Loose Lips

Lots of Love From Gray for IG

As part of his efforts to control political damage from Sulaimongate, Mayor Vince Gray has asked both his attorney general and the D.C. Council to investigate claims his campaign aides gave payments to failed mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown and improperly promised him a city job.

Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown has, in turn, asked the independent Office of Inspector General to investigate on the council's behalf.

It's worth noting that Gray is, or at least was, a huge fan of Inspector General Charles Willoughby. During a brief hearing on Willoughby's re-appointment in the summer of 2008, Gray joined several councilmembers in lavishing praise on the IG and his office.

"I have found them very easy to work with," said Gray, adding that he had "quite a nice dialogue" with IG staff when they invited him to a staff conference.

Gray lauded Willoughby's "competence" and "professionalism" before saying calling then-Mayor Adrian Fenty's decision to reappointment Willoughby "very, very prudent."

Of course, none of this is to suggest Willoughby won't do a professional job investigating Brown's claims; LL just wonders if Gray will have such nice things to say after the investigation.

  • itsjustamess

    DC's AG (attorney general), IG (inspector general), or VG (Vincent Gray) are not to be trusted to initiate or conduct this investigation. We need the independence of the FBI or the Pink Panther to cover this case so that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth comes out. Lord knows, the proof may be in the pudding but we don't know how many more Browns we'll meet coming out of the woodwork. I may be a little green but I'm almost sure Gray is going down the brook without a paddle or a life-jacket and his canoe just cap-sized. I guess he should chartered Kwame Brown's Bulletproof boat.


    My what a tangled web we're weaving. Be careful not to be careless.

  • TK

    If VG is smart, he'll make sure somebody's high ranking head will roll for all this, but since he's not, the investigations will be bullshit.

  • Really?

    Look if we trusted Peter Nickels (sp) to investigate under the former administration then I do not see why we can't put the same faith in this guy. Im just saying.

  • Drez

    Apples and oranges.
    Gray has asked "this guy" to essentially investigate...Gray.
    Fenty never asked Nickels to investigate Fenty, nor would that have been tolerated. An independent investigation was called for (by some) then, and is certainly called for now.
    Speaking of independent investigations, where is the Trout Report? My money is on "no where", as I continue to believe it was always nothing more than a political smear.
    Sort of like what Sulaimon alleges Gray's people paid him to do, come to think of it...


    LL you should do an investigation about DC workers who owe taxes...next scandal.

  • absurd

    An IG investigation is only administrative and will not shed any light because Willoughby and Gray are friends.

  • Independent

    Why is Mary Cheh so quiet? MS. Law Professor should be asking for an independent investigation. Shame on you Mary Cheh!

  • curiousgeorge

    How are hiring decisions - at this point, the most important decisions there are - being made by the Mayor and his team? The flurry of news begs an answer to this question, and the Mayor should just come clean. Who made the decision to hire Mr. Brown, and on what basis? Just come out with it, Vince, so that we can all move on. Transparency never hurts at the beginning of scandal. What doesn't help and can only make matters worse is the appearance that these decisions are being made inside a black box. Lance the boil. Make further personnel changes if necessary. Someone (at or near the top) is definitely in over their head. You are the Mayor now - time to act like it, relieve that person of their duties, and move on.

  • Hypocrite Much?

    Who trust the IG in DC or the Attorney General DON'T they both report to the Mayor and the Council. They will never do an independent investigation and anyone who thinks so is CRAZY, with a capital CRAZY!

    Lorraine Green and her boyfriend, Howard Brooks denying the allegations of paying cash to Sudaimon Brown and offering him a job is a “LIE”.

    Lorraine Green has been Mayor of this city for some time now that is why Gray doesn't know anything. She has staffed his office with OLD cronies of hers from her Sharon Pratt-Dixon days...Gerri Mason Hall, Judy Banks, and Linda Wharton-Boyd, you cannot even get close to Mr. Mayor unless you go through Lorraine Green. Try to get a job in the Administration and be an honest forthright, highly qualified and college educated individual and Steve Glaude will ensure that you don't get even get an interview much less get hired. These people all report to Lorraine Green when they should have been reporting to the MAYOR GRAY.

    Green approved and told Brooks what to do and he did it. I do not believe Mayor Gray knew anything about the CASH nor do I believe Gray knew anything about who was being HIRED. LINDA WHARTON-BOYD, Gray’s communications staffer has hired five (5) of her relatives including her son and no one is reporting that! Do you think the reason is because Boyd has established a relationship over the years with reporters and have asked them NOT to report this story? REPORTERS – Do your job and check into the Linda Boyd hiring relatives to include her son…..I do not believe Mayor Gray approved this ….. but I can tell you that Lorraine Green did. ….. and trust me, Green was “forced” into retirement by AMTRAK. In addition to her AMTRAK Office being investigated and now all of this “MESS” they had to get rid of her and they did it in a nice way due to her 14-years of Service. MAYOR GRAY ---- you need to distant yourself from LORRAINE GREEN …. She is an UN-educated “non-degree” , “piece of work” who brought All of this “MESS” on “YOURSELF”!

