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Kwame To Constituents: This Contract is Not Right

Here's the response one of Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's constituents received after writing a letter expressing displeasure about Brown's taste in SUVs. LL has a feeling Brown is probably writing a few more of these kind of letters lately.

Thank you for your email.

I understand and share your concern. I take full responsibility for the decisions that were made by either my transition team or council staff.

If I could return it today (which I have tried to do) I would, but because the city signed a lease that locks the government in for a year. It will be return in September of this year. (seven months from now).

We are facing tough times and I understand and will respond accordingly. Even if we wasn't facing tough times this contract is not right.

Once again thank you for your email.


  • Eric

    Did the email from Kwame's office contain that typo?

    "It will be return in September of this year."

  • Esmeralda the Magnificent

    Ummm ... grammar, anyone? Anyone?

  • Alan Suderman

    The email was copied as is.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    how about taking responsibility for your own decisions? like the fact that you were the one who asked for an SUV in the first place. there are cheaper automobiles out there, but you didn't ask for one, mr. chairperson.

    and for goodness sake, ask someone to check your grammar before sending an email.

  • http://www.greencenterblog.com Josh

    How about saying you will walk, bike and take public transit instead of riding in that carbon spouting gas guzzler?

    Shame on you Brown and Gray for riding around in a big ole' SUV when you claim you want D.C. to be greener.

    Shame on you.

  • Brian

    I can't believe this guy is the Council Chair. Good Job DC

  • Rake

    Good god, what horrible grammar. Thankfully, Kwame doesn't represent the city in front of Wall Street - wait, what?!

    ONE CITY, with dumb ass council chairs for all.

  • Ruby

    You know what would be the right thing to do, given that he can't return the stupid car? PAY FOR IT. It costs the city $2000 a month, he should reimburse the city that amount for the remainder of the contract.

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  • Southeast Ken

    I am sick to my stomach regarding the Kings and Queens sitting in the Wilson Building. Kwame is an idiot! Listen to Mayor Gray on WTOP defending his and Kwame's actions.


  • bobbly!

    "Even if we wasn't facing tough times this contract is not right."

    Even if we WASN'T? Dear Lord, somebody teach this guy basic grammar! Who elected this guys? Oh yeah - all makes sense now.

  • Cat

    He should definitely be paying-- for BOTH of these leases! Maybe he could put the payments on a credit card. . .oh wait. . . nevermind!

    Makes Fenty's Smartcar look even smarter.

  • truth&honor

    Crack Heads running DC Government! Shame! Shame!

  • Disgusted in Ward 5

    dear god.

  • Total Recall



  • Wonder Woman

    This was the lead story on Fox 5 News tonight, Laura Ingraham talked about it on her nationally syndicated morning show, and Vince Gray embarrassed the heck out of this city today on a radio show with the governors of VA and MD when he refused to criticize Brown for this whole situation. The governor of MD actually had to interject and change the subject because Gray was becoming so angry from being put in the hotseat regarding the situation...


  • Isn’t It Obvious

    This guy (Kwame Brown) just doesn't get it! He says he takes full responsibility, but yet he continues to blame his transition team or his council staff. He made the decision, not his transition team or his staff. Clearly he doesn't understand what the meaning of "taking responsiblity" requires. He is a LIAR and an IDIOT! If he is so sorry and really apologetic, he would pay for the vehicle out his own pocket (he can afford it with his nearly $200k job); or at least reimburse the city for the cost of 1 or both of the vehicles.

  • Michelle

    And His (Kwame Brown)committee oversees education and he sends out this mess, no wonder they ran Michele Rhee out so quickly. The residents of DC really need to start checking who they are electing into office or they will continue to be the joke of this country.

  • Annoymous2

    What an apology. I thought when you apologize, you take responsibility for your action. And what is wrong with the contract. Just because he now looks like a fool, the contract is wrong. Returning the vehicles will also cost the District money. Has anyone heard about a termination cost for a broken lease? In another article, Kwame claims he only has 1 vehicle in possession and that DPW returned the other vehicle to the fleet. He conveniently forgets that the other vehicle was rejected by the Council's secretary. But it was indeed ordered for him based on his specifications. Has anyone picked up the fact that his request was for not a regular Navigator but a Luxury Edition. TO CAT: Don't be fooled Fenty also had a Linclon Navigator in addition to his Smart Car. Which during his four year term was changed out atleast once at tax payer's expense.

  • Anothernative

    It would be really stupid of the Mayor to further complicate this situation by criticizing the guy on national radio, only an idiot kicks a guy when he's already down. I truly don't think that kind of cowardess run's through this Mayor, although if this has to be explained to you, I doubt you can even grasp it.

  • Ward4Woman

    As a native Washingtonian I did not vote for K. Brown….he could not lead me to an ocean if he was standing in front of one. For all residents that voted for him and had the nerve to have yard signs that read “Kwame for Mayor”…
    P L E A S E don’t go that route. He could not budget his personal life and filed for bankruptcy….now he wants to bankrupt the District….and he leads by example!!!

  • Wendy Washington

    @Anothernative -- I agree with you to a point. Gray should have found some way to respond that did not denigrate Kwame, but his comment was too complimentary given Kwame's demonstrated stupidity.

    I am sure Gray wants to keep relations with the Council cordial, but if Kwame continues to make such bonehead moves, we have to call him out. We being the mayor, his council colleagues and most importantly, we DC residents.

    The bottom line is Kwame has hoodwinked 55% of the electorate into voting for him. Since I am not part of that 55%, I am delighted that his true colors have come to light so early. I would like to see him recalled before he causes the city more embarrassment. I do not want to suffer through four more years of ineptness.

  • Boney

    "Even if we wasn't facing tough times this contract is not right."

    Sounds about right for DC Government

  • http://citypaper Tony

    The Brown and Gray team is comparable to a low- level claimer.

  • JAC

    They need to way instain mother.

  • ME4DC

    Kwame Brown is a Joke and his buddy... at large council member Biddle is too! Biddle get a life!

    Folks see what you get when you Vote for these fools!
    Kwame could not handle his bills at home and now you all got him managing the city money??? What is this world coming to?

    I would Vote for Minnie Mouse or Cinderella before I cast a VOTE for MR. SEKOU BIDDLE!

  • Jabbo

    I would like to know who is the Contracting Officer that signed the order for the vehicles. The government (local & feds) should not purchase high end items on the peoples money!!!

  • Marika

    If I could return it today (which I have tried to do) I would, but because the city signed a lease that locks the government in for a year. It will be return in September of this year. (seven months from now).

    We are facing tough times and I understand and will respond accordingly. Even if we wasn't facing tough times this contract is not right.
    I would like to know what grade he got in grammar.
    The above consists of poor sentence structure, poor word choice and poor use of periods and commas.
    Grab a dunce cap and take a seat in the corner!

  • imnotleavingdc

    OMG!!! REALLY????? I can't believe he would disseminate something this poorly written! I mean -- if he can't do any better than this, surely he has enough sense to hire someone who knows correct grammar. This does not bode well at all.

  • DC Voter

    Kwame's press release the other day blamed it all on DPW, but he was taking full responsibility anyway. Poor Kwame, still a little boy at heart, trying to act as a man.
    Will never happen!

  • candycane1

    Grade: F

    What is not right is the fact that you think you are entitled to have the best at the expense of the taxpayer. You expected not only to drive the most expensive vehicle, you delighted in the fact that we would also be paying for the gas.

  • Kaneisha

    Ok well first, the grammar is wrong and second you and gray asked for an SUV so you got it, now its time for you to pay for it. You up here takin about you want to make the Earth Greener but the SUV is putting more pollution into the worlds atmosphere so you are not helping at all. just because you are black dosent mean that you have to follow the stereotype that the white people put out there saying that blacks cant be trusted with money or saying that we are stupid and cant run anything. Well guess what you dont have to be that type of black be the better person and do the right thing.