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Brown v. Gray, Who You Gonna Believe?

Say this for Sulaimon Brown, he doesn't make idle threats.

Shortly after he was escorted from his office by police and crashed a mayoral press briefing, Brown went on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt to call Mayor Vince Gray a liar and said he had a paper trail proving as much.

Today, we found out just what that paper trail consists of, in an explosive front-page Washington Post story by reporter Nikita Stewart. Brown alleges that the Gray campaign not only promised him a job for attacking former Mayor Adrian Fenty, but also gave Brown envelopes full of cash to keep his campaign afloat.

There's no hard proof to back up the cash payment allegations, though Brown does provide cell phone records that show regular contact with two Gray campaign aides—campaign chairwoman Lorraine Green and consultant Howard Brooks—who Brown says provided the payments. They both deny Brown's allegations. (Gray aides did not immediately respond to LL's request for comment on Sunday.)

Given all the doozies Brown's floated before—like his claim that the Gray administration fabricated a 2007 protective order against him—it'd be easy enough to dismiss Brown's cash-payments claims as another one of his fanciful claims.

Not so easy to dismiss, however, is Brown's claim that Gray promised Brown a job in return for his stalking horse role on the campaign trail.

The Post has text messages from Gray to Brown that have the mayor saying "we did not renege on any commitments to you. You know and we know what agreements had been reached. And none has been breached."

What kind of an agreement? Gray tells the Post that he only promised Brown a job interview, nothing more.

Yet Gray's version of events is undermined by one very important fact: his administration actually gave Brown a $110,000-a-year job despite knowing about his legal troubles, his thin resume, and his bizarre behavior on the campaign trail.

We know that the Gray administration was well aware of Brown's legal problems before hiring him. "Sulaimon Brown was vetted more thoroughly than a lot of people," one source close to the campaign recently told the Post.

We know that the Gray administration knew about Brown's lack of qualifications for a $110,000-a-year job as an auditor for the Department of Health Care Finance, which handles roughly a quarter of the District's budget. His résumé, provided to reporters by the Gray administration after Brown was fired, doesn't even have dates of employment. A follow-up e-mail from Gray's spokeswoman shows that Brown's experience only has about three to four years doing audit work. His last gig in audit work was a six-month stint in New Jersey that ended in 2008 at a salary of $80,000-a-year.

And finally, we know that Gray had a front-row seat to Brown's antics on the campaign trail, which included claiming former Mayor Adrian Fenty doesn't like his own parents, and refusing to get out of a chair that wasn't his at a mayoral debate until organizers threatened to call police.

In light of all these things that we already knew even before these text messages came out, Gray is still insisting that he never promised Brown a job. Can you believe that?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • ME4DC

    Oh....Lorraine Green pick up your girl Gerri Mason Hall and give her ride on the broom also! Her son resigned so I am hoping Gerri resign also! Nothing personal...just does not look right!

    Vince get rid of all of Lorraine`s family and friends!
    Just clean house! That is the only way you can do damage control!

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  • itsjustamess

    Attention: All employees recently hired under the "Family, Friends, and Felons" Plan, you are hereby advised to not report for your tour of duty tomorrow or any day thereafter. If you should fail to comply, extreme measures will be taken by Protective Services to escort you unceremoniously off DC taxpayers' property post haste. You can call yo mama (Lorraine Green), yo daddy (Howard Brooks) and Cherita Whiting, you can place one call to your probation officer. You don't have to go home but you "are" getting the heck out of DC government. You will not have the luxury of riding again onto Vince Gray's coattails so I suggest you invest in a SmartTrip card purchased at Metro Center or your neighborhood CVS. Yes, it's over, let's call it day, sorry it had to end this way. But go on and go, go out the door, don't turn around now 'cause you're not welcomed anymore.

  • kingdom girl

    @another native (in no way being offensive), when have we not been in a deficit. You have almost fool proof evidence from the post that gray is a fraud and would have done anything to make AF look bad to get a vote. I had a front row seat watching it all unfold.
    The deficit has been downsized since all of this scandal has come to light. As I recall last week, it wasn't as bad as we thought (the deficit), is what the Gray Administration told the public. That's to explain that the salaries ranging $65,000 to $200,000 isn’t bleeding the city dry. Pay attention people. Had none of his shenanigans come to light, the deficit would have remained in the 400's. He relies on us being in the dark and not knowing any better. I believe everything that's going on with Sulaimon. . I had a front row seat watching it all unfold and I watched his actions this summer as I was in shame of his manhood even if he wasn’t with the chants, "If you don't vote Brown, vote Gray". He didn't want to win? Something had to make him make a fool of himself. So degrading himself with the promise of a cushioned job isn't a surprise to me. The Gray Campaign was also accused of giving people in ward 8 a $10 Giant gift card for their vote as well as a cab driver talking unknowingly on video about giving patrons a free ride to the polls only if they are voting for Gray.

  • AnacostiaAnysha

    GRAY IS A CROOK. Unemployment is very high int eh DC, but Gray is giving HIGH-PAYING jobs to his cronies from Maryland. GRAY has kicked the people who supported him to the curb. The Lord will deal with Gray on Gray's Judgement Day.

  • orlando littlejohn

    This is so inconsequential to any real issues this city faces. I think Mr. Brown is crazy and should have been happy he was on for as long as he was with his resume,keep quit and use that job as experience and made up a great excuse why his term was so short Gray would have backed his play. But no he wants to be a bull horn about it throwing everybody under the bus and praise Gray at the same time. Brown is the definition of crazy.

  • Joe Smo

    I do not believe Brown. I believe he is delusional.

    First of all, he alleges that Gray's administration paid off Captains at precincts and Voting Pole Managers in the wards Fenty would've won in. The question is, how much money would Gray have to pay decorated officers with time, service, and pensions in order for them to take this risk?

    Second, if he was stalking a 13-year-old girl he has major issues. Especially issues of dealing with REJECTION!

    Third, the text message does not provide proof of an agreement that he would be hired to work in the DC government. The text could have been about anything, even an agreement to go out to dinner.

    Fourth, the resume is shady. There are no dates and according to records he was at his last job only for 6 months.

    What is really sad is if the investigation comes back clean he is going to jail for a long time for this trouble.

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