Loose Lips

Marion Barry’s P.R. Advice

The District's best natural politician, Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry,  just gave Mayor Vince Gray some free P.R. advice on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

"Stop digging" and stay focused, were the extent of Barry's advice.

The former mayor-for-life told DePuyt that when his administrations hit rough patches, he wouldn't get distracted.

“I let nothing stop me from doing my work,” Barry said. Veterans of his third term might disagree.

Barry also chastised the media for focusing so intently on the Sulaimon Brown story. Barry added that he doesn't trust the opinions of Councilmembers Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, David Catania and Jim Graham on anything related to the mayor's problems because they all supported the other guy last year.

“Anything they say I’m suspicious of," says Barry. “They ought to just be quiet about it.”

  • kingdom girl

    Wow Mr. Barry, maybe they were on the right side with the other guy. You should of been on that side as well. He came into your ward and did more than you have in the last 10 yrs. You were another one looking to receive something from Mr. Gray. You want the old school politics back so you can continue to milk the city as all has done in the past. It's time for you to step down and pass your thorned crown. If no one else hasn't, I've had enough of you.

    The other guy pushed accountibility which is how the city should be run.

  • Chris “C”

    I am totally appalled with the ridiculous non-sense that occurs with politicians particularly those of African-American ancestry. We all know that there is a game to be played while in politics but, there is also a way to play the game without being smeared in muck and excrement. African-American politicians are their own worst enemy, they do not need any external entities to fudge their deeds and reputations. When are we going to take responsibility and begin to ensure that they know we will no longer blindly and mindlessly support them and their careless behaviour?

  • DCResident

    Must have been a slow news day for Bruce.

  • Rick Mangus

    Mo Barry's aka (Crackatowa) advice to Gray, get some good shit, take a big hit and blame the bitch and white people!

  • Southeast Ken

    Poor Barry need to go buy a plot in a cemetery and prepare to go on to glory.

  • deborah

    Please just go take care of your kidney.. there are 100,000 on the waiting list.. and they would be much more appreciative .. and willing to take care of themselves than you are.

  • NoDocClifford Thomas,karatedud

    John A. Wilson,DC former Councilmember hung/killed himself,as did Mitch Snyder of the Homeless Shelter Business.DC voters have a bldg named after John Wilson who left the city with a big-ass deficit an dyou fools want 'Statehood' when you'll are in perpetual HOODSTATE of mind as evidenced by the constant shit spewing at the District Building (I refuse to call it the Wilson Bldg)with Gray and both Brown swirling as Council Members.

    Name the District after David Cantania, a GAY like me Dr. Clifford Thomas,karate teacher in Bladensburg Rec Ctr, PG County and graduate of Eastern High in Soufeest.

  • amanda

    Barry, Barry, please your time is up too! Last piece of legislation you passed for ward 8 was the ban on single alcholic beverages. Last development that occurred prior to the "other guy." Was the SE Tennis and Learning Center that Cora Masters Barry simply does not do enough with...

  • deborah

    Thanks Amanda...

    Cartoons are better than paying attention to DC Politics right now.

    Charlie Sheen for Mayor.

  • Anothernative

    @Chris "C", Now you know just how African Americans have felt for 400 yrs. of watching you snakes pissing on them and telling them it was raining. Is it me or do I detect a slight hint of a lynch mob mentality developing.@Rick Mangus, Did you know that crack was short for (cracker)it was used because it sucks the life out of a person turning them the color of a saltine, right down to their soul, but I know you already knew that didn't you.

  • DC Respected Common People

    We agree with the anothernative the rest who have commented are not of African-American decent.

    However, they or their families of decent are the real robbers, rapist, haters, controllers, fags, and killers in America, who continue to place hardship and disenfranchisement on those of us proud not to be White or Jewish.

    What's deadly, is the GAP marriage allowance and their adoption of innocent children, legislation for contraceptives over the counter, hiring's of Green Card non-citizens as Chief of States, dating and control of Hispanios, involvement in taxi-cab pay-offs, usages of tax-payers travel that lead COS out-of-his job, providing more wealth to the rich than servicing the needy, unable to accept constructive criticism from non-whites.

    Should there be said any more about the embarrassing conducts and racial actions of Ms. Catania, Mr/Ms Evans and Ms. Graham.

    Now, the real Ms. Bowser needs to be very careful with her opinions because Fenty lost creditablity in Ward 4 to ensure her win for her upcoming campaign. She had not been able to get Shelita Whitting out of DPR, who was working for a non-Black Councilmember, Mendelson who obviously knew not of her Criminal Background.

    Let's not stay focus on the elected Black officials, do not forget about the illegalities of the whites that remain today in the DC City Council.

  • DC John

    Residents and voters of Ward 8: PLEASE do the entire city a big favor and send Marion Barry packing next year!!

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    The poor man need to be put away in a nursing home away from the public.

  • Dig Deeper

    Right on C/M Marion Barry, don't let those racist pigs get away with what they are trying to do to Black Councilmembers only. You remember what a public lynching is like and believe me white people do not want a race war in this town.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Dig Deeper' and 'DC Respected Common People' your ignorant rants proves one thing to me and the world that you will never amount to shit blaming others for your stupidity and lack of morals!

  • Dig Deeper

    Rick Mangus, oh I must have hit a nerve, when I said racist pig, if the shoe fits wear it.

  • Really’s cousin

    Al when are you going to release my comment from moderation in the Remember This Guy?

  • Southeast Ken

    Dig Deeper, did you stop taking your meds? Marion Barry will be dead soon and he will have a lot to account for regarding his life on earth. Good riddance because Barry is only about himself.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Deborah; right on for Charlie Sheen being mayor. I would rather see Charlie Sheen as mayor than to see Barry, Gray, or Fenty.

  • Dig Deeper

    Southeast Ken, you are going to far when you start wishing death on people. When you dig one grave dig two.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Dig Deeper' I bet I know how you got your handel, from were people have to go to find your brains!

  • Gurley

    Stop talking like FOOLS.

    KingdomGirl and the scared & hidden blogger –NoDoc Clifford are not educated by the facts.

    KingdomGirl please support your assertions…please don’t tell me what you heard from someone else…rich elite who controls the stories you read in the Wash. Post and City Paper.

    KingdomGirl you must not attend ANC meetings, or community meetings; so where do you get your information. Stop parroting what Barry haters and the Post feed you from their open hands.

    Kingdom Girl – READ & LISTEN

    D.C. taxes residents and business to derive with a $5 billion dollar side of the Budget. The OTHER $4 BILLION COMES FROM CONGRESS.

    What U.S. Congress is going to give any Black leader $ 4 billion dollars with no strings attached…that is why we are funding that FOOLISH TROLLEY CAR ON “H” STREET to give jobs and money to some U.S. House Representative’s “District” in Washington State.

    History; the U.S. Congress paid the bills for the D.C. Court System, the D.C. Prison System and the D.C. Pension. All are state responsibilities for states to maintain; D.C. is a city that cannot finance STATE RESPONSIBILITIES as a Court System, Jail System and city pension.

    Kingdom Girl…what major city FUND their own Court System, Jail system or Pension?


    SO WHEN BARRY REFUSED to play the games with your U.S. Congress and their business buddies for some of that Congress appropriated money to D.C. – guess what?

    Your U.S. congress stop funding those 3 state functions…Jails, Court and Pension in D.C. BARRY was in a hard spot…AND REFUSED TO RAISE TAXES AND PROPERTY TAXES ON D.C. RESIDENTS.

    WHICH Anthony Williams and the Finance Control Board has no problem in doing.
    And that - as PAUL HARVEY would say; “…IS THE REST OF THE STORY…”

    This city was run and operated by a Virginian law maker for at least 10 years of Barry days as Mayor. Virginia controlled D.C.

    Wake Up Trusting Citizens

    Calvin H. Gurley

  • Gurley

    The Scared blogger –No Doc Clifford

    I will take strong and hated opposition to all YOUR rants and miss-assertions about HONORABLE JOHN WILSON.

    You don’t know jack about this Councilmember…and if you did –YOU WOULD ASK any former D.C. Councilmember “IN SECRET” what John Wilson was up to before HIS MURDER.

    Have you grown up to realize and understand by the many unsolved murders and bizarre murders that the RICH, THE crooked Politician and any businessman who MONEY OR SELF WILL BE JEOPARDIZES….WILL MURDER YOU IN A MOMENT’S TIME?

