Loose Lips

Senators: Get Behind Vouchers Or Lose Funding

Parallel universe's vice-president 2000-2008

LL was on diaper duty this morning and couldn't hear all of Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame Brown's testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on congressional efforts to revive the D.C. voucher program.

But when LL's bean quieted down, LL heard a pretty clear message from Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to the city's top elected officials: support the voucher program or receive less federal funding for D.C.'s public and charter schools.

Lieberman made the point that the proposal to extend the voucher program would include extra money for DCPS and charter schools. When he asked Gray "what's the harm" in extra funding in exchange for a small number of students getting vouchers for private schools, Gray didn't have much of answer. Instead he fell back to his talking point about the vibrancy of the District's charter schools and how they offer parents education alternatives.

The voucher debate will be fun to watch, as it puts Gray and Brown in opposing camps. Add to the mix the fact that House Speaker John Boehner is a huge fan of extending the voucher program and things will only get more interesting from here.

  • drez

    Both senators are pandering to parochial schools, and their own parochial interests.
    For shame.

  • noodlez

    now you know why the numbers of "enrollment" is up in dcps. nothing rhee-diculous did.

    vouchers are not a bad thing as long as there are strict parameters and it doesnt have a major impact on dcps.

  • Tom

    Whats really funny is that DC has the biggest voucher program in DCTAG (Tuition and Assistance Grant), that allows DC students to go to any public university and subsidize the out-of-state fee. Yet, I dont hear anyone on the council talking about ending that program, or the "vibrancy of the University of the District of Columbia and CCDC"!

    They have to stop reading from the idiotic Democratic talking points and govern for the citizens they represent!

  • Southeast Resident

    Lieberman and Boehner spend more time on this issue than they spend on giving DC citizens their freedom. I have a better thing they can focus on. Since we don't have voting rights, exempt us from paying Federal taxes. Then we won't need their crummy handouts or scraps.