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Vince Gray on Sulaimon Brown: “I Really Don’t Know the Details”

There's been some talk of Mayor Vince Gray "ducking the media" today, specifically over the exact job status of former Gray rival Sulaimon Brown. Brown, as LL reported this morning, was escorted out of his office in the District Department of Health Care Finance, where he was recently appointed to a $110,000-a-year job.

When LL wandered up to the sixth floor of the Wilson Building today, trying to find Gray, he didn't have much luck. But then as LL turned to head back downstairs, the elevator doors opened. And there was the mayor, willing—if not particularly happy about it—to answer questions.

"Whatever happened has happened within the Department of Health Care Finance," Gray told LL. "I really don't know the details." Gray's advice to a reporter looking for information on Brown? Talk to DHCF director Wayne Turnage. (Who, as it happens, LL had already interviewed.)

LL asked the mayor if he feels as though his administration has looked "blindsided" by the Brown news this morning. Not at all, Gray said: "Well, listen, there's over 33,000 people who work in the government." Did Gray feel bad that Brown has been escorted out of the building and placed on administrative leave, just a day after the mayor defended him?

"I think what I said yesterday is that it'll work out or it won't," Gray said. Turnage can handle the situation, Gray explained, because his department heads are "empowered" to make decisions.

And as for the media—Gray said he's not ducking the press intentionally, and in fact, he'll having a 3:15 p.m. press briefing!


    i dont know why Mr Brown was escorted out 4. but i do know that this office is control by coucilman Catania,the 2.5 BILLION Dollar that flows thru this office every year. this is the same office that councilman Berry made a big fuss about,something about CATANIA getting rid of all the BLACK staff 2 and all white conservative staff 2 handle all the distrit health dollars. i know they would never put up with mr BROWN strong out spoken manner in this office. and with a SIX figure salary he surly would be looking where these dollars are going and 2 whom.

  • drez

    Again with the race card...

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  • bdh


    All this is fascinating, but where's LL Daily gone off to?

  • Southeast Ken

    I need a drink of Liqour folks. LOL

    We are living in perilous times with corrupt politicians regardless of being Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Who can we trust? It dare sure isn't lying ass corrupt politicians. Kwame Brown is an idiot. I am disappointed in Vincent Gray. I agree with Lovelight, this isn't about former King Fenty. Gray said during the campaign, he wouldn't do the same shit King Fenty did.

    This shouldn't be about race. It should be about incompetence and corruption.

    We as blacks know, we have to work 3 times as hard in white America and be on our P's and Q's because we are being watched harder by white in America. Sure there are corrupt Democrats and Republicans, but black politicians should know, they are being watched more closely.

  • Southeast Ken

    Correction: Sure there are corrupt white Democrats and Repbulicans, but black politicians should be on their P's and Q's because they are watched more closely by white America. Anything they do wrong under the sun, the white media will report it, as they should. Two wrongs don't make it right.

    I am sorry I voted for both Vincent Gray and Kwame Brown. I don't miss former King Fenty. Let former King Fenty rest in peace. He's history as Kwame and Gray will be in the next election.

    Time I miss former Queen Bee DC Council Chairwoman Linda Williams Cropp.

  • Southeast Ken


    Dam, I miss former Queen Bee DC Council Chairwoman Linda Williams.

  • Southeast Ken

    Linda Williams Cropp that is. LOL

  • LoveLight

    Um, wow. I'm kinda speechless at this one ...

  • ME4DC

    Hope Sulaimon Brown is not the only one escorted out.

    Others needs to be next......Ms. Whiting and your buddies children!

  • DCRez

    This was a good start at cleaning up this mess. You have some work yet to do over at Parks and Recreation as well. (e.g. the ex con who was "appointed" to a 65k/yr position outside of competition who admittedly lied on their applicaiton for employment).

    The Mayor and Council now need to roll back those executive salary increases to the levels under former Mayor Anthony Williams, which, I add, were lower than under the Fenty Administration.

