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  • Good morning sweet readers! If you set your DVR to record House Hunters, then you might as well not bother trying to record anything else. That show is always on. News time:

    Vincent Orange Is Rich: Campaign finance reports were due last night and former Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange cleaned up, bringing in $190,000 in a month and a half. LL's just had time for a quick glance, but noticed that Orange received $6,500 in donations from staff at the very connected accounting firm of Jeffrey Thompson. Hmmm. In any event, Orange blows the rest of the field away in the all important cash race. In a demonstration of the limited power of appointed, temporary incumbency, At-Large Councilmember Sekou Biddle raised nearly $50,000, bringing his total up to nearly $100,000—less than Orange, though you'd usually expect the guy in the job to have the easiest time raising money. Bizarrely, Biddle's report says he's spent $62,000 already on the election, but he only has $16,000 cash on hand. (Which became fodder for some Twitter jokes this morning.) See Martin Austermuhle's hoppin' website for more details.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Council Cracks... Sulaimania!... TBD Mocks Marion...

    Council Cracks: The strain of the mounting scandals at the Wilson Building is taking a toll on the council's public civility. Witness the airing of grievances yesterday at hearing on Councilmember Mary Cheh's draft report on Mayor Vince Gray's hiring practices. Councilmember David Catania and Cheh got into a spat over whether the report was a "whitewash" or not, while Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. kept jabbing Councilmember Tommy Wells, who was sitting right next to him, for releasing his report on Navigatorgate to the public without giving the council a heads up. It appears a separate hearing on Gray's hiring is upcoming. Meanwhile, here's what Cheh told the Post about her feelings for Catania: "Cheh, afterward, said she was 'flabbergasted' by Catania's objections to her 'earnest' report. 'I don't know what he wants to be, but he's trying to do it at my expense,' Cheh said. She questioned whether he was motivated by her pursuit of a potential council education committee, which Catania also sought. 'Maybe this is one manifestation of his pettiness and bitterness,' she said" (not at all bitterly or pettily, a snarkier paper than the Post might have added).

    Sulaimania: There wasn't much in the way of Sulaimongate news yesterday, but that didn't stop the media from forging ahead anyway. The Examiner put a roundup story on its cover. TV crews staked out Gray's appearance at the "Wharf" in Southwest to get a sound bite on why Gray hired superlawyer Bob Bennett. (LL's free advice of the day: It's always a good idea to have a lawyer.) The Post editorial page says Gray needs to do some "real soul-searching" about why his administration has taken such a sharp nosedive so early. ABC7's Sam Ford tracks down the woman who filed a protective order against Sulaimon Brown. She confirms that yes, she thought Brown was creepy and stalking her then 13-year-old daughter. The daughter said Brown used to take her to Fuddruckers. The mom said her complaints led to Brown being fired from his job as a security guard in 2007. Brown has denied any wrongdoing. Who could have known that less than four short years later, Brown would be the District's favorite character in the melodrama of D.C. politics? TBD reports that Brown said his $1,800 bike was stolen while he was meeting with FBI agents. Mike DeBonis profiles a depressed Gray supporter. Meanwhile, Gray got lots of love in Ward 8 last night. And Sulaimon's scheduled to be on the Mark Plotkin show at 11 a.m.

    In Other News: The Times reports that City Administrator Allen Lew's chief of staff Warren Graves was a contract worker when he was at the Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization. Mystery Gray aide/accused giver of cash Howard Brooks hires former P.G. State's Attorney Glenn Ivey as his personal lawyer. TBD calls Harry Jaffe a sexist, then makes fun of a Marion Barry for being old. Councilmembers hold training events aimed at preventing child abuse.

    Gray sked: Meeting with leaders of Angola, going to Mardi Gras party for seniors, and attending check-giving ceremony to his old non-profit. Just another day-in-the-life of a big city mayor.

    Council sked: 10 a.m. hearing on Rights for Ex-Offenders Act of 2011.

    • itsjustamess

      Those Who Know, Know...

      Ivey said he did not know Brooks, a Silver Spring resident, before Brooks retained him today through a referral.

      How ironic...no one in this scandal knows NOTHING and NOBODY.

      Vince Gray didn't know Sulaimon Brown would 'cry' foul. He didn't know Howard Brooks or his son working in the Deputy Mayor's Office of Economic Development either. I guess he's never met any of his friends' children he hired.

      Before his request for an attorney, Howard Brooks didn't know Sulaimon Brown was high tech.

      Lorraine Green didn't know Sulaimon Brown knew the contact information for the House Oversight Committee, FOX5, News4, TBD, and the FBI. By the way, it seems he's got her number too.

      But I'd be willing to bet Cherita Whiting knows them all 'cause sistergirl "socializes." Madame Butterfingers, sorry, that's Stickyfly, Stickyfingers - no, no, Butterfly (whew!) has a ton of friends in high places and many a federal Bureau of Prisons cellblocks.

