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Josh Lopez Raises More than $6,000

At-large candidate Josh Lopez, a former campaign aide to Mayor Adrian Fenty, four-day city employee, and Fenty write-in campaign organizer, has raised a respectable $6,374 so far in his bid to win the April special election, according to today's campaign finance report.

Not a bad haul for a young (27) upstart in a crowded field.

Nearly a third of the total donations comes from Fenty fraternity brother Omar Karim and his company Banneker Ventures (both gave $1,000). Banneker and Karim are at the heart of the ongoing council investigation, along with another fraternity brother Sinclair Skinner, into whether a few of Fenty friends improperly received city construction contracts. (Skinner's brother Caribe Skinner, gave Lopez $30).

Lopez is a member of the same fraternity as Fenty, Karim, and Sinclair Skinner: Kappa Alpha Psi.

Lopez says he's happy with his campaign's take so far and says that most of his donors are "regular people who want to see a change." He adds that he's been putting in 14-hour days working Metro stops and going to community meetings. The next step, Lopez says, is to a door-knocking campaign that starts soon.

Update: Lopez's amended report shows he raised $8,665.

  • Young M

    I'm for Lopez yall. He is real.

  • Re: Ward Cl3aver

    There is a glitch in the OCF online filing system that changes the state field to "DC" when you tab through the other fields. Even if you change it to the correct field, it reverts to "DC" as you tab through the other fields. It is one of the flaws with an online filing system that could be vastly improved and thus make reporting more accurate.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Isn't Josh Lopez a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity? If so, this would make him Omar Karim and Sinclair Skinner his Frat. brothers too.

    I guess there are advantages when you are in a fraternity.

  • LeftOut

    Its a done deal already: Biddle vs. Mara

    Anyone else is wasting their time, including Lopez. Fenty's day is done, bro.

  • ME4DC

    Watch this guy! Anybody friends with Fenty and the crew needs tight supervision! This a big fat joke! Please go away! Seeing your name around makes my stomach ill!
    Taking Blood Money from DC Residents Taxpayers!
    Shame! Shame!

  • Ward Cl3aver

    Dear Re:

    Nice try. But your attempt to whitewash this deceptive act of fraud as a technicality is a completely inept defense of the indefensible.

    In addition to the aforementioned falsely marked Maryland addresses as DC, The Lopez Report includes:

    "Silver Spring MD 20910"
    "Lanham MD 20706"
    "Rockville MD 20850"
    "Morrisville NC 27560" - two entries
    "Glendale CA 91202"

    Please spare us the Ghost-in-the-Machine defense.

    Dorothy Brizill, this is a job for you, please.

  • DC2011

    While most of us would agree that the DC Council has its fair share of embarrassing bottom-feeders, I know from personal experience that Josh Lopez is a particularly heinous breed of slime. He is the single most arrogant-without-cause individual in DC, and has been known to behave violently, even to his closest friends. DC has sunk pretty low in the type of people we elect to public office, but I'm really hoping that our candidate pool doesn't force us to resort to the desperation that a vote for him would require.

  • KappaNupe

    This embarrassing. These individuals are giving the Frat. and the Divine 9 a bad nine. I am from the old school made in 1976.

    This Ward 4 voter will not be voting for Josh Lopez.

  • KappaNupe


    This is embarrassing.

  • KappaNupe

    This is embarrassing. These individuals are giving the Frat. and the Divine 9 a bad name. I am from the old school, made in 1976.

    This Ward 4 voter will not be voting for Josh Lopez.

  • Really?

    Co-sign DC2011!!

    What has Lopez done besides belong to same frat as Fenty? Nothing!!

    What kind of experience does he have beyond being a campaign bully?


  • samantha

    Check with the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi . Members across the country question this claim .

  • Tim

    First of all most of these posts are by the same person using different names. Get a life. Second this is a respectable number based on the short time of fundraising and the fact that this is a special election. Third, go to http://www.joshualopez2011.com and check his credentials. He has more experience in DC politics than Biddle. Sorry but it’s true.

    Btw KappaNupe, please stop being a perp. Any member of the Divine 9 can tell that you are not really a Kappa and are just using the tag for slander. Again, get a life.

  • noodlez

    JOSH LOPEZ 2011=RON MOTEN 2010.



  • OG Neighbor DC

    There is no reason to keep referring to the Kappa Konnection. This is the one thing that is driving me crazy, City Paper! There are very few people in leadership, regardless of race, who don't belong to some kind of organization. Further, you would be hard pressed to find a Black civic leader who isn't in a Black Greek Letter organization or the Boule, or the Links, or the Guardsmen or the Girlfriends or... I mean the list is endless. Kwame Brown is a Kappa, too. Almost everyone on the council has some kind of affiliation. It's the corruption, not the organizational affiliation that makes the problem.

  • Really?

    Ahhh I forgot about GA Ave Gateway Corp...didn't they lose their DHCD funding?

  • Really?

    Question? So does the $6k be used to paydown the $18k fine that Lopez owes?


  • EP Sato

    Since they're in the same frat, is Josh going to deny he's Latino like Fenty did?

  • Grace Jones

    LOL LOL LOL@Ep Sato

    Ep Sato, why did this Central American kid pledge a black fraternity and not a Latino fraternity I wonder? I was told Fenty had an ancestry back to Panama. Very interesting.

    @Tim; I suspect you are Josh Lopez using a different name.

    @OG Neighbor DC; you are so wrong. There are many black college graduates that didn't pledge or join a black Greek fraternity. College educated blacks that I've spoken with stated, they saw no need to join this clickest organizations. Black men have too many hang ups. I am glad I married a white European guy.

  • Peter Rosenstein

    Lopez is disingenuous or not being very smart when he claims the he is getting most of his money from small donors when clearly either a third or a quarter of his money, after the amended report, comes from Fraternity brother Omar Karim. Haven't looked the report so don't know how much other money comes from people outside of DC or from some who can't stop from trying to refight the Mayoral race. By the way what is happening with the $18,000 that Lopez was fined for illegal use of Fenty materials in the write-in campaign. Is that matter settled?

    I think everyone, even Lopez has a right to run. And I hope that after he loses this race he will begin to build a resume and a record of work in the community so that if he wants to run again in the future he can do so on his own name rather than as a Fenty Acolyte.

    Clearly the person to beat in this race is Sekou Biddle. And I think no one will. That is not because he is endorsed by a wide range of people but because he has the best record of service to our community of anyone running. He has worked hard in the education field and served on the school board (and not just for 17 days like one of the other candidates in this race). He has stood up and actually worked for the things he believes in and done it successfully. That is the kind of person we need on the DC Council.

    I think the fact that Biddle got the endorsement of the Mayor says a lot about Biddle's ability to work with everyone. Voters should remember that Biddle was a Fenty supporter and a strong Michelle Rhee supporter. But he understands that the way to move forward isn't re-fighting old battles but to speak up and fight for what you believe in and try to make it happen. Clearly Vince Gray respects that.

  • Tim

    @Really All of the signs were taken down after the OCF gave the order. On Election Day brand new sign were put up but they have fabricated this story about continuing to use recycled signs. This fine will go away after the election. Just like similar corruption claims that were fabrications that we have never been given further details. Another PR move to slander Fenty supporters that want to stay in the DC political arena.

  • Grace Jones

    Ward 5 DC Council Member Harry Thomas - Omega Psi Phi
    DC Council Chair Kwame Brown - Kappa Alpha Psi
    Ward 8 DC Council Member Marion Barry - Alpha Phi Alpha

    Mayor Vincent Gray - White Jewish Fraternity member

    Ward 4 DC Council Member Muriel Bowser - unknown
    Ward 7 DC Council Member Yvette Alexander - unknown
    DC At-Large Counicl Member S. Biddle - unknown

  • Tim

    @Grace Jones, No I am using my real name unlike yourself.

  • Tim

    @Rosenstein, Your Fenty hatred and alignment with Mayor Gray is still bleeding through and through. You and I both know that fine is politically motivated. Stop trying to use your rhetoric from the Gray campaign because it will not work in the special election.

  • Bob Woodward

    @Leftout - its hardly a "done deal"; Lopez out-raised Mara 4 to 1. Biddle is the clear frontrunner, but Lopez is the clear dark horse. If anyone's going to beat Biddle, it will be Lopez.

