all going downhill again after so much work on the part of so many to turn our community around. A battered(read pussy whipped)old man and a complete idiot are in charge, unbelievable.

    • NU78

      Has any reporter actually called Chicago to find out if the alleged murder trial really happened? Document, document, document...

    • Dig Deeper

      I know that Julie Hudman is not talking at all, isn't the same person that if you were black you need not to apply? Didn't a white woman that worked for her quit because she got tired of padding applications so that white people could get the job, that black applicants were qualified for? All of this happended under David Catania's purview and was never addressed. So STFU bitter Julie Hudman.

    • Brahmin

      Let me see if I can illustrate how this looks to me that Julia Hudman is coming forward to talk about the Gray administration. It is like Lindsey Lohan trying to give Charlie Sheen advice on how to comport oneself. The Fenty administration was rife with scandal, federal government reports on malfeasance that to date still makes Gray's scandal looks like play school.

      There is no high horse for the Fenty administration there hand in issues that will probably come out with help add to the District's black eye...so ma'am please sit down.

      And in regards to Brown--a background check doesn't fully complete until you are months into a job. In some cases a year. Usually their is a tiered system of doing the preliminary prior to starting and then the secondary checks. The first round before hire is usually a Lexis Nexis check, sometimes an FBI fingerprint, an education and a credit check (to review address history). The second round of checks can be very intrusive but are sometimes completed while you are on the job.

      If the matter is being disputed they would still move forward on the checks because the person may be illegible for reinstatement. So no part of that is unusual.

    • noodlez




    • drez

      LOL you crack me up.

    • ME4DC

      DC Govt is all a mess! From Fenty and now Gray.
      It is sad that we are the Nations Capitol and all of this DRAMA is involved!

      I hope that DAMAGE CONTROL can be done! It just might be TOO LATE!

    • ME4DC

      Better yet ....I should have said DC Govt is all a mess! From Mayor Washington and now Mayor Gray!

    • upnya

      i love how folk can never defend gray out right. the refrain is always so variation of "fenty did it too!" look, whether fenty (who is now a private citizen) acted inappropriately/illegally or not, what exactly does that have to do with our current mayor gray's alleged failings??

    • upnya

      CORRECTED: i love how folk can never defend gray out right. the refrain is always some variation of "fenty did it too!" look, whether fenty (who is now a private citizen) acted inappropriately/illegally or not, what exactly does that have to do with our current mayor gray's alleged failings??

    • AnotherDCResident

      @upnya Exactly. Gray needs to man-the-fuck-up and clean house. I don't think he realizes that this mess really reflects poorly on him, and keeping his inner circle of "trusted" advisers intact will only do him more harm down the road.

    • Time2BReal

      This isn't surprising about Brown. They talked about this over the summer in regards to his spending habits. No one listened and still put him in office. Do we really elect the best candidates or do we select people who make us and the rest of the country laugh?

    • AnotherDCResident

      @Time2BReal - None of the candidates for Council Chair were really worth voting for. We'd be stuck with an idiot no matter what, but maybe VO wouldn't have gotten off to such a terrible start.

    • Icantstandit

      Julie Hudman hired her neighbors, friends, former coworkers (with no qualifications) (just ask the two ladies that came from the CAs office) and the godmother of her children and none were qualified. Let's talk about hiring practices from her viewpoint.

    • Whatusay?

      Ow! it must hurt to be Julie H. to have her racism exposed publicly by her own people and then to be so bitter about her shortcomings. she brags about what her and her buddies did for medicaid beneficiaries, I say everything she accomplished was already in the works when she got there. Guess her neighbors and friends that no longer work for the district can sit around with Massa Julie and laugh about the jobs they stole from the black people in the government she is the real joke, not Vincent Gray