Loose Lips

Mayor Sulaimon Brown

Last year, before then-Council Chairman Vince Gray declared his intent to run for mayor, Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander got a visit from Sulaimon Brown, who asked for her support in his bid for mayor.

Alexander says Brown acted as though they were old friends, and seemed sure of his ability to win the race. Alexander, however, remembers thinking: "I don't even know who he is."

Likewise, a source on the Gray campaign says Brown let it be known last campaign season that he would be a lock to win if Gray wasn't in the race. (Adrian Fenty ran a bad campaign, no doubt, but it wasn't that bad.)

At first blush, one might think the more news that comes showing Brown is not a serious person, the better it is for Gray, who is currently in a world of hurt because of Brown's accusations that Team Gray promised him a job and gave him illegal cash payments.

One one level, that's true. Brown's made so many ludicrous pronouncements it's hard to take anything he says seriously. Here's just a few of LL's favorites:

  • Media outlets had violated some kind of law by not covering his mayoral campaign and Brown was considering legal action.
  • The "Gray administration spin machine" had fabricated court records related to a 2007 protective order in order to discredit Brown.
  • The Gray campaign paid precinct captains to withhold votes in pro-Fenty areas on campaign night.
  • Brown says he never had a Maryland driver's license, despite plenty of evidence that says otherwise.

But there's a paradox at work here: The worse Brown's credibility looks, the worse Gray's line that he only promised Brown an interview, and not a job, looks.

LL's already tread this ground before, but it seems worth pointing out again now that Gray supporters are calling Brown a "nutjob" and "crazy." If Brown has been so consistently crazy, and he'd been thoroughly vetted, then why did get a $110,000-a-year job? Could the Sulaimon Brown who's running around the District now have landed himself a six-figure salary only on the strength of a promise of an interview? Or would it have taken a bit more help? It seems to LL that there's only one reasonable answer.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • http://citypaper Tony

    The tapes, fingerprints and testimony under oath will vindicate Mr. Brown.

  • Just Curious

    If this dude is crazy, he is crazy like a fox. He has managed to dominate the local news cycles for the past 2 weeks. Moreover, he has revealed a pattern of behavior for Vince Gray and his cronies... Namely, their willingness to bend, break or ignore the rule of law to get access to the District's trough for themselves their family members, neighbors and friends.

    Where there is smoke, there's fire... Funny thing about the truth, it always comes out, eventually.

  • deborah

    Charlie Sheen for mayor

  • SEis4ME

    Alan, here I'm making a "mental illness" argument.

    Is it not possible for looney people to land good jobs? That it's they're competent?

    While I understand your point, "hey, he must not have been too crazy to get this job," the fact is that crazy, eccentric, and looney people are employed.

    This is the angle of your reporting I don't like. I'm sure all of us have worked with people and wondered, "who the hell hired this nutjob."

  • http://none TherealAdam

    There is corruption here for sure. Mayor Gray should resign from office and spare the city perhaps. All this shows we need checks and balances in washington dc, in the form an ANC that can approve dc legislation, not the federal gov and chicken crap officials in the council and mayors office. We need a revolution in Washington on so many democracy issues. We need real leaders. No one should be scratching their heads about Gray's fear of Brown. These guys are just color coded names. Let's see some action in DC. How about implimenting Medical marijuana law and change the subject. Mayor Gray. This whole scandal shows how stupid voters here are for buying in year after year to the Democratic Party machine. Time to elect some DcStatehood Greens. Consistently honest Statehood Party candidates are over looked for 'real Politcs' ie big money politics. 2012 could be marked by very unusual electoral results, like the rise of a third party movement. Dc is ripe for some honest hard working citizens not already in politics to rally the city around core issues like DC Statehood.

  • Jason

    SEis4ME, you make a good point. Anyone who has worked in DC government long enough knows that there are some scary, some hilarious people in fairly high paying jobs. I agree with you that "crazy" may not be the sum total of this guy's personality. However, the fact remains that he was, quite obviously, handed a job. To be honest, I'm not sure which bothers me more about the mayor's shop: that they handed the guy a high paying job or that they weren't smart enough to keep a distance from him in the first place. It's amateur-ish at best and illegal at worst.

