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Tommy Wells: Kwame Brown Made “Inappropriate” Request

Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells found the same District law prohibiting leasing SUVs that LL did, and has released a report hammering the Department of Public Works for apparently breaking the law for a good long while.

"The Chairman of the Council inappropriately requested the city provide a Lincoln Navigator SUV, and the Executive appears to have violated DC law by providing it," Wells' preliminary report released this morning says.

The reports says at least 42 SUVs have been improperly acquired since 2004, when the city began prohibited the purchase or leasing of SUVs, except for security or public safety reasons.

Also, the city may be improperly providing chauffeurs to department heads.

Here's the report:

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  • trulee pist

    Great work by CM Tommy Wells! I imagine principals and staffers at Mayor's office and Chairperson Brown's office had a hard time dragging themselves back to the office today after last week's multifiascos. Wells shows 'em how to get back to work and earn their pay.

    Sounds like Sulaimon Brown is on it, too?

  • NU78

    The unanswered question is this:

    Why has it taken SIX YEARS since this law went into effect for anyone on the D.C. Council to realize that the law was being ignored and violated??

    Where was the council's oversight on this matter??

    And who on the council was responsible for the lapse in oversight??

  • dcdotcom

    It will be interesting go see what other “inappropriate” request... are made during the Gray administration. I'm curious to know how Gray also defends the hiring of the children of several top aides, rhetorically asking, “How do you give young people an opportunity to become the leaders of tomorrow?” What about opportunities for those without family ties to the mayor? How did the young person hired for he job know about the opening, and I didn't? Makes you wanna say "Hummm".

  • Keep it Honest

    Enlightening. But these violations go back to the Williams administration. Yes, and includes Fenty's time as well. So less not kick the crap out of Gray on this and not give his predecessors some heat as well!

  • Rake

    Councilman Wells, thank you for once again proving that you are the best councilmember we have. Wonder if fully loaded called in sick today?

  • DCRez

    We elect our part-time councilmembers at 125k/yr to exercise oversight of District Government agencies.

    Not much bang for the buck, it appears. Some of these members have been on the council since before this law went into effect.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Rake; Tommy Wells is not the best DC Councilmember we have. None of them are worth shit! Tommy Wells and other DC legislators offices were flooded with emails and he had no choice but to investigate Kwame Brown's inappropriate behavior.

  • Rake

    Actually SE Ken, I do believe that Tommy is the best councilmember we have - if only for the fact that he isn't knee deep in financial impropriety (see Brown x2, Graham, Barry), and is responsive to constituent concerns.

    Constituent rage is a real thing, and councilmembers are just beginning investigations - I see that even mary cheh has jumped on board re: team Gray salaries. Glad to see that at least two members are willing to take a look at questionable practices.

  • SEis4ME

    If Tommy wells is the best, why didn't he raise this during the 7-8 years this law has been on the books before now?

    On this, LL deserves ALL the credit. Not Wells who happens to b a johnnybroughthisasstoolately..

  • Rake

    I don't disagree with you at all about LL deserving credit. For what it's worth, TW wasn't on the council when the law was passed. I don't think he's our best councilmember solely because of this issue at all, either. And that is all.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Rake; Tommy Wells is another liberal left wing idiot along with his colleagues. Any and everything goes in their book. An example, Mary Cheh introduce legislation to prevent residents from killing rodents in their homes.

  • Southeast Ken

    If I see a mouse or rat in my home, I am going to kill it. What will they do next? Maybe they will introduce legislation to prevent DC residents from killing roaches and water bugs in their homes or on DC streets.

  • DC Respected Common People

    This is not great work, it shows how all LEGISLATORS purposely and deliberately employ what "THEY" want, and when they want without having to justify the results.

    Once thier wants becomes a public embarrassment or national nightmare then those few not guilty stand up, and want to be commended.

    The ending of this matter, is when will ALL DC government employees permitted w/ SUVs pay back on the abuse of tax paying dollars.

    An easy resolution, simply mandate the DC Auditor to develop a collection starting with the former Mayor Anthony Williams up-to Mayor Gray's administration for the return of tax dollars DUE in our city for the unauthorized use of SUV vehicles IMMEDIATELY.

  • DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    This soap opera is getting more attention in the news than CBS's Charlie Sheen. We are living in perilous times and politicians (Republicans & Democrats) are continuing to 'PIMP' the people.

  • DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    Many Maryland and Virginia residents are making comments on WTOP's website. Like they can talk? There are corrupt politicians living in the States of Virginia and Maryland.


  • Dig Deeper

    When is someone going to start looking into crazy as David Catania's dealings with that hospital and all the kick backs he received from UMC? Since he is always trying to investigate Black people all the time, and how about his cronyism when it comes to that Healthcare Finance Agency? Probably the real reason he wanted Brown fired, because Brown started snooping around in David Catania's mess. Just food for thought.

  • richardnotrich

    having a car is the amaerican dream, and having one for free is better. For all you youngsters to dc politics(30 years or less) take a trip down to the s.e. anacostia storage lot the district has, or the DPR warehouse lot at the corner of 14th and T, in N.W., and select the vehicle you want to drive when you work for the dc government. none of this is new information. And if you are real slick- you can order police equipment in your car to get through traffic, for an emergency. What you ask constitutes an emergency? many times its getting to the wilson building before a press conference about you that accuses you of abusing your vehicle rights! this is a great city, you cant make this stuff up!