      Tonight's award for not knowing the most goes to the voters in DC who didn't know, were astoundingly clueless, blind to the fact, that Vince Gray was a 30-year fast forward AARP version of guess who? You still don't know? Adrian Fenty!

      I "know" one thing for sure...if you don't know Vince Gray by now, you'll never, never know him, oooohhhh...'cause he's one and done.

      Vince, so long, we hardly 'knew' ye!

      (Playing in the background - Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
      And never brought to mind?
      Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
      And auld lang syne!)

      Come on y'all, sing with me, I 'know' you know this swan song.

    • Don’t Forget


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    • itsjustamess

      Say it again, Marion! Don't ban the box!

      Today the Council's Committee on Aging and Community Affairs is holding a hearing on Rights for Ex-Offenders Act of 2011 at 10 am. Marion Barry is presiding.

      Advocates for ex-offenders are seeking to "ban the box." You know, that same darn box Cherita Whiting didn't check on the DC 2000 job application form. Twice!

      Anyway, according to some, ex-offenders are "scared" to check the box stating they have a felony conviction within the last ten (10) years because doing so might hurt their chances getting a job. Imagine that - they are SKARED!!!!

      Were you scared when you robbed that bank at gunpoint, shot someone in cold blood? Tell me, were was that fear in your heart when you raped an innocent child? Heck, let me ask someone who has experience in this matter. Hey Cherita, how SKARED were you when you diverted (stole) that $100,000? Did you shake so hard in your boots, it jarred your weave? Did it make you bite those 12-inch fake claws off?

      So now you want law-abiding citizens to believe, your punk a-- is SCARED of a little box on a harmless form. Please! Well, heads up, we're afraid if you don't check the box, our government will find itself running over with "unchecked" felons. Oh wait, it already is!

      Should ex-offenders be given the right to secure gainful employment? Absolutely! Should they check that box? Absolutely! Should Council ban the box? Absolutely hell to the NO!

      Everybody knows Cherita Whiting is friends with Marion Barry. They "socialize". But hopefully, Marion, won't take it personally. Friends don't let friends leave the box unchecked.

      I understand - you've paid your debt to society and rehabbed yourself and you just don't want to box yourself in. I get that.

      But everybody's got to check the box. I did it. I just checked the "NO" box. All you have to do is just say "YES." If you wanted to say otherwise, you should have thought outside of the box and just said "NO" to crime. Check the box already. Don't be SKARED!

    • Drez

      Lol@ itsjustamess.
      Noodlez has serious competition for funniest cp commentator.

    • Drez

      it's past lunch on a Friday afternoon. Where's the Trout (report)?

    • itsjustamess

      Thanks. I love you, Drez!

    • Anothernative

      Let those of us who are without sin cast the first stone, well you just did it. I hope that wasn't you texting to Florida, you holier than thou joker's bear watching, just remember the rinse cycle is comming Mr. squeaky clean.

    • itsjustamess

      @Anothernative - News flash! The rinse cycle has already come and gone, we're spinning now. I can't speak for anyone else but I don't cast stones because I am a confessed sinner but I will call a spade a spade. Since you went biblical on us, let me give you the full context of your verse. When the woman caught in the very act of adultery was brought before Jesus, the Savior made that remark because the men who presented her to him for ridicule were both her accusers and lovers. Thus, Jesus was simply daring the pot to call the kettle black. That concludes our Bible class for tonight but continue to study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. God bless and good night!

    • resign pls

      Anothernative, one word for you and Mr. Gray:

      K A R M A

    • noodlez


    • Dig Deeper

      Fuc---- David Catania, who does he think he is, it is time to recall him.

    • NIMBY

      I find it curious that LL would make a point to question Vincent Orange receiving $6,500 in donations from Jeffrey Thompson employees.

      It may be worth noting that in his March 10th finance report, Bryan Weaver received $7,100 from employees and principals of the Dewey Square Group. My back of the envelope calculations show that this represents about 1/3rd of all money raised by Weaver during his At-Large campaign.

      Let's get this straight: Orange gets something like 3.5% of his campaign cash from Jeffrey Thompson employees and this garners a "hmmm" from LL. Weaver gets 1/3 of his campaign loot from the Dewey Square group and its employees and not a word is spoken. Very curious indeed.

      Instead of calling out Vincent Orange, perhaps its time to address the fact that Weaver appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dewey Square Group. Despite his "progressive" platitudes, Mr. Weaver is being funded by an outfit that has run some very questionable "astroturf" campaigns on behalf of corporate America: United Healthcare, Countrywide Mortgage, Coca Cola and the US Chamber of Commerce. Dewey Square was even caught red handed writing fake letters-to-the-editor on behalf of corporate clients looking to preserve the incredibly wasteful "Medicare Advantage" Program.


      Mr. Weaver's campaign chair, Minyon Moore, is a Principal at the Dewey Square Group.