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OCF Fines Jeff Smith

The Office of Campaign Finance has fined former Ward 1 candidate Jeff Smith $3,400 for not filing requested financial information about his campaign.

At issue is the fact that Smith's campaign, which got 3,159 votes in a losing effort to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, didn't file campaign finance reports for October and December in a timely fashion or at all.

According a report on its website, Smith met with OCF officials in January and told them that he was unaware there were problems with his reports; he couldn't contact his campaign treasurer, who had "suffered a personal tragedy"; and that he would work with OCF to make things right.

OCF gave Smith until Feb. 28 to get things in order, but says he never contacted them. LL has called Smith and will update as needed.

  • WardQueen

    Anyone who knows Jeff Smith knows it is beneath him to do these petty administrative things. Details are for the "little people". Jeff is a big picture kind of dude.

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