Loose Lips

Transition Disclosures Slow Coming

When LL got back to work on Monday he sent a note to staff for both Mayor Vince Gray and Council Chairman Kwame Brown asking for a copy of the donors who gave to their respective transition teams. You might remember that both Gray and Brown decided to forgo taking any public funds from the cash-strapped city in favor of using private donations.

Both Gray and Brown promised to disclose both the names of donors and how their transition teams spent the money. Gray disclosed some donors and expenses halfway through his transition. Brown said he'd make his donors' names public after the transition was over.

It's now Wednesday, ten days after both Gray and Brown were sworn in, and LL's still waiting for a response. Maybe this friendly public shaming will help move things along...

Photo By Darrow Montgomery

  • Truth Hurts

    They're planning a joint press conference with Harry "I've got nothing to hide" Thomas. Cooke's scrubbing documents at this very moment.

    Rumor has it that public will get everything no later than 2013.

  • Leroy

    those be mary cheh's people! call her up and ask what she thinks LL!

  • Anothernative

    I think they'll probably disclose when they get ready, not when you get ready. Comming from someone who didn't support either one of these folk, I don't think you have much leverage for demanding expedience from neither. As to you other hater's, trying your best to sound cleaver doesn't make you that way,so get a life. One city!!!

  • TK

    HAHAHAHA Do you think you're actually going to get an answer, even if you are more than annoying? The elected officials in the his city don't care if you're a journalist. They don't even care if you're the AG or a legal authority. It's a joke. Gray and Brown are two of the most corrupt politicians to ever hold office in this city. They are right up there with the crackhead, Barry.

    One city? What a scam. Fenty may not have been the most collaborative, but at least the phony allegations of cronyism were just that, phony.

    What it comes down to is that Gray is no better, just because he involves the corrupt, phony, and has-beens.

  • Really?

    Really Tk...no Really?

    "Fenty may not have been the most collaborative, but at least the phony allegations of cronyism were just that, phony."

    Cronyism was well documented. So stop it!