  • amanda

    Jason, your analysis is on point. When people think they are the smartest person in the room, they will forget to be careful. I was always told it was the quiet ones you have to watch out, but as Suliamon has showed us, keep an eye on the crazy too. How could a person not think a snake that serves two masters will not bit the hand that feeds it. Gray needs to shift the focus from pay to play to pay to go away. j/k

  • Brightwood Ward 4

    This guy need to seek some mental health counseling along with Charlie Sheen.

  • SEis4ME

    Jason, I hear ya!

    But is it ok to be honest? Do we really believe that employers, managers, etc. don't make way for people (they know) to land jobs? That's what is so mystifying about this all. There is outrage over a standard practice. Seriously, have you ever heard of an instance where someone turned down a job because of a loose connection to a boss?

    This sort of stuff just doesn't happen - anywhere.

    If we really think this doesn't happen, can you or anyone else explain how Peter Knickles became employed at the AG? And this is someone who had an epidermic relationship with his boss.

  • Southeast Ken

    According to the Washington Times, Cherita Whiting admitted she lied on her D.C. application by saying, she's never committed a felony. Why hasn't the Washington City Paper reported on Cherita Whiting? Cherita Whiting should be terminated too.


  • Southeast Ken

    If the Gray administration terminated Sulaimon Brown, why haven't they terminated Cherita Whiting?

    The Washington City Paper is digging up dirt on everyone except Cherita Whiting. Is this bias and sexest reporting?

  • Shepherd Park

    Southeast Ken, thank you for providing the Washington Times link regarding Ms. Whiting. I don't know this woman, but I seen conversions on the Shepherd Park yahoo listserv recently regarding her been a former felon and hired in a $65,000. yearly position at Parks & Recreation. I agree, the Washington City Paper should be investigating into Cherita Whiting. I am really disappointed in Mayor Gray. In my opinion, I think a lot of Gray supporters in Ward 4 are disappointed, but they are glad Adrian Fenty is gone.


  • Southeast Ken

    According Tom Sherman, the F.B.I. is now talking to Sulaimon Brown. This guy is acting like a scorned lover. LOL

    I think more dirt will come out regarding these accusations.

  • Lady Justice

    Southeast Ken,
    Failure to report on Cherita Whiting is not "bias or sexist" unless you consider the fact that she has "socialized" with Gray, which may explain why she is keeping her job. Depending on the definition...that maybe another scandal Gray cannot handle right now. (Hey, she may have tapes & DNA.) I do see a bias in the refusal to provide her application for employment (DC2000) that shows she checked the box. It maybe to protect her from further prosecution for lying on an application to get a govt job.

  • itsjustamess

    A Scandal Gray Can't Handle!!!! - The Cherita Whiting Story.

  • Drez

    To me the allegation that the Gray campaign paid a MD resident running for DC mayor under false pretences to attack Gray's opponent is the worst.
    I can't get past funding an opposition candidate- especially one from another jurisdiction.
    Add in the healthcare finance mess and the requested $10 million payment from Brooks and the proposed sale of the hospital and it's a he'll of a scandal.

  • Control Board

    I totally agree! This is a HELL of a SCANDAL. We have become Washington, District of CORRUPTION featuring The Mayor (Play to Pay), Chairman (NavigatorGate) and CM Alexander (Constituent FundraiserGate). It is so bad that the police are CORRUPT. Four arrests in one week...this is just too much. Now all I need to hear is the definition of socialize...I hate to think it but I think it is a code word for SEX. Add some SEX to this SCANDAL and they are all going to HELL in a hand basket if not prison.

  • Southeast Ken

    LOL@Control Board

    LOL@Lady Justice & itsjustamess; I think you guys might be correct.

  • Tiger Blood

    Sulaimon Brown is, duh, winning!

  • LOL

    I will say that Brown is crazy as all get out. But Gray or his campaign [depending on what you think] engaged with him. Now who is crazier.

  • —-

    Hosea 8:7 comes to mind.

  • Control Board

    Isaiah 66:15
    See, the LORD is coming with fire, and his chariots are like a whirlwind; he will bring down his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.

    Hosea 7:9 Foreigners sap his strength, but he does not realize it. His hair is sprinkled with gray, but he does not notice.

    Nahum 1:3 The LORD is slow to anger and great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet.

  • Kiss and Tell

    A good hand dancer does not make a good lover. Believe me if gray was good at knocking boots there would've been a new Mrs. G a long time ago. Remember G said that Barry was his confidante, therefore you have to have something worthy to confide. No doubt, there confidential conversation is as racy as where do you get your viagra?

