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Sulaimon Brown Leaves the Building

In case you're wondering, Sulaimon Brown didn't put up a fight. As LL was the first to report, Brown was told to leave his office in the District Department of Health Care Finance yesterday morning after being let go.

The exit wasn't seamless. Some of the city's D.C. Protective Services Department officers, who patrol District government buildings and property, were called in to deal with a  "disorderly conduct," according to PSD Assistant Chief Stephen Watkins.

Watkins says there's no incident report on the call, however, because when PSD got to where Brown was, he'd already agreed to leave. "Everyone just walked out together," says Watkins.

If things had gotten out of hand, the small department—which is not a division of the Metropolitan Police Department—has arrest powers in municipal buildings. If it'd been necessary to slap the cuffs on, Brown would've been taken to an MPD holding facility and booked. It's a good thing that didn't happen—Brown seems to have enough on his plate right now.

Photo by cliff1066 Creative Commons Attribution License Generic 2.0

  • Grace Jones

    Is the media trying to drive this young man to commit suicide? The guy has been fired, please let it go City Paper.

  • Keith B.

    Is the Gray team trying to drive ex-King Fenty to commit suicide? The guy has been voted out let it go City Paper commenters

    (I agree w/ you, but sorry couldn't resist)

  • JasonD

    Yes, he's been fired, but the question is why he was hired in the first place. He's the one who lied about his residence (and, BTW, contrary to what Mr. Brown said, it is NOT legal to hold a Maryland driver's license if you're not a state resident, and even if you are, it's NOT legal to hold a Maryland driver's license showing an address on it that isn't where you live), fudged his credentials on his detail-less resume, printed up business cards trying to make himself look like he's pals with the President, AND, MOST OF ALL, he's the one who jumped in front of the press pool this week and made a fool of himself with what he said and how he said it. Those acts more than qualify him for ongoing scrutiny by City Paper, and the more than qualify his boss, the Mayor, for the same treatment.

  • drez

    I agree with JasonD.
    A good rule of thumb is that, if you want to stay out of the news, don't do everything in your power to attract attention.
    This last week has been a long and damaging one for a lot of people, and it was all self-inflicted.

  • SEis4ME

    Jason, your post questions why Brown was hired in the first place. I'll take your accusations 1x1.

    1. What exactly did Brown "fudge" on his resume? I saw the talk about how it lacked dates (which the Gray team apparently provided to the WPost). But "fudging?" Which part?

    2) Does lying about who you're friends with disqualify for employment? Not just DC gov't but anywhere?

    3) Jumping in the front of cameras disqualifies you for employment?

    Anyway, I don't expect any logic in your answer - if you provide one at all. But, the things you listed may show how quirky/weird the guy is. What you failed to do is say anything substantive (and proven) about why he should not have been hired. That's the information I'm waiting on.

    I don't know anything about the guy beyond the caricature. But this has been an all out assault on him. It really has. And since it's relevant, our previous mayor had frat bros doing city work and from what we later understood, the dude wasn't even licensed.

  • seDCdude

    Ayy SE, I guarantee you that if SB was a little more melanin challenged, this would be a non-issue with SB BEING TRANSFERRED OR DEMOTED at worst....double standards and ignorance makes for 1 helluva soap opera I tells ya!!!

    THEY do it all the time, drug charges, misdemeanors and restraining orders while STILL getting FED JOBS, FACT!!


    this guys only problem was he step in a office that is control by COUNCILMAN D CATANIA. that $2.5 BILLION Dollar that flows thu this office every year is dole out only with his approval. and MR BROWN is not a set of eyes that he would be happy with. poor mr brown just got caught in the crossfire. CATANIA is a very nasty human being.

  • Real Deal

    Wow! It is disturbing why the media is bashing the crap out of this guy. And in turn got Mayor Gray on his heels. Vince, you need to sound off like you got a pair. If you place him there then you need to defend your choice and tell the "interim" director who is in charge! So what Catania is going to "question" you about SB. Grow some nuts, fool. If not Gray should find another director and tell Turnage to get to stepping.

    Cantania is the committee chair not the mayor! His job is oversight not operations. Tell him to flame off and get in line.

  • old man

    I'm no fan of shenanigans but Sulaimon Brown had the qualifications to be eligible for that gig and though he wasn't credible mayoral candidate I hope no one thinks a a great injustice has been undone. Several columnist and reporters seem to have a little bit too much glee in facilitating his ouster. I think LL has a little bit of guilt which is why he put up a post that documents that the juicer narrative of Mr. Brown being escorted forcefully kicking and screaming is simply NOT true.

    Focusing on Brown's hiring and the 1,900 odd dollars that Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown spent on a extra SUV is peanuts compared to the annual amount of the Virginia lease which is nearly 10% of the FY 2012 deficit. This week's "debacle" combined is less than 1/10 of one percent of the deficit.

    You got a couple of points for trying lay down facts in opposition of a narrative that will earn you web clicks and more ad dollars. But follow the money. How many low level officials in bureaucracy without a college degree make over 90K? What about a FOIA request on the Virginia Avenue lease to tell the story of who approved that horrible deal. It ain't sexy but it's how the role of the Fourth Estate is imagined.

  • Drez

    IMO Old man = noodlez

  • Drez

    Also IMO SB is a sociopath.
    Stay away, Gray. Stay far away...

  • H Street Landlord

    Now the apologists come out.

    A friend of mine, with a masters from a premier university (not some UDC lol), was making 65k in accounting for a MAJOR company - private.

    Not some stalker bullshit BA from UDC who has a bullshit ass resume with no dates on his s**t making 110k after conveniently stumping for the now mayor. And everyone involved said he was referred for the position by the mayor. Come on.

    Hiring the children of cronies? This ain't the 90s son. Get money, hire real folks, this is the capital of the whole world.

    Though Brown does get props for biking to work and I feel bad to see him publicly embarrassed like this even though I don't know him from anything.

  • seDCdude

    "even though I don't know him from anything"

    this is the most profound statement in your DIATRIBE, should've started with just as you ENDED with, STFU! SMDH @ your simple ass!

  • watchingtoo

    Gray is weak and looking out for his self and Catania is a perv.

  • noodlez


  • dcrez

    LL - let's take a look at high school drop-out Cherita Whiting next: 1 felony conviction for fraud in DC in 2001 (which, despite Gray's comments, she failed to declare on her job application as is required by law) and 2 convictions in MD. She was hired as an Excepted Service employee, meaning the job was not competitively posted, for a "Special Assistant" position reporting to the Chief of Staff that did not exist under Fenty or Williams. In other words Gray and his team created a $65k position for an unqualified ex-con who campaigned for Gray. Oh, and it is still unclear if she is a DC resident again or if her primary residence remains in MD.

    Mayor Gray: you couldn't find a qualified DC resident to do the job? Or even a felony free DC resident with a GED?

    What a joke.

  • hymesb

    Wow!!! The mayoral candidate that Gray planted to harrass Fenty was given a $110K job.

    Ok. Nothing wrong there.

  • LoveLight

    I don't feel sorry for this dude at all because as somebody said, he danced in front of the media when he thought he had it going on so of course it will be no different now that things are not going well. He's an idiot.

  • beauford massey jr.

    During my employment at Howard University as the Security Direcator, I interviewed Mr. Brown for a Security Officer position however I was unable to hir him because of problems with the law. Mr. Brown was a student at Boward University until he was asked to leave with a report written by Univaersity
    Security. I found him to be an unusual person who thought higly of himself although he came with very little experience or expertise in anything. A very wierd person, who in my opinion would not qualify to supervise a tree stump.