    Establish a quasi-independent ethics panel with enforcement authority to police political activities of the executive and legislative branches and CFO. This is long overdue.

    Ohh, and nudge the inspector general, he must be asleep.

  • Really?

    Drez it was actually accusations about race and age discrimination.

  • Really?

    Insider has the history down and what seems to have happen is Mr. Brown had called the po-po on a Ms. Kim McCray and from there things went left. I working on what the nature of the argument was now.

    News @ 11

  • SEis4ME

    And the hard-on continues.

    Now based on this very article, when asked y'day about Brown, Gray responded that it will either work or not work. Well, seems like it didn't work. So, Alan decided to write about it.

    Gray also restates that he has empowered his administration officials to hire/fire as they see fit. He then went on to suggest LL talk to Turnage. Alan already did this. So he wrote a story about it.

    Then he asks whether Gray was blindsided by what Turnage did. Gray responds that there are over 33k people who work in DC gov't and that he wasn't at all concerned about the situation with Brown. Well, Alan thinks he should be and he wrote a story about it.

    Alan's previous hard-on was w/Charles. Now it's really with anybody having ties to Gray.

  • Mike Madden

    Of course, Alan also wrote story after story and blog post after blog post about Adrian Fenty giving government jobs to his campaign team after he lost the election. I don't recall you having any problem with that, SEis4ME.

  • anonymous

    This is a true shame, politicians cant get it right or the stupid idiot who wrote this damn article along with other crap. The problem is that district money is being wasted on salaries that should be lower and why so many citizens are suffering because of people's jealousy trying to bring others down and not solving the problems that many residents have. Politicians need to stop with the status seeking and actually move forward to make DC a greater place to live in for everyone. First the Kwame scandal now this, everyone needs to get their priorities straight.

    I hope that this paper goes down in the lawsuit against it. Washington City Paper is a big joke more than DC Government, for real.

  • Southeast Ken

    @Insider; if there's a hell, David Catania deserves to go there. He's a mean nasty human being.

  • Really?

    @mike has Al or previous LLs written post after post (eight or nine or ten within days) in ascending order...on the same subject matter about Fenty?

    I think not and if this has happen please pont me to the link

  • Mike Madden

    Well, I can't speak for previous LLs, since I didn't work at City Paper then. Nor did Suderman -- he started here just a couple of months before the election, and wrote plenty of unflattering pieces on Fenty, but he wasn't around to cover the early days of Fenty's administration. You may recall he wrote a lengthy cover story that strongly implied Fenty was a jerk, which is, I think, tougher than he's been on Gray in any of this stuff.

  • Anothernative

    I think their needs to be an audit done on that agency right away. We need to make the stone caster take his hands from behind his back so that we cancheck them for dirt.

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  • SEis4ME

    @Mike, this is your blog, I don't think it should be difficult to post the comments from ME criticizing Fenty for giving his campaign team government jobs.

    Since you threw the accusation out there, please post the comments from me and I will most CERTAINLY retract my original statement. Otherwise, you will Exhibit A for what happens when people allow emotions rather than reason to guide their actions.

    Thanks in advance for the posts, looking forward to them.

  • SEis4ME

    And let's be clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing stories on city pols. The issue is when it gets to the points that you do a google search for any and every news story.

    Marion Barry would be a good example of the hard on many reporters have over him. He could sneeze and someone will write a story about it.

    And again, the first boogeyman was Rueben Charles. Where is he again? We were all told to fear the impending.

  • Brahmin

    I earnestly do not like the conversation that people need to be paid less. I am sure that argument can be made for every individual posting here.

    Horrible standards to follow, especially in a city rated one of the most expensive to live.

    But I will strongly say this--I who campaigned, voted for and was an early support of Mayor Gray--am sick of the lax hiring standard. I trust him when he says he hired good people but this is the XXX time someone was presentd before being vetted. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!

    GIVE Me a break---and stopped being so damn lazy.

  • Drez

    there is no greater good than the public good.
    And there us no greater honor than serving that good.
    Let's not make it about greed.

    A 25% pay bump is inappropriate.