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Fenty Campaign Aide Josh Lopez Collects 3k Signatures

Former Mayor Adrian Fenty's old Ward 4 coordinator, Josh Lopez, says he's submitted 3,000 signatures to the Board of Elections and Ethics to get his name on the special election for the at-large seat.

LL's been off in babyland the last couple of weeks, but is pretty sure Lopez is the first at-large candidate to get his signatures in. Collecting a bunch of signatures isn't a big deal, but it at least shows some level of energy and competency that not every would-be local elected official can muster. (LL won't name names, but you know who you are.)

Does Lopez have a chance of beating presumed front-runner, Councilmember Sekou Biddle? LL thinks not, but did anyone think four months ago that Biddle had a chance of winning the D.C. Democratic State Committee's election?

Lopez, whose recent employment includes a four-day stint in the lame duck Fenty administration and who helped run the write-in Fenty campaign, is casting himself as an political outsider who will watchdog the Vince Gray/Kwame Brown era of city government.

Regardless of his chances, Lopez will more than likely make the campaign a lot more interesting. He seems to be Public Enemy No. 1 among Gray's supporters, earning his own Gray campaign video and being chased away from a couple of Gray's townhall forums. On at least two occasions police were called to the forums because of alleged altercations between Gray supporters and Lopez.

But all that's in the past. Lopez says he's looking for support from both Fenty and Gray supporters, and says his youthful energy (he's about to turn 27) is resonating well with voters. Asked if Fenty would be hitting the campaign trail on his behalf, Lopez says, "you have to ask him." Anyone got an extra $20k?

  • http://www.feralscholar.org BuddhalovesPaine

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  • Truth Hurts

    So much for CP's "moderation" filter.


    BuddhalovesPaine, if you know that your long comment is not on topic, why in the hell did you write it? No one cares.

    On the issue of Josh Lopez running for the DC At-Large seat, I will not be voting for this guy. He should how nasty and disrepectfully he could be towards Mayor Vincent Gray and Gray supporters. I was raised to show respect to my elders and Lopez and Ron Moten must missed this class.


    Correction: Josh Lopez was nasty and disrespectful towards Vince Gray and his campaign workers. I was raised to show respect towards my elders. Mayor Gray is old enough to be Josh Lopez's grandfather. Lopez has the same type of arrogance as former King Fenty.

  • WARD411



    @WARD411; I am not voting for Biddle either. I don't know anything about the man.

  • EP Sato

    I like Biddle but wont vote for him. But this media whore Josh Lopez? I'd rather vote for Lex Luthor.

  • Ward 4 Action

    I like Lopez's enthusiasm. Run, Josh ,Run!!

    Definitely will not VOTE for Biddle and I voted for Kwame. I could care less if Biddle went to high school with Mandela, MLK, Churchill and Ghandi, he has done nothing of consequence in the community but ride on the "coat tails" of Kwame!

    BTW-The "coat tail" riding will cause Bowser problems in 2012. Fenty is gone.

    Mara or Patterson all seem intriguing for the at-large seat.

  • me and i

    I met Josh Lopez a few weeks ago when he approached me as I left a meeting. After a few minutes of listening to his superificial conversation, I am not convinced that he will be any different than his mentor. He specifically stated that he is looking for "young, energetic people" to help him win. I guess that means he doesn't need votes from anyone whom he doesn't consider "young".

  • Bob Smith

    I find it interesting that people are saying that they won't vote for somebody and then admit, "I don't know anything about the man." For "Ward411," why? and for "Ward4NDC" I would invite you to get to know him. I think you know all you need to on Vincent Orange at this point and the others... find out.

  • Tim

    He means he will not alienate young people from the process with a pat on the head saying "You don't know enough yet." Too often the elders mistake comments like that with them being replaced. Unfortunately if you would like to prepare the next generation to take over, eventually you will have to replace someone. America has not equipped the next generation to take over after the baby boomers in government or the private sector because of rhetoric like this. Go to DC HR site and take a look at the stats if you don’t believe this is a problem.

  • Ward 4 Action

    Bob Smith

    I have interacted with him and I am not impressed, actually I was quite annoyed by the "elitist" and dismissive views. And I was not the only one but its a free country and everybody has the right to run for office. If he is ELECTED, then so be it. But being appointed by a dysfunctional group after Brown and Barry had to LEAN on folks for their vote, STINKS!
    Personally, I would not take office that way, he could have shown lot of character by declining the appointment and RUNNING for office. But now he owes Brown, Barry and Thomas. And they will collect and collect and collect and collect. So much for a fresh face.

  • JA

    Why Lopez will never be elected:


    He will NEVER join the Council -- not necessarily because he is disrespecful and arrogant, which in both deparments he beats Fenty and probably contributed to that aspect of the Fenty campaign, but because he is a moron. How can someone heckle like this and then think he will EVER be able to be part of the D.C. Council? what a joke!


    @Ward 4 Action; if biddle is an elitist, I know I will not be voting for him. We have enough elitist Negroes living in Ward 4 that think they are better than others.

    @EP Sato; your Lex Luthor comment is funny. LOL LOL

    I voted for Kwame because I didn't want that opportunist Vincent Orange to win. Vincent Orange came to a 4A ANC meeting in 2009 pimping PEPCO'S high rate increase they wanted to impose on DC consumers. Orange is a PIMP! On the other hand, I am afraid Kwame is going to let the power go to his head and become a former King Fenty.

    @Ward 4 Action; you are right about the Council of the District of Columbia being dysfunctional. The DC citizenry is doomed.

    Takoma DC

  • DC Guy

    I know I could never vote for Josh Lopez, primarily for the way he conducted himself during the 2010 mayoral campaign and the immediate aftermath.

    With respect to Biddle, I intend to follow this race closely, but I do think he seems to be smart (and not elitist). I think it will be telling to see who actually gets the required signatures and how the ensuing debates and forums line up.

  • Ward 4 Lover

    I told Josh Lopez I would never vote for him either. But it is because of his lack of respect the small business that are currently operating in the tough economic conditions of Georgia Ave. Just because he did not shop at the beauty supply store and the McDonald's at Georgia and Peabody, doesn't mean neighborhood members don't either. He couldn't answer the common sense question of who shops there then? It stayed in business through this recent recession and at the very least deserves some respect in being able operate without politicians using a problem that exist with the community. Why not pick on a liquor store or Pawn shop? He has a serious disconnect and arrogance problem.

  • DC Voter

    If Biddle's primary interest is education then why didn't he stay on the school board? But then again, if you are a clone of Marshall Brown, you do what you are told to do.

  • WARD411

    To Bob Smith I do know Biddle...which is why I WON'T BE VOTING FOR HIM. His knowledge of education is slim, he knows nothing about anything our=t side of Shepard Park, what neighborhood have you ever seen him in? What meeting have you seen him in any community? What solutions has he come up with in ANY neighborhood that warrent him to being an AT-LARGE council member? THE ANSWER IS NONE AND NOTHING!
    Ward 4 has already experienced a coat-tail rider and we the residents got the short end of the stick!

  • me and i

    Well when I met him, Lopez really couldn't provