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Gray’s Rumored Girlfriend Part of UMC Lobbying Effort

Businessman George Chopivsky, who is trying to buy the United Medical Center in Southeast, recently paid the woman reported to be Mayor Vince Gray's girlfriend $37,500 for lobbying help, according to the Office of Campaign Finance, which tracks lobbying disclosure forms.

Linda Greene, whom City Paper reporters harassed for years when she was working as Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's chief of staff, was listed by the Washington Post's gossip column as Gray's new girlfriend in late December.

OCF says Greene lobbied Gray, several other councilmembers, and former Attorney General Peter Nickles on Chopivsky's behalf last summer—presumably before she and the mayor started dating.

Officially, Greene was working for Anacostia Healthcare, the group put together by Chopivsky to try and buy the long-troubled UMC. Greene tells LL part of her job was introduce Chopivsky to important people east of the river, where UMC is the only hospital.

Greene declined to address the Post's report that she and Gray were dating, saying only that they are longtime friends. Gray's spokeswoman, Linda Wharton-Boyd, says she can't help, either: "Personally, I cannot confirm" whether Greene and Gray are dating.

Normally, it's none of LL's business who Gray is dating. But when money, influence and politics are involved, as they certainly are in any prospective sale of UMC, LL thought the public ought to know. And now you do.

  • J

    keep on him!

  • Wow

    Yowser! Back to the Future!!!

  • ward411

    Alan...STOP IT! You clearly state that all of this took place prior to them even "dating". Linda is a class act and always has been! Same goes for Mayor Gray!

  • drez

    @ ward411
    What is Alan supposed to stop? Per LL:
    Normally, it's none of LL's business who Gray is dating. But when money, influence and politics are involved, as they certainly are in any prospective sale of UMC, LL thought the public ought to know.
    This seems an entirely reasonable position.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    things are still the same

  • Terry Miller

    Fenty's wife worked for a law firm and she perform duties, as a member of the firm, under a contract to an independent D.C. agency. Although it was raised numerous times by people who opposed Fenty, it didn't seem to get any traction. But Gray's possible girlfriend working for somebody who may omeday buy the UMC? It is clear to me that Fenty saw some "profit" from his wife's work, as they are a family unit. How does Gray profit?

  • drez

    Gray has gone on the record as wanting to sell UMC.
    His GF is the lobbyest for the Corporation that wants to buy UMC.

    The simple question is: Would you rather know that, or not know that?

  • DC Voter

    Isn't this the same Linda Greene who was Bishop George Stallings' confidant and running buddy during the 1990's? For those new to the scene, Stallings founded the African American Roman Catholic Church known as the Imani Temple after the Pope refused to make him a Bishop in the RCC. Stallings was also the unsuccessful Ward 6 city council candidate in 1997 and 1998.

    Linda Greene certainly is a survivor.

  • Truth Hurts

    So LL, what's the status of the IG's lottery contract investigation? Is the IG even conducting an investigation?

    @ drez: March Madness is just around the corner. My prediction about when the Trout report would be out is looking pretty good, don't you think?

  • Drez

    Remind me... Was it March Madness or never?

  • Truth Hurts

    Prediction was that March Madness would be here before Trout report. That'd make it about one year overdue, and counting.

    Not yet ready to predict never. Though not betting against it either.

  • Drez

    My money is on never.
    As an aside, I hope one day to have the financial freedom to relax and take up fly fishing.
    Perhaps for trout.

  • Typical DC BS

    Whatever happened to George Stallings? Seems like he dropped off the map.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Terry Miller- great point. What no comments from Drez or TH about this glaring conflict of interest of the Fentys... surprising.

    Drez and TH- you two assholes have nothing better to do huh? There isn't anything shady that has occurred as of yet. I don't know if anything will come of this, but the fact that you two douches think the sky is falling because of Gray's relationship with this woman, is fucking hilarious. You two are nothing but hypocrites. All of the very clear transgression of Fenty never bothered you two, but the appearance of something amidst here, have you two bitches all up in arms. This is hilarious. You fucking hypocrites. Yes TH, I know I'm dead to you. Douches.