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Gabe Klein Will Not Run

Former DDOT boss Gabe Klein will not run for an at-large seat, he announced today on his blog.

Writes Klein:

I have done a lot of soul-searching, and have come to the conclusion that my passion is not in a role on the Council.  If you don’t have the passion for it, you shouldn’t do it.  It’s been a tough decision to make with all of the support, but the right one for me and the race.

I am more of a CEO/Entrepreneur than a legislator, and my passion lies in utilizing and mixing technology, transportation options and infrastructure to make cities more livable, sustainable, and vibrant (and fun).

This is bad news for LL's column that just went to print and includes a line about Klein mulling a run. It's also bad news for the smart growth set, who view Klein as an innovative go-getter.

But it's great news for the other at-large candidates, especially those (Sekou Biddle, Josh Lopez, Pat Mara, Bryan Weaver) who would likely lose votes from the pro-Adrian Fenty crowd to candidate Klein.

In somewhat related news, former mayoral candidate Leo Alexander tells LL he's also not going to compete in the April special election. Alexander had picked up petition forms but says the tight time frame of the special election "doesn't work for me."

Alexander isn't endorsing any particular candidate. "I wish them all the best," he says. Likewise, Klein writes on his blog that "we have some good candidates that are entering the race, so lets see what they say, and who is really courageous enough to take some risks, do good work, and who is toeing the old political line and focused on their own needs first. It’s pretty easy to spot if you look hard enough."

  • Skipper

    The geeks at GreaterGreaterWashington will need find a new heatthrob.

  • Grace Jones

    I am glad to hear that Gabe Klein will not run for DC City Council. Why is this guy and Adrian Fenty still news?

  • Lewless

    ugh. check your ego at the door, gabe! you were a good ddot director. thats it. good night!

  • Ward7res

    Shucks... and I had the election night headline all ready to go.... might as well post it here now.....


  • Grace Jones

    This is Gabe Klein's blog.


    If you notice, in the pictures on his blog, Gabe surrounds himself with mostly whites. Looking at the picture with Gabe shaking Chuck Brown's hand, Klein looks very uncomfortable. I don't think Gabe Klein feels comfortable around blacks. In my opinion, he came across as an undercover redneck.

  • Lewless

    @ Grace Jones -

    easy on us rednecks, sweetheart. being a redneck doesn't mean anything other than you are Country.