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Sekou Biddle: Your Signatures Are False

Councilmember Sekou Biddle's campaign is challenging the petitions of three of his at-large competitors in the April special election. Biddle doesn't think Pat Mara, Jacque Patterson, or Bryan Weaver have the required 3,000 legitimate signatures to be on the ballot.

Originally, Biddle's campaign was going to challenge Vincent Orange's signatures as well. But Bandele McQueen, Biddle's campaign treasurer who filed the challenges, received a call right before the 5 p.m. deadline when he was at the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics and was told to withdraw the challenge to Orange, according to VO, who happened to be at the BOEE watching the drama unfold. Orange says McQueen was so startled by the news that he had to call back and double check the new instructions.

Orange says he's unconcerned without whatever thinking went on within Biddle's camp to led to them reversing their decision to challenge his signatures.

"Bottom line, I'm on the ballot," he says.

LL has a call into Biddle and will update as necessary.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • TK

    Sounds like somebody is scared...

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  • SuperS

    Trust and believe that Vincent Orange had his signatures and Biddle's camp knew it. Vincent Orange is who we should have voted for to begin with, look at what we are stuck with now, stupid Kwame Brown.

  • Grace Jones

    I know I'm ugly, but this is one ugly man. He look like someone or somebody out of the old Frankenstein movie.

  • Kwame Brown’s Candidate

    The fact that Mr. Biddle is trying to knock candidates off the ballot is right out of the book of a scared candidate. He is supported by Marion Barry and Harry Thomas--misery loves company.

  • DCDem

    Sekou Biddle is supported by the DC Dems and progressives. He knows he will NOT get the DC Republican votes with Mara on the ballot, he will split the rest of the vote with Mara, Weaver and the other guy with the green Fenty looking signs.

    After last weeks fiscal fiasco, I believer VO with a CPA and law degree stands a very good chance at winning this election. He has my vote, again. He is beholden to nobody on the council nor the Mayor. They all support Biddle, which is why I don't.

  • Ward 3 Is Watching

    Ha, what a LOSER! This guy is nothing but a lazy, opportunistic, self serving a$$hole!! You are challenging signatures in a special election after you were "appointed" the interim council member, to get the bogus incumbency factor?

    Biddle, you are in this position because of a "questionable" vote by the DCDSC, that took 3 rounds and YOU ARE CHALLENGING OTHER CANDIDATES' SIGNATURES. Smells like desperation... oh, don't worry, Biddle will change his mind, again and drop his challenges. The puppet master has not caught wind of his latest move, yet.


  • Biddle Bomb


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  • Boston

    Sounds like someone is scared hes going to lose. Like that Biddle+Dems+council= Puppet Man.

    Thats all we need is another one.

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  • RealDC

    This is disturbing on so many levels:

    1. You are the current interim member that is getting a "trial" at the job and you have to campaign to keep it. Do you really have time to challenge signatures of 3 opponents?
    2. The timing of the challenges. You waited until the final minutes before the challenge period was to end. Why? So you would not be challenge? Coward!
    3. You wanted to challenge Orange as well then a phone call was made at the last minute that pulled Orange's challenge? Why? Because Orange was standing there and Orange could have challenged YOUR petitions.

    Biddle, you are playing old school politricks, I thought you were better than that.

  • CmonSon

    Everyone waits until the last minute to file petitions, it makes no sense to do so otherwise. It takes a long time to prepre a challenge, so withdrawing Orange had nothing to do with that. And do you really thnk Biddle is combing through petitions or some volunteer or staffer?

  • RealDC


    I have know I idea what he is doing. You tell me. But what I do know is that Biddle has raised more money than the field. Was appointed by DCDSC. Is the sitting member. Is endorsed by the powers that be and he implements a "gotcha" strategy. And he is challenging not 1 but 3 other candidates signatures. Where is the confidence in his own campaign?? Where is his base? Is he really the best one for this job?

    Orange must be leading in the polls by a large margin. Thats funny because Orange is beating him with little effort.

  • RealDC


    I have no idea......

  • Js

    Y is it that only morons post comments on these blogs?

    If the candidates dont have enough signatures they must be thrown out of the ballot. Quit hating, haters.

    Sounds to me like the people who are truly scared are the candidates that didnt get their signatures in, many of them and their followers commenting in this blog!

    Hi Jaque!

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