Loose Lips

OIG to Sulaimon Brown Investigation: No Thanks

The District's inspector general, Charles Willoughby, said his office won't be taking up Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's request that he investigate l'affaire Sulaimon because Sulaimon Brown once interviewed for a job at the OIG.

Here is Willoughby's statement. Meanwhile, NBC4's Tom Sherwood is reporting that Brown is currently meeting with FBI agents.

LL is sure that's going well.

  • Drez

    Maybe once Trout releases the results of his contracts investigation the Council can hire him.
    That'll be any day now, right?

  • itsjustamess

    Trout is out! We need someone to investigate, not proscrastinate.

  • Control Board

    This is very deep! We need the FBI, CIA & GOD to bring the truth to light. In the meantime, the CONTROL BOARD is available to run the city.

  • Tiger Blood

    WTF??? Does anybody see a problem here? Sulaimon Brown applied for a position at OIG that had already been filled mind you, and the IG himself met with him to break the news. Since when do agency heads get involved in such minutia? Sounds like Sulaimon had a pretty powerful backer saying get this guy hired.

  • Control Board

    If you must know...the IG recused himself because he is going to be a witness for Suli Brown. He will tell us that Gray sent Brown over to get a JOB but he did not have any vacancies. We all know how long it takes HR to remove job postings from their website so I can understand why Brown would go over there. One more thing...you get to see the director when you say..the mayor sent me. Otherwise, to say I am her for a job gets you redirected by the secretary to HR. Think about it.

  • itsjustamess

    Might I suggest Sulaimon Brown become a spokesperson for Hallmark 'cause with these breaking scandals everyday, he darn sure is highly qualified to give the gift that keeps on giving...lol

  • Deez Nuts

    This is really kind of sad for S. Brown's kid. If Brown is lying, he is going to get burned big time for this. I have no idea who would even hire him now. It's a damn shame.

  • Control Board

    Brown can work for the Control Board. This man is strategic, smart, organized and sensitive. And I believe he is suing D.C. then writing a book that will become a movie, The Colors of Corruption.

  • Drez

    US OAG is working with FBI. Gray has personally retained Bennett.

  • Drez

    The question is premature, but can someone be a lame duck 2 months into a 4 year term?

  • Rick Mangus

    Well I hear that Gray has lawyer-ed up, how interesting, how very interesting!

  • Lady Justice

    Yes, someone can be a lame duck 2 month into a 4 year term providing they are a JIVE TURKEY. A JT is usually surrounded by women--at least four.

  • John

    "Jive Turkey"? Did we fall through a time warp back to the 70's?

  • ………..

    This is turning into one of those early sitcoms for the 'then' strugling Fox Network in the mid 1980s. Just imagine it:

    Lorraine Green as Beulah, the tough one
    Judy Banks as Kizzie, the confused one
    Gerri Hall as Minnie, the shy one
    Lynda Wharton Boyd as Hazel, the wise-cracking know it all.
    Vince Gray as Ray Ray, the token weak-minded, sensitive, every woman's best friend type of guy on the show

  • Ward-8

    Gray need to remove Green,Banks, Hall, Boyd and all who were named in this debacle get all new people and be the Mayor he was elected to be. Poor Brown, he need to realized that any hopes of him being employed anytime soon have as much chance as the Potomoc river drying up, the more he keep crying the more he is being seen as a small minded wimp!!

  • DCRez

    Gray was smart to lawyer up once he was informed the FBI/Justice Department may be involved. If you are not an attorney, it is only wise to get one when dealing with criminal justice and prosecutorial entities.

    One slip of the tongue and you could be facing a federal obstruction charge that has sent the best of them to prison. read: Martha Stewart.

  • Jules

    We will see that Gray is guilty of something. When you play in the mud 99% of the time you come up dirty.

  • DC Respected Common People

    Like it or not the sitcom analysis stands as the Truth.

    The Mayor of DC, really had no clue what this job entails, nor does DUMDUM Fully Loaded.

    Whether they keep their jobs or not, this experience will be a wake up call for any political leader, and that's to make sure your sustain your real Captain's, Lt's and soldiers, who are highly seasoned.

  • Really’s cousin

    @DC Respected please provide an example?

  • Not4statehood

    This is getting to be old news. Enough of who hired who and who they are related to, and who gave the money to whom and when. Let's take a look at who is at the top. Mayor Gray days himself. He is letting everyone around him take the blame for all of this. He is the problem and like leaders before him will never get caught. These issues have become a media circus. Give it a break and report on some real news!

  • Not4statehood

    Who resigned I only saw that Howard Brooks son resigned his job. Why just him? Did the others resign as well?

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