  • Grace Jones

    Josh Lopez aka Tim has a serious acne problem. He should consult with a Dermatologist.

  • Amanda Broadnax

    I'm voting Josh Lopez, he has what it takes to bring accountability to the other council memebers as he is not aligned with Team Gray/Brown/Thomas/Barry/Brown and now Biddle. Even the media was outraged at the back door dealing that went on to get Biddle on the council. City council has become a joke, Mayor Gray met with John Boehner and not one time mentioned the pending legislation in Congress concerning DC. Whether someone is in a fraternity is a non issue for me when it comes to voting.
    Careful Grace, your slipping up in your screen names, you have made that comment before... under your other name.


  • Indeed

    josh lopez has zero chance of winning this election. he should return the money to the donors who gave it to him, get a job, and stop with the political opportunism. perhaps he should take some advice from sam brooks.

  • Hosni Mohommend

    I would never vote for a Central American immigrant. This guy is a loser, mean, and pushing his own agenda.

    @Amanda Broadnax; stop kissing this kid's azz. You did enough of that for Fenty.

  • Hosni Mohommend

    Another anchor baby that got citizenship by birth.

  • Southeast Ken

    I would vote for Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, or Ron Moten before I vote for Mr. Lopez.

  • Southeast Ken

    By the way, Charlie Sheen rocks!

  • Amanda Broadnax

    @Hosni Mohommend
    LOL feel better now? Sorry but if you can't come with something of substance, don't come at all. I don't kiss ass, but clearly that is one area where you are adept, you should marketing that asset. America is full of immigrants and you should have respect for diversity rather than be a bigot blogger. Now scramble over to the next workstation in the library to change your screen name to talk s#$%. Thanks!

  • Really?

    @ Tim. The question of who shot JR is mute at this point. OCF found that he violated campaign rules. Besides I hope that folks who did click the link see the comments which shows that a many voters from Wards 1-8 take issue with Mr. Lopez.

  • Southeast Resident

    @ P. Rosenstein and all, the most qualified person in this race would be Vincent Orange should he qualify to run. He was a Councilmember. He is an Attorney. He is a Certified Public Accountant. In other words, a real educated black man. That is what most folks fear the most! He may have been ambitious in stepping away from the job when he had it before, but he has it all over the whole bunch. The credentials of a School Board Member (Biddle, Douglas, and Mara), and a Clerk/Research Analyst/Professional Campaign Law Violator (Lopez) can't match up. Lopez when he meets you, doesn't want you to know much about him -- a sneak or a snake. FENTY'S REIGN IN DC IS OVER, so Lopez needs to get to steppin. Plus, we all remember the manipulating Federal City Council who works in the shadows against the desires of most DC folks. Well guess who Patterson works for? He is bought and paid for by them! Patterson is the Federal City Council in Black Face! So, if you are a DC resident, Patterson won't be working for you.

  • Tim

    @Really There are no comments on his webpage, I designed it. Specifically because of people like you that use aliases(KappaNupe, EP Sato, etc.).

  • Karriem Muhammad

    Josh Lopez is a stand up guy, there is not need to take such ridiculous shots at his character. As a DC resident, it is clear that he sees a void and believes that he is the best person to fill that void. I support him and his cause wholeheartedly. Politics needs more people like Josh Lopez to fight for the people. If you actually listen to what he's saying and the positions he's taking on the issues, it is clear that he's the most dedicated, most sincere, and quite simply the best man for the job.

  • Brian W.

    Josh Lopez 2011!!!! I'm a strong supporter of Josh, he's 27 with the ambition and determination to give responsible DC professionals and future LEADERS hope! Hopefully all of the negative remarks and statements against him and Fenty cease after April's election! @ Tim thanks for referring us and the non educated voters to the website it looks great!


  • Mark James

    Hmm, interesting point Muhammad. I agree, I don't think there's a place in these debates for character slander or racially-charged remarks. Now, I'm not from DC, but i have been following the politics of the City for the past year or so and I'll say this: DC it's time to do a few things right. You've already elected a few questionable figures and from the looks of things, Josh Lopez would be a step in the right direction. If a man wants to dedicate his life to service in the public sector then I say go for it. Good luck to your Mr. Lopez.

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