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Kwame Brown, the Prevaricator in the Navigator

LL is a little sore today from getting out-FOIA'd this morning by the Post's Mike DeBonis. DBones nicely takes up where LL left off on the story of Council Chairman Kwame Brown's Lincoln Navigator costing nearly taxpayers nearly $2,000 a month.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, DeBonis finds that Brown put the city on the hook for two expensive Navigators because he was displeased that the first model the Department of Public Works provided him didn't have the interior color he wanted. Boo-freakin'-hoo, right?

While there's likely to be plenty of outrage directed at the hefty price tag taxpayers will shoulder because of Brown's expensive and finicky taste in vehicles, LL hopes that at least a small sliver of that outrage is also directed at the clumsy untruths Brown's been peddling about his new ride.

Witness Brown's reaction when LL first asked his office about his new Navigator a month ago. Through his spokeswoman, Brown said that he was offered a the choice between a town car and an SUV, and only requested that he be given a black-on-black SUV—that's it, just a regular old SUV with a black outside and a black inside. (The rumor mill around the Wilson Building at the time of LL's first story was that Brown had specifically requested that his SUV look exactly like the mayor's. Brown said the rumor was totally false.) Brown repeated basically the same thing about only requesting a black-on-black SUV last week on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt.

Now let's look at what DeBonis wrote:

On Dec. 9, a leasing agent e-mailed District officials that she had found "the only Navigator L in inventory within a 6 state area" – for $1,769 a month. But it didn't have the rear entertainment system that the city had requested and the interior was "stone," or gray, not black.

A DPW official wrote back the next day to accept the vehicle, noting that "we would like the vehicle to be delivered as close to Dec 20th as possible." [DPW Director] William Howland e-mailed Brown on Dec. 20, telling him the SUV would be ready the next day. But the exchange of vehicles did not go smoothly. Brown rejected the vehicle, he said in an interview, because of the gray interior.

The next afternoon, Nyasha Smith—a D.C. Council staff member who was the incoming council secretary, its chief administrative officer—e-mailed Howland: "We requested from Department of Public Works in October a black Navigator, black-on-black interior, GPS, power moon [roof], rear entertainment system and aluminum wheels. Notwithstanding our timely request, we were not apprised of the difficulty in procuring the requested vehicle within the time frame and only yesterday, upon the vehicle's delivery, realized that we did not get what was requested, I am trying to get what is requested."

Smith sent a copy of the e-mail to Allen Y. Lew, the incoming city administrator, "so we all can come to a timely resolution together."

Howland called her back within a half-hour and then explained in an e-mail that a vehicle with an all-black interior had been found in Kansas City but would have taken two weeks to deliver—too late for Brown's inauguration.

"Given that we were trying to deliver the vehicle as soon as possible we compromised on the color of the interior," Howland wrote. "I take full responsibility on that issue."

He gave Smith three choices: Keep the Navigator L with the gray interior, order the Kansas City vehicle or order another model, such as the more common standard-length Navigator, with an all-black interior. He did not mention that, in any case, the city would have to pay for the rejected SUV.

Let's stop right there. Brown is offered a "common standard-length Navigator" with a black interior. That's just what he says he wanted, right? (Let's just forget for a second how stupid it is that he doesn't accept a vehicle because it has a gray interior.) Does he take it? Roll tape...

Smith responded 15 minutes later: "Chair-Elect Brown would like to go forward with the vehicle from the midwest," she wrote. "In the meantime we will keep the vehicle that was delivered yesterday. Just to make sure, we want black-on-black, rear entertainment system, gps, moon roof, aluminum wheels." Howland told Lew that he would look into speeding up delivery.

For those of you keeping score at home, that's twice Brown's staff reminds DPW that it wants an Navigator with GPS, a rear entertainment system, moonroof, and aluminum wheels. Is any reasonable person supposed to believe that the request for all those bells and whistles didn't come from Brown personally? (Also, a "rear entertainment system" for a business car? Is that so Brown can still have movie night after a storm knocks the power out? And aluminum wheels? Are those supposed to make you a better legislator?) LL doesn't think so, but Brown persists even in DeBonis' article with the now debunked all-I-wanted-was-a-black-on-black-SUV line.

LL reached out to the Brown's office for comment about his untruthful ways and got this response: "The chairman takes full responsibility and will gladly return the vehicle at the end of the lease in October."