  • linkmoor

    I had the unfortunate opportunity if taking classes at UDC with the full time idiot Sulaimon Brown. This clown was always the source of disruptive, and off subject comments that would leave us scratching into the galea of our scalps. Has this nut job ever had a real job, and if so how long? I would surmise that Mr. Brown would not be able to have a baby campaign without some underground financial assistance, as well as script coaching. This clon is really not that bright. I can assure you that the "SUPER SLICK IDIOT" Vincent Gray was aware of what was going on, and he should just resign, becuase there will be more indiscretions to surface, if one would really want to dig up a little dirt. To be honest the so called City Council is defunct! What do they do for the money that they receive? How are they're decisions, and laws passed impacted the citizens, and improved the way of life in the city. Economic development has tken place in every metropolitan city, so they can't keep using that one as a excuse. They get paid over $100,000 to rewrite laws, with no impact. How another Super idiot became the Council Chairman defies logic. It's time to really do a better job of electing people have an interest in improving, and not for personal, or to help they're friends get contracts, and in return they receive kickbacks. In closing, former mayor Fenty was an idiot, Gray is an idiot, Kwame brown is an idiot. The Control Board has always been in place behind the scenes, therefore, the city council does nothing for the money. THE FEDERAL CITY COUNCIL, AND GREATER BOARD OF TRADE are the invisible groups who really run this city. Just go to the Federal City Council's website, and read they're mission statement, and they're plan for the city.

  • Terry Miller

    I have known a lot of certifiable "crazy" people. Including relatives with schizophrenia. People who have mental disorders can and should hold jobs. Many times, people with mental disorders appear to be just fine in casual interactions. I met Brown on the campaign trail and he seemed fine to me. I really enjoyed his rants against Fenty (I know that was bad of me).

    Under stress, people with mental disorders can decompensate and become dillusional. I would expect that Mr. Brown is under a terrible amount of stress. I also would not be surprised if he believed everything he says.

    If he really does have a mental disease or disorder, I have a lot of sympathy for him, even though he is causing
    problems for my Mayor.

  • callmemrt

    I watched the hearing on DPR and the lady Judy Banks had the paperworker and the councilwoman took a break to review the paperwork which showed that Cherita Whiting checked the correct box and they moved on to the rest of the hearing...why haven't you? You may not like Cherita but she did what the DC2000 called for her to do and believe me the councilwoman would have been livid it it was not proven and she is smart enough as well to move on. Southeast Ken come at a man...leave woman alone. HER CONVICTION IS OUTSIDE OF THE 10 YEARS AS REQUIRED BY dc. Solaimon Brown's is 2007 which is not outside and maybe HE did check the right box. What adminstration has not hired their own? Name one? Fenty's people hired their friends just not their own children because most didn't have children old enough to hire. Listening to the hearing I also found out that these excepted service positions are for mayor's to place their own people in thise positions now career position is what we need to make sure that none have been placed there.

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  • ………..

    /\/\/\/\/\ Cherita, is that you?!!

  • dcresident

    I am sure she is not being allowed to comment.

  • Cherita’s PR Person

    Why does everyone have a problem with the fact that Cherita from time to time 'socialized' with Vinnie. Don't we all 'socialized' with people from time to time?

  • dcresident

    Cherita's PR you are so right and all of the these people would not want an ex felon without a job they wold want them to be employed and being a positive part of society.

  • itsjustamess

    If I had to chose who I would believe on whether Cherita Whiting checked the box or not, Cherita would get my vote hands down. It was she who told the reporter she didn't check the box and when asked why, it was she who was quoted, "Those who know, know...those who don't, I felt didn't need to!" She may have had a temporary case of diarrhea of the mouth but don't get constipated now. Her s--- is out and stinking. I anticipate Judy Banks, Stephanie Reich, Linda Wharton Boyd and others in HR facing charges of altering the resumes of political appointees as been alleged already. The cover-up is in full effect but forensic science is a beast and I'm waiting patiently to see whose prints will be all over this one. I bet this will be the only time Cherita can't be fingered. She had better pray they don't ask her to take a lie detector test. That needle would transform into a ballpoint pen and write in bold print - "SHE DIDN'T CHECK THE D--- BOX!"