    YOU NEED TO apologize about John Wilson. You don’t know jack about what’s going on in the District of Columbia or with politicians, big business, developers or your own neighborhood!

    You FOOL…Mitch Synder WAS IN A CLOSED CASKET during the funeral and his body was not be be VIEWED.

    Mitch did not kill himself…he is away where no one knows where he is. He had too flee; he had stolen several millions of Federal Government dollars while operating the Shelter…and he had some high level help too!!!!

    I call you a FOOL because you have spoken with no facts or truths….just spelling out of the mouth with the LITTLE INFORMATION YOUR LAZY MIND HAS HAD TIME FOR.

    BUT, I don’t mind educating you with enlightenment.

    Wake Up Trusting Citizens

    Honorable John Wilson was a friend and a strong, leveled headed and righteous leader. And, perhaps that is what was his demised.

    Calvin H. Gurley

  • Rick Mangus

    'Gurley' put the stem down and stop smoking crack with your friend Mo Barry, aka (Crackatowa) your starting to suffer from Charlie Sheen Syndrome!

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@Rick Mangus

  • Southeast Ken

    @Dig Deeper; no one is wishing death on a man that already have one foot in the grave. We all are going to die at some point in life, but Marion and Charlie Sheen will be laid to rest in some cemetery doon because the life they decide to live on this earth.

    Good riddance to both these crack and coke addicts.

  • Southeast Ken

    What's so sad, once Barry is gone on to glory, the District will name several streets and buildings after these poor excuse of a human being. Guess what, my life and others will go on. I live in Ward 7, but I would never vote for Marion Barry. Barry is an embarrassment to most blacks. Only uneducated fools in Ward 8 and elsewhere will idiolize Marion.

  • Southeast Ken


    What's so sad, once Barry is gone on to glory, the District will name several streets and buildings after this poor excuse of a human being. Barry is a race baiter and he has pimped the people in Ward 8 as the Democratic Party has pimped blacks in the United States.

  • kingdom girl

    @mr. gurley, u must have been sleeping and getting high for the past 10 yrs. I once loved ole marion barry when he had his stride, but it's gone. it's time for him to retire that thorned crown as i said. it appears the older he gets the more ignorant he talks. he gave a good speach at his state of address tonight but what good is words if you don't have a plan. we all can write and speak mere words but they don't mean anything if you don't have any action behind it. I attend meetings, read the paper, and i'm around these folks a lot. Believe me, I study to show myself approved. u need to take your head out of the sand box and pay attention to what's going on around you. you actually think you schooled me with some knowledge about polictics. you are as funny as they come. HERE IT COMES, go kick bricks.

  • kingdom girl

    oh mr. gurley, i forgot to ask. do you live in ward 8? if so, tell me what marion barry has done besides running his mouth in the past 10 yrs.

    isn't he the same man that keep talking about how people in ward 8 are forgotten and pushed to the side but yet pushed the welfare reform act without out any reform. Tell me what working program can get these people off of welfare and become financially stable.

  • kingdom girl

    also mr. gurley, if you are who i think you are; you will never get votes calling people fools and uneducated. how intelligent is that?

  • Southeast Ken

    @kingdom girl; Calvin Gurley lives in Ward 4. I think he lives in the Takoma neighborhood. I've seen his rants over the years in the Washington Post blogs.

    Gurley has run for the Ward 4 Council seat and the D.C. Council Chair. He recieved very few votes. Now Gurley is running for the special DC Council At-Large seat in April. He will not get this Ward 7 voter vote.

  • Rick Mangus

    A heads-up go to TBD.COM and look at the video of Mo Barry aka (Crackatowa) stumbling behind the set at News Channel 8 while a live show was being broadcast, it's hilarious!

  • kingdom girl

    thanks se ken, i figured it out when i scrolled back up to his post. i know exactly who he is. he want to milk the city as well.

  • five to go

    Some people just love to hate on Mayor-for-life-Marion Barry. This man sure can ruin some people's day! That's why he will keep on doing what he does best-get on some people's nerves. Leave this man alone, people have put up with other politians, such as Bill-Sex-Machine-Clinton/Richard-Chicago-Style Daily and George-Clueless-Bush.