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    In the Post article KBrown's justifies the black ext/black int. by noting that the combo holds its value better.

    It's a lease, right? What the fuck?

  2. #2

    This was all very predictable..people voted for these guys and deserve this.

    It is such a joke....and nobody blogs...nobody cares...this is why to get any responses the city paper has to write about Fenty or his allies. It is the only way to get any action isn't?

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    So..... does this mean the city's now on the hook for a Navigator (EPA est. 14 mpg city) with a gray interior?

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    This clown need to be recall. Don't he know, DC is supposed to have a budget deficit? Maybe Kwame thinks he's Super Fly like in the 70's movie.

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    Today's Washington Post have close to 300 comments on Kwame Brown livin large. Is this clown related to Kwame Kilpatrick in Detriot?


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    Williams and Fenty did a good job of getting out the tax refunds quickly.Gray and Brown are holding the refunds for car leases.

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    This is SO frustrating. I am just at an absolute loss for words.

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    Simply disgusting. I am appalled that with all that is being asked by others to tighten their belts (workers going with out cost of living adjustment, budget deficits, etc), that the dude just didn't take the simplest and cheapest option available. And this is the dude we want running the council? Someone who can't seem to tell the truth, or at least keep his story straight and has no fiscal sense? Is there a recall in the District?

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    I am frankly not surprised AT ALL by this impropriety by Brown. Why would the voters in DC vote for a man who is so HEAVILY in personal debt? Don't give me that crap about how he was the lesser of two evils against Orange. Stop settling for the choices these political parties give you and demand better ones! Get involved in the process of recruiting better candidates for public office.

    You should never, never vote for someone to chair a city council who cannot manage their own money - THAT'S NOT INTELLIGENT - what do you really think he is going to do with yours???

    I hate to say I told you so. Apparently, not a lot of people listened. And we are not even 100 days in yet. People, PLEASE, get a clue!

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    +1 not surprised by this.

    In addition to the rear entertainment system, why exactly does he need a GPS? I mean, I don't drive everywhere, but I could pretty much get to any street in DC if given the address. Given the amount of mileage Brown has covered campaigning for a city-wide seat three times...

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    Why is anyone shocked that Kwame "Bankrupt" Brown is revealed to be a lying, big-spending, hypocrite?

    And keep in mind that his plan is to run for Mayor in 4 years. Assuming Vince Gray's lasting accomplishment is his Orwellian "One City" logo being plastered all over the city, it's a good bet that Kwame could win. In which case, my bet is on a Control Board springing back to life.

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    The larger problem is that a city councilman thinks the city owes him any "perks" beyond a desk and a paycheck.

    Once you legitimize a culture of special entitlements for government officials, then arguing about whether the free car should be "fully loaded" or not is just re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I emailed both Kwame Brown and Vincent Gray asking for their resignations. DC voters are tired of our tax dollars being mismanaged. I suggest that other DC voters email Kwame Brown and Vincent Gray.

    Ward 3 DC Voter




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    This is one of the reasons I didn't vote for Kwame Brown.

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    @Sally; I agree with your comment. DC voters should flood Kwame Brown DC Council email address.

  15. #15

    Email addresses:

    Kwame Brown-

    Vincent Gray (be sure to ask how he justifies increasing salaries for his staff while we're all expected to get cuts in city services and federal pay rates are frozen)


    And the rest of the Council -

  16. #16

    The voters can reject business as usual by Chairman Brown by supporting a candidate who will not support this type of corruption and Biddle is not the right person to be on the Council. Another rubber stamp for Kwame on the Council is not needed. He has no ethics or responsibility with freely spending taxpayer dollars. Can he be recalled?

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    Its a shame this guy will be reelected with ease. I'm shocked he doesn't just shrug this off. I'm so glad at moments Congress can save DC's one party system from it consistent bad decisions. Time to bring back the financial control board, save these clowns from themselves again. Some day I'll move to VA and once no longer effected by the city just laugh at the same old politics here.

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    Kwame brown and Vincent gray are cut from the same crooked cloth, and they don't see anything wrong with this kind of behavior. This is what happens when you vote for people with no vision, just power hungry and insecure.

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    This is why voting for someone with terrible personal finances, was likely going to backfire for the District. I knew he was going to be a problem from the start but DC gets what DC wants: Ineptitude.

