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Loose Lips Daily: Kwame Keep Digging Edition

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  • Fully Loaded It? Fully Refund It!
  • A Closer Read of Kwame's SUV Contract
  • Exclusive Video of Kwame's SUV Delivery
  • Good morning sweet readers! What's the deal, is it spring or not? News time:

    Diamond in the Back: It's a Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown extravaganza in this a.m.'s round-up. First we have Brown doubling down on the already debunked assertion that he didn't request a fully loaded SUV. In an interview with WUSA9's Bruce Johnson, Brown says he never asked for an extended Navigator with TVs in the back.  When Johnson asked if it was his staff's fault he wound up with such a fancy ride, Brown says: "It's a possibility that someone said hey, 'he wants it fully loaded,' and that's why I take full responsibility." Are you kidding? Does Kwame not read the Washington Post? Because how did he miss the front page story showing that his staff sent multiple emails on Brown's behalf specifically asking that his Navigator have a power moonroof, rear entertainment system, and aluminum wheels.  The next bit of Kwame fabrication comes courtesy of NBC4's Tom Sherwood, who goes to Brown's house for an interview and b-roll of the now infamous Navigator. Kwame tells Tom that he had no idea about the Navigator's costs and he's going to do everything he can to get rid of it. WTOP has more on Brown seeking to return the vehicle. Reality check: Brown's office told LL the same thing a month ago when he first broke the story. If Brown had really been serious about getting rid of the Navigator back then, why hasn't he already done so? Brown also fibs to Fox5's Karen Gray Houston, when he tells her about rejecting the first Navigator because of its interior color: "They said they ordered it wrong and that they said they would clearly order another vehicle and they did." Also false! Look at the Post story and it shows that Brown was given the choice of keeping the first SUV with gray interior. He choose not to keep it. That's three TV stories and three instances of Brown not telling the truth. Keep digging Kwame! Your creditability must be down there some where.

    Fox5 also visits Brown's house and gets the man on the street's reaction. Vincent Orange sounds off to Houston. Gary Imhoff reminds us of Sharon Pratt Kelly's taxpayer funded makeup artist and its parallels to the current brouhaha. And be sure and read LL's multiple entries on Navigatorgate.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Mary Cheh's Subaru Costs Taxpayer $3,700 a month (Kidding); Pack It In, Vince; OCF Has Gotta Go...

    Don't Leave Us Fenty: There are three stories this morning slamming Mayor Vince Gray's leadership style. The first comes in the form of Harry Jaffe's paean to former Mayor Adrian Fenty. "Fenty hired top-notch people, and he ran the government as a meritocracy. Vince Gray has often hired agency heads because of their connections and his familiarity with them. Fenty's critics tagged him with being brusque and brash, but the man got things done and made the bureaucracy perform for residents. So far, Gray has made the government perform for his friends—and their kids." Also, the American Spectator's RiShawn Biddle lays into Gray pretty hard, saying his early appointments and plodding style show a governing style we need to be worried about. "Gray will face his biggest test in the coming months as the District searches for Rhee's fulltime replacement to run the such district. Given how he essentially ran Rhee out of the job, few reformers will want to take her place. The candidate most likely to continue Rhee's efforts would be her protégé, Interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson, who has already been backed for the job by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and many school reformers. But given Gray's need to keep the AFT in his corner (and the wrongheaded decision to put new union president [Nathan] Saunders on the search committee), keeping Henderson may not even be a possibility." The last story is Examiner columnist Jonetta Rose Barras' attack on Gray, saying his actions on the United Medical Center and the school voucher program show that he doesn't care about poor people.

    You Really Can't Find a Better Topic, Jo-Ann?: The Washington Post's editorial board takes Kwame to task over the SUVs, really hammers Gray hard on his questionable hiring, voices its displeasure with the Office of Campaign Finance for not finding anything wrong with the Democratic State Committee's longstanding practice (like 20 years longstanding) of having its meetings at the Wilson Building. "So blatant is the practice that the state Democratic committee posted on its Facebook page a picture of workers stuffing fundraising letters in the Wilson Building." Oh no, not Facebook!

    In Other News: Let's hold Wal-Mart accountable. Post office to be renamed after Dorothy Height today, will Fenty be at the ceremony? Ron Moten: anti-murderer. LDP likes what Uniontown may beget. DCist says Gray and Brown better cut their own budgets. There are now only 10 at-large candidates, as Calvin Gurley has not made the cut.

    Gray sked: Height post office ceremony, 2:30 p.m., next to Union station.

    Council sked: Five different committee hearings today, most start at 10 a.m.

    • Steve

      Fix your links.

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    • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com Jason Cherkis

      Has Gray been mayor long enough for us to start knocking his appointments? What deputy or city official has already sent an agency back to the stone age?

    • ………..


      Yes, yes and yes! I was a huge proponent of change thus vigorously campaigned and supported Vince Gray. However, I'm so disgusted on so many levels! From the ridiculously high salaries of these "has beens" to his "amensia" about restoring the former principal of Hardy, Mr. Pope, to NavigatorGATE. Let's not forget that he, too, has one at 1900.00 per month. He's showing himself to be a weak-minded and feeble man.

    • Rake

      Honestly, Fully Loaded has lost his mind. Continuing to lie in the face of so much evidence to the contrary is puzzling, unless he's truly delusional.

      Sadly, he hardly stands alone amongst the scammers and scofflaws on the council, like Marion, Brown, Thomas, and Graham. Wonder if any pressure will be applied to clean up this mess by the few honest councilmembers...

    • hvmercy

      Im just waiting for the RIF's to start. Remember the current interim DCHR Director was quoted as saying about the salaries, "Agencies have to tighten their budgets so these people can be paid." What? CFSA is scrambling like mad to cut their budget further and services to all are being cut...First furloughs that don't work, and next thing is what? Of Course..... Reductions In Force....remember you heard it here first.

    • Sally

      New nickname: Kwame "Bullshit" Brown.

    • noodlez


      DAMN KWAME!!!

      OUT THE GATE??



    • Jason

      Blame Adrian Fenty. He was the incumbent, with $5million in the bank, a machine in place and lost to an 80 year old man, who did not want to run with almost no money! Adrian Fenty should still be Mayor and Gray should have stayed as the Chair. Adrian Fenty's arrogance and defeat created all of this foolishness...

    • Southeast Ken

      What'chu talkin' 'bout, Kwame?

    • Really?

      Is Kwame wrong...You betcha! Wrong as two left shoes.

      But what I find interesting in the last two days is the hypocritical way the media has used it’s pulpit to plummet one politico while seemly patting the former with a near “you shouldn’t do that” tap on the ass and now “go run along”.

      Kwame it’s evident that you won’t have a 2 and half year honeymoon period like the former administration had with local reporters. Kwame it's also VERY CLEAR the media has adjusted and moved the bar of tolerance for financial follies lower. Mr. Chairman you won’t be able to squander millions on friends and fire trucks. Nope you’re dealing with passive-aggressive reporters et al, who are upset that you and Gray were able to ascend to power without their blessings. Their boy Fenty and their Girl Rhee are gone and they are still hurt and want blood.

      This group has silently vowed to use the papers, radio, blogs, websites, and tweets to tear you down. Don’t squander this greater opportunity to become their whipping boy by making these stupid mistakes. Get your shit together and become the great leader that so many of us believe you can be.

    • Ward 4 In Action


      And they want us to support their hand-picked candidate, Biddle for the At Large seat?? In the words of Clay Davis, sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

      That will be a BIG NO on Biddle!!!! Orange, Patterson, Weaver, even Mara, YES, but NO to the Biddle!!

    • Wendy Washington

      My vote will go to Vincent Orange. Let's face it, VO will be KB's loyal opposition and call him on every bonehead move he makes. After all, VO wanted to be Council Chair.

      Calls for Kwame to prove himself a great leader will fall on deaf ears. He thinks he will be chair for the next four years. We should work to ensure that he does not last as long as the two Navigators have. Kwame ought to buy his own "fully-loaded" SUV. Oh, I forgot, his credit is a little messed up.

    • Southeast Ken

      I am sick to my stomach regarding the self serving Kings and Queens sitting in the Wilson Building. Kwame is an idiot!

    • Really?

      @Isn't It Obvious

      Let me first start off by stating that I said “reporters”, I never offered any specific names nor newspapers. Now, I have been following the citypaper and the gang for awhile. While the citypaper hasn't been as tone deaf as the washingpo, they aren’t too clean either. The Citypaper has pretty much said the same thing that I mentioned in my above comment when they came out with their endorsement. Furthermore, it's pretty clear from the consistent rehashing of the story…how many post are we up to since February 20th? Eight! So please point me to an article where the Citypaper did eight or more consistent post on Fenty? I’m just saying.

    • candycane1

      "Fully loaded"? Kwame: Take a laxative because that is what you are full of. Not even a good 90 days after being sworn in and I've got to buy a new pair of boots that are tall enough to walk through your BS.


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