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Hey Gov. Tommy Carcetti, Stop Interrupting

WTOP's Mark Segraves was doing a fine job of grilling Mayor Vince Gray today over Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown's SUVs when Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley got in the way.

Gray wasn't going anywhere near Segraves' questions about Brown's expensive and finicky taste in luxury SUV interiors.

When asked about his personal thoughts on Brown's SUVs, Gray responded that his personal thoughts on Brown was that he was "an excellent leader" who has made "prudent financial decisions” as an elected leader.

“I’m sure, whatever’s involved with this, he’ll work his way through it," says Gray.

Friends stick with friends, right?

But just as Segraves was gearing up, O'Malley (who was in the studio with Gray and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell) jumped in and rescued Gray by offering up this pablum:

“Well what we care a lot more about, as neighbors of the District of Columbia, is the tremendous work that’s been done to save lives and the information sharing on public safety," O'Malley said, before thanking Gray for his efforts to improve public safety.

Politicians stick with politicians, right?

Have a listen over here.

  • Rake

    Really Vince? "Gray responded that his personal thoughts on Brown was that he was "an excellent leader" who has made "prudent financial decisions” as an elected leader"

    Really? Many would say that this SUV situation, and the ensuing lies, say the exact opposite about Kwame's leadership and financial acumen, not that any further evidence is required on that front...

  • samantha

    Stop and take a breath ! It seems as though the media wnnts to rule DC by GOTCHA . DC voters did not cast a ballot for any reporters . Produce documentation and no interpretation or inuendo to get ratings up .Sounds like FOX's cousins at WAPO.

  • Rake

    Ummm, samantha, there is a TON of documentation on Kwame's shady dealings. Start with Debonis's article in the washington post, which has links to emails, etc. that he based his article on.

    Stop drinking the Kwame kool-aid. Although it's nice to see he still has one supporter, I guess.

  • ThomDC

    Marty "the hottie" O'Malley better realize that with Gray and dumber then a stump Kwame he is dealing with a whole different kettle of fish. Marty, this new regime is a train wreck, get out of the way!

  • Really?

    Is Kwame wrong...You betcha! Wrong as two left shoes.

    But what I find interesting in the last two days is the hypocritical way the media has used it’s pulpit to plummet one politico while seemly patting the former with a near “you shouldn’t do that” tap on the ass and now “go run along”.

    Kwame it’s evident that you won’t have a 2 and half year honeymoon period like the former administration had with local reporters. Kwame it's also VERY CLEAR the media has adjusted and moved the bar of tolerance for financial follies lower. Mr. Chairman you won’t be able to squander millions on friends and fire trucks. Nope you’re dealing with passive-aggressive reporters et al, who are upset that you and Gray were able to ascend to power without their blessings. Their boy Fenty and their Girl Rhee are gone and they are still hurt and want blood.

    This group has silently vowed to use the papers, radio, blogs, websites, and tweets to tear you down. Don’t squander this greater opportunity to become their whipping boy by making these stupid mistakes. Get your shit together and become the great leader that so many of us believe you can be.

  • Tom

    How much did Rhee's vehicle and driver cost? Why is the media acting like cars for officials is new? And to be honest what did you expect from a person with credit card debt and a boat?

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Really?

    I am not sure if you have read or followed DeBonis while he was LL @ the CityPaper or if you followed Segraves or even the current LL, but none of them gave Fenty or Rhee a pass on their respective transgressions. If anything, they are holding Kwame and Vince to the exact same standard. I think that you are confusing DeBonis, Segraves, and Suderman (and Cherkis)with the Washington Post Editorial Board and the other sychophants at the Examiner and the Washington Times. Please, if you have an opportunity, go back and read some of the articles and interviews that DeBonis, Segraves, Sudeman and Cherkis; you will see that if anything, they are being consistant.

  • Southeast Ken

    I am sick to my stomach regarding the self serving Kings and Queens sitting in the Wilson Building. Kwame is an idiot!

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  • Wendy Washington

    I am truly disappointed that Mayor Gray did not throw Kwame "Dumb Ass" Brown under the bus. He surely would have thrown Gray under the bus! Exhibit A: That semi-literate e-mail message Kwame sent is one of those non-apologetic apologies. He tries to scapegoat transition team or council staff. Kwame clearly indicated he wanted a fully-loaded SUV, the staff conveyed his specifications. He can not backtrack when incontrovertible proof exists.

    @Samantha -- this is no gotcha moment. Kwame has provided the ammunition himself. You can continue to drink the Brown kool-aid, but then you may find you've become just like Kwame -- dumb as a box of rocks!

    Since I am not one of the 55% of DC's voters that elected him, I just want to see him recalled before he further embarrasses himself.

  • Anothernative

    Some of you are acting like disgruntled football player's piling on after a tackle, VG would be foolish to kick the guy while he's down, this administration still has almost four years to coexist with this council. The real news is coming down the pike, thats how you'll be able to really judge this combination. All of this myopic you didn't tie your shoes before coming out of the house sh*t is very superficial, fact is, we better hope they can work together on the big issues that we are facing.@IIO, And no those mediacs did not go at Fenty or Rhee this early in they're tenure, so stop the bullsh*t.

  • Really?

    Ummm Citypaper what happen to my 2nd comment?

  • Really?

    @Isn't It Obvious…looks like my previous comment went missing, but here is a summation for the record.

    I’ve been reading the citypaper for years. And never have I seen them post 10 different stories about the same frikin topic in three days.

    Now in my previous comment I didn’t name the citypaper and I’m well aware of the washpo tone deaf articles on Fenty’s follies. But, you even the citypaper had the opinion mentioned in my above comment which was we know you fucked-up but we think you deserve another term anyway.

    The stories and the number of them give off the feeling that this is personal and not just reporting. Please point to me where say for instance the $75k heater Fenty placed at the swimming pool, for his hown use, was written about like they have done with the SUV story?

  • Drez

    Lots of people use Wilson pool. And in a city with competative swim teams having a heated pool makes sense Don't forget- Fenty is also a runner. You might as well be complaining about how Fenty upgraded the track at Dunbar.

  • Really?

    @Drez it wasn't Wilson it was Hains Point (sp). Wrong pool!


    WASHINGTON -- One of the city's 19 outdoor pools now is heated after a $75,000 upgrade, the Washington Post reported.

    The East Potomac Pool upgrade stirred up rumors that it was done for D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, who sometimes used the pool at Hains Point to train for triathlons.

    Fenty said he was unaware of the new heater and denies that the installation was done to serve his training schedule.

    The Post reported that the heater is part of a plan to extend the outdoor swimming season at East Potomac, Banneker and Anacostia pools, Department of Parks and Recreation John Stokes said.

    Councilman Harry Thomas Jr., who chairs the Committee on Libraries, Parks and Recreation but didn't know about the heater, either, called it an unnecessary luxury in tight budget times, the Post reported.

  • Really?

    Does anyone know if a heater was installed for Banneker or Anacostia?

  • Terry Miller

    Debonis was pretty fair before he went with the Washington Post. Now he is pretty much a flack for them. And they say the editorial policy is seperate from the reporting! Mike, I liked your style and I hope you get up some gumption to break free of the clutches of these sorry losers who can't get over the fact that the didn't have the juice to give Fenty another term.

  • DCDem

    "Tommy Carcetti"...lol

    So what does that make the criminally embattled former mayor of Baltimore?