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    $45k blown so that Kwame could drive around the City in the same vehicle as the Mayor. Troubling on so many levels. What's also disturbing is the fact that he tries to somehow portray this horrendous decision on him being fiscally responsible. And what's even worst is that he doesn't even get the all black interior he so adamantly desired. What about the value Kwame?

  21. #21

    I don't see that Gray has done anything wrong in this area but Kwame Brown is a joke and every voter in this city should have had the heads up on him long before this. His personal finances are a total mess, and as a result he will surely over spend and over indulge. At the cost of the tax payers no doubt. We responsible governing not this type of performance. I guess I have to ask what has really been his accomplishements thus far? I have seen very little frankly.
    Kwame Brown is way in over his head, let's admit it.

  22. #22

    @Grace Jones

    Remember that Grace Jones song: Pull up to my bumper, baby,,, in your loooong black limousine...


  23. #23

    I'm really disappointed in you Kwame, wake up young man an do what you've been put there to to do.

  24. #24

    DC residents should email their District Council members and demand that Brown truly "take responsibility" for this travesty by reimbursing the District for the cost of this pimp-ride. And, they should be investigating whether this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  25. #25
  26. #26

    At least have the decency to suck Gray's dick in private.
    Oh, yeah, and stop living off the cheques you het for "caring" for your disabled "partner".
    Fucking amoral leach.

  27. #27

    Kwame " I have little man complex" Brown how can you ask the voters to be fiscally responsible but what is the policy when it comes to you? Come on voters this guy has a boat named bulletproof... WTF

  28. #28

    This weekend is a furlough for DC government workers, as in we are not getting paid for the holiday - this is particularly disturbing under the circumstances.

  29. #29

    ya need to stop all this suv talk and ask if the city has mysteriously purchased a boat.......

  30. #30

    We're also still paying for Fenty's SUV and smart car, correct?

  31. #31

    Most of the city voted for Gray and his friends because they hated Rhee and Lanier. Gray slapped the teachers in the face and the FOP. Just look at Grays history.

    They are nightmares from the past stuck in time with that same old ass music. I feel so sorry for the sweet hearted people left in DC, you should leave DC before the shit hits the fan and believe me it is knocking at the door!

    @Ron Moten
    What's up brother? Do good hearted things.

  32. #32


    Sadly, totally unsurprising coming from Kwame. I wonder what crazy excuse there will be for costing the city for an SUV x2. And Vince, why does your staff need to tool around in a town car for $1700+ a month? That pays for a lot of cabs...

    Also, nice that this news breaks on a DC government furlough weekend. These one citidiots would be funny if it wasn't pushing our city backward, each and every day.

  33. #33

    That city buys many things you will never know about. Many of the politicians are on drugs, abusive, non caring and Godless. That makes for a disaster waiting to happen like the city has yet to experience.

    Excellent mothers and there's few, get your kids out of DC and if you have health probs. leave DC right away. It's going to be a twist of fate so leave while you are still ALLOWED to leave.

  34. #34

    Your politicians don't care about furloughs. They will steal what they want. People, have you learned anything yet! They have so much money and most of it is your money and stolen money.

    Maybe they need a white man for council to represent SE!
    Too many people are just asking for trouble if they continue to live in the metropolitain area!!!

  35. #35

    whoever the coward is that keeps using my name on these comment please drink some kool-aid so some blood can be pumped into your heart.I can speak for myself and its known I've never had a problem speaking my mind. I despise cowards! wont you use you mothers name since you cant be a man.

  36. #36

    whoever the coward is that keeps using my name on these comment please drink some kool-aid so some blood can be pumped into your heart.I can speak for myself and its known I've never had a problem speaking my mind. I despise cowards! wont you use your mothers name since your cant be a man.

  37. #37

    Those who live in that metropolitian will want to visit out of state and you will be asked for your ID just before you cross state lines. When you hear of this 3 times get the hell out of DC and the metropolitian area for good like you have gasoline draws on!!!

  38. #38

    Rake- this article is about Kwame. Write one about Gray and then let's comment. I wonder if you were that inquisitive about Fenty's habits.

  39. #39

    @Adrian, I definitely was that inquisitive about Fenty. BTW, this article is about Kwame (although Gray is involved in the bigger issue) - what does it have to do with Fenty, anyway?