  • Rake

    @Curiousgeorge: "Someone (at or near the top) is definitely in over their head"

    Sadly for us, that person in over their head is Vince Gray. Of course, this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with his tenure at DHS.

    ONE CITY, going down the tubes...

  • Mary

    If Gray wants any credibility, he needs to get an independent investigation going forward. That does not mean he uses someone he appointed to the position. Let's see if Gray has a backbone or not?

  • DC Respected Common People

    Linda Boyd knows much better, as Council must mandate the removal of her five (5) relatives from DC government.

    In spite of Lorraine Green's permit to hire those in Gray's administration, both Sudiamon and Vincent were fully aware of their political agendas that was desitned to benefit them both.

    Payments provided to Sudiiamon from Green and her boyfriend Brook were indeed known by Gray, those two can take the fall but nothing goes on in Vince controlled environment that he's denied no knowledge thereof.

    Never desire to be, a close friend of VG, but it's obvious this insecure Black old male figure, who has book intellect is truly absent of any political savvy or skill.

    He never should have ran for Mayor, despite the request of Barbara Lang and Lorraine Green.

    Nor does his current Executive team have the competence to handle what will come next, especially wioth a needed independent investigation.

    Being that, the Inspector General Charles Willoughby and his Mayor are professionally connected, would truly explain why Gray LOVES for the IG to investigate his behind.

    Ask this Mayor, who was denied a meeting with the DC Oversight Congressional Chairperson, whether or not he would LOVE from them to have the feds investigate this matter.

    The response for LOVE would transform into I will cooperate.

    Today, TEAM Thomas investigation continues and remains unknown to the residents, under Gray's administration, because Harry is a part of the so-called Dream Team (Gray, KBrown and Thomas).

    These three Black so-called leaders of our city, fearful of the wealthy must mirror themselves for never running in an elected office ever again.

  • Just Curious

    What is the status of the IG investigation(s) into the Lottery contract issues? There have been at least three (3) announced investigations/reviews since 2008. Not one has been completed and not one report has been issued.

    What about the involvement of Lorraine Green in the steering of the contract award to a crony of Gray, who happens to be the son of Gray's old friend and dancing partner?

  • Who Will Investigate Kwame

    Dear DC Resident,

    As you know, more troubling news broke over the weekend surrounding former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown and his alleged conversations with Mayor Gray's staff during the mayoral campaign. I have known Mayor Gray for many years and consider him a dedicated public servant and person of integrity. I want to stress that Sulaimon Brown's statements to the press are only allegations at this point. Nevertheless, you all deserve to know the truth and so, after speaking with several Councilmembers, I have decided to refer this matter to the Office of the Inspector General for a thorough, independent review.

    I will continue to update you on the status of this investigation and I assure you that the Council is doing everything it can to restore your trust and confidence in City Hall.

    Chairman Kwame R. Brown

  • Concerned Citizen

    Vince Gray is pussy whipped. Lorraine Green is a criminal.

  • Concerned Citizen

    How stupid is Mary Cheh? Ward 3, how could you?

  • Terry Miller

    The current IG was appointed by Fenty and can only be removed for cause (as opposed to a lot of hapless employees showed the door by Fenty). He was a wimp under Fenty and it remains to be seen if he will have any backbone under Gray. He has two years left on his term before he can be needs to worry about re-appointment.

    I say the IG is useless if he isn't willing to go up against the administration.

    So even though I am a Gray supporter I hope that the IG gets some backbone this time. If he doesn't, he needs to be replaced with somebody with some courage.

  • Dig Deeper

    Hypocrite Much, that is not a fair statement about Mr. Glaude, he has tried to help the most with getting people employed. Mr. Glaude is a man of his word, if he tells you something, he means it and will try to do his best to keep his word.

  • IG

    IG investigators are not serious enough. Their investigations are only administrative and cant be challenged. There is not review process for IG investigations and therefore the quality is very low.

  • 13

    @13, totally agree, at concerned citizen: I wonder what Mary Che got in exchange for making alliances with these clowns. Mary, Mary what a shame.

  • Olympia Observer

    #20-- wrong..while it's debatable how weak the IG investigators are, they do go through a peer of review of sorts or did. The problem is WHO are the peer reviewers...are they qualified just because they work for another city. The City should require the audit and investigative activities submit to peer reviews sanctioned by the Association of Inspector Generals. The City really needs to know whether the IG is justified in the time AND hours it takes to complete audits and investigations.