Loose Lips

In the Old Days, Councilmembers Helped You Buy a Car

Since Navigatorgate broke, several councilmembers have taken the opportunity to take jabs at Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown.

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells has pointedly said that “if we're going to have a relationship to the people who are paying our bills, we've got to show that we're being smart and frugal.” At-Large Councilmember Sekou Biddle called the whole thing “an exercise of poor judgement.” And Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans wrote in his newsletter to constituents that Brown needs to compensate the city for all of the costs associated with returning the two SUVs. "If it means paying the city $17,000, so be it," says Evans.

Meanwhile, a chastened Brown has taken to driving an old mail truck.

But in the good old days, politicians helped other politicians who had lost their rides. Back in Washington City Paper’s Jan. 4, 1991, issue, the original LL wrote:

Will Marion Barry find a new car to replace the chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car government limo that has ferried him around town the past 12 years? Can he even drive? What kind of car will he buy? Will he remain the Town Car man-about-town? Or will the newly sober Barry become a four-door Toyota Corolla type?

A few months later it appears that then-councilmember H. R. Crawford was trying to come to his carless friend's rescue. As LL reported in City Paper’s March 8, 1991, issue:

Former Mayor-for-Life Marion S. Barry Jr. has become the favorite charitable cause for many in this town.... Ward 7 Councilmember H. R. Crawford put the touch on his friends for several thousand to buy the fallen mayor a new Chrysler.

But it gets better—in addition to the car, Barry’s friends got something even more memorable. From the same issue:

The latest fund-raising effort on behalf of the former mayor is LL’s favorite–the Marion Barry Jr. Official Legendary Calendar. A group of Barry stalwarts calling itself the D.C. Concerned Citizens Caucus Inc. and headed by the Ward 4 Democrat Betsy Tibbs has sent mailings out to all of the city’s 323 Advisory Neighborhood Council Commission members offering a “first edition” of the calendar for only $29.95. Or a “Limited Edition Personalized Copy” for only $17.50 Now try and figure that one out.

So, which councilmember is going to order Brown his own “fully-loaded” calendar?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Dave Clark got it right, he rode his bicycle!

  • Rick Mangus

    Liberal Democrats, that's why this city will never be taken seriously by anyone with an I.Q., how pathetic!

  • Really?

    I miss Dave!!!!!

  • Skrilla

    "In the old days".... newsflash, we are back in the old days.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Rick Mangus; I agree. The D.C. Council is too far to the left with liberalism. I am a Democrat, but I am not a liberal.

  • NU78

    I still think the public deserves to know WHO IS GETTING PAID with all the tax money that the city is paying out for these car leases and SUV purchases!

    Why isn't this fact being reported?? It should be a public document when tax dollars are disbursed.

  • http://www.teapartiers.blogspot.com Bruce Majors

    I guess those cannibalistic escalators and gang fights made the Metro too dangerous for the local ruling class.

  • meanteeth

    ... none of that car buying for MB was done with taxpayer's money. What's amazing to me is that we're digging up old non-news when real news is happening today. What's with the MB obsession? My favorite Marion Barry quote is still, "get over it."

    Also, how about some context? I'm starting to feel like LL hasn't even read Dream City.

  • Tom

    I just dont understand whats wrong with the Metro! The Billionaire Mayor of NYC rides the subway from time to time, so why cant these guys? DC Should just provide farecards and zip car subsidies and be done with it.

  • DC Respected Common People

    Sekou thinks he can win votes for his statement of the man, KB who first endorsed his candidacy. Today, this Ward 4 on the Job Training Councilmember seeks support from the White and Jew population by kissing up to Ms. Catania, the Councilmember who desire w/o credentials to be a Medical Doctor.

    What a sad mistake Biddle, because David needs to go with his two-folded personality that serves to bring about fear with all Black Councilmembers except for Barry.

    Now, Kwame never deserved his new $190K position as Chairman of City Council w/o the required professional skills or fiscal management needed. Gray needs to own up, reduce some of the high salary, and know that he must NEVER run again.

    Next, Jack Evans is unable to talk about any financial mishaps in the DC government, has he forget his pass, which lead his last COS, John to resign.

    Let's not overlook Tommy Wells, who is full of _ _ it. This so-call Saint of a Councilmember only supported kiss-ass Gray and Brown after they agreed to removed Ms. Graham and place him on the Metro Committee, and then gave him Chair of the Committee that oversees the NE H Street-Car return.

    The millions approved for the return of the Street-cars should have been directed for DC's social needs.

    In other words, the hell with a street car for the wealthy, white and black fags, these people can walk or either easily catch a cab.

    Speaking of Betsy Tibbs, she MUST take a slow walk, because she has a pass that some of us have not forgot about revenue handlings of DC government fundings that she never repaid.

    Taking into account that MB was sanctioned for taking money owed from his girlfriend, in recognition of her ear-mark he wrongfully awarded her w/o skills to carry-out.

    Whatever happened to the ear-mark funds paid to Brenda Richardson, MB's Lead Constituent Office staff person and Reverend Motley, who enjoys marrying young immature women? Did they ever return the ear-mark payments they should not have received?

    I guess not, Graham, Evans nor Cheh's ear-marks were never audited by this weak-ass City Council for fiscal accountability.

    Let's not loose focus, the issues of today will have impact with Congress, as Eleanor Holmes work becomes hopeless and harder for Statehood.

    Statehoodlessens as a result of Norton's Mayoral and Chairman endorsees outrageous hiring and compensation practices, ground and air government travel expenses all that continues to plague our city weeks-after-weeks.

    This show has just begun with our so-called new leadership, which is right now no better than Fenty's administration.

    Minorities we, understand the necessity for the demise of Fenty administration. However, such an accomplishment does not constitute the rise of Gray administration.

    They both are an absolute disgrace, meaning we must put people in office based on knowledge of them having a proven track record as an Executor or Legislative Chairman with integrity, quality and timely customer deliverables and servicing, effective hiring practices, fiscal management and compliance, policy maintenance and oversight for ALL not just for the rich.

  • Dig Deeper

    David Catania made a statement yesterday saying this was criminal, everyone knows that David wants to be the elected AG for this city. It won't happened, first of all when someone starts to investigate his ass about all of the alleged kick backs from the hospital (UMC) and his cronyism with the Department of Health Care Finance,and the fact that he doesn't have one black staff member in his office. David will be finished in this town.

  • http://deleted Etta

    The councilmen/women should be in gas saving cars. The mayor should be in a larger card because he has security detail.In light of the present rising gas prices gas economy should be the name of the game.

  • http://deleted Etta

    Mr. Gray we asked that you not do as Fenty did the citizens of DC. He picked a chancellor with out consulting the commumity if you continue this you will be a one term mayor.We want a qualifed educators who spent time in a class room because they wanted to be educators to make real reform.Fenty was a crook and its seems that you are to according to Suliman Brown. We did not elect you for more of the same.

  • http://deleted Etta

    I miss Dave Clark to he was honest he had flaws but he was a honest man who you would find in every section of this city. He cared about the poor was concerned about fairness to all classes of people.