    Anyone want to defend Kwame here?

  40. #40

    What exactly did you so urgently ever call Fenty out on?

    No one's defending Kwame. In fact, there seems to be universal agreement about Kwame's shady, childish, irresponsible nature. Fenty has as much relevance to this issue as Gray does. This article is meant to highlight Kwame's insistence on being treated as if he was the Mayor, something unusual because no other Chairman has acted like this before, Gray included. You someone found a way to take a jab at Gray, who's only done what every Mayor before him has done. So if you're going to include Gray in your criticism, add Fenty in as well.

  41. #41

    I work for DC and I am sitting at home furloughed with no pay and this guy is arguing about the color of the interior and wasting taxpayer dollars (which by the way includes me too because I live in the District).


  42. #42

    @Adrian, since you continued, Fenty did not have a town car available for his staff. I have no issue whatsoever with Gray's city SUV.

  43. #43






  44. #44

    Is he returning both vehicles? or the vehicle with the gray int.?

  45. #45

    Rake- so what do you prefer: http://washingtonexaminer.com/local/crime-and-punishment/mayor-fenty-slapped-traffic-ticket or remember the Lomax incident?

    You fools are just such fucking hypocrites. Talk about Kwame and the relevant issue, not stupid speculation based on twisted logic. You douche.

    Noodlez- figured it had to be one of them. Fucking hypocrites.

  46. #46

    May the lift I live speak for me...I mean Kwame! It is obvious that the Mayor needs to find out why his director is wasting money on vehicles during a budget cut. What did you drive before you became the chairman? Then that is what you should drive now. Lastly, did they pay for that with D.C. resident tax dollars or federal funds? I only ask because we need to call the feds to have them investigate these fools for FRAUD, ABUSE and being DUMB Criminals. The West Wing of the D.C. Jail will soon be full of corrupt D.C. officials.

  47. #47

    @Adrian, so I'm to be upset that the mayor received (and paid for) tickets? Sorry, don't see the need for anguish over that. But, to bring this back to Kwame, he racked up hundreds of unpaid tickets until dcist, et al. raised a fuss and forced him to pay up, probably by charging the tickets to a credit card he ended up defaulting on.

    And what's with these one citidiots not being able to complete a post without expletives?

  48. #48

    Rake- since you Fentites tend to ignore the former Mayor's failings, let me spell it out for you. Fenty had two government issued vehicles that he used and allowed his staff to use. Gray the same. So, you fucking idiot, how is this any different? I'll even explain this to you. Fenty hid everything he did and the only way the public found out about it was through incidents like this. Gray does the opposite and gets bashed for it. Does not make sense. But, you Fentites seem to covet your selective amnesia. Gray isn't a relative issue here, Kwame is. If Gray becomes one, then so does Fenty. Fair if fair. And no I can't post a comment without a few fuck yous, you douche. It's just my way of showing how much I care. You guys have your ignorance of the facts, I have my ignorance of online niceties.

  49. #49

    This being Black History Month, which of these free-spenders on luxuries to themselves and to selected staffers (for salaries far above what they would / should still work for) should we nominate for a special award for fostering inter-racial understanding?

    Filling in for amnesiacs, it was Mayor Anthony Williams who legitimated private-sector excesses in the cause of attracting supposed top talent to public sector service. After all, should the Chairman have wheels inferior to the ones the Mayor's chief of staff can now, unexpectedly afford?

  50. DrClifford Thomas@PGCRec

    What am I doing ripping off PG residents like Kwame Brown does? Well, we both love stupid parents,voters and kids to molest and humiliate daily. While Kwame Brown pimps a ride, I Dr. Clifford Thomas pimp the kids at Bladensburg Rec Ctr trying to teach karate casue I gor bad knees and can stand only 11 minutea and sit for 27 minutes then I read KIDS REPORT CARDS ALOUD TO STRANGERS AND CALL TEH PARENTS PUNKS AND SISSIES FOR QUESTIONING ME.
    No one will stop me or Kwame B and I know Rush Baker,County Eexcutive and Parks Director, Ronnie Gathers are idiots too and scard of my balck belt and my exposing how we contractors get over in PG...Jack/Leslie Johnson style.

  51. #51

    kwame says "thank you!"

    maybe marion likes gray.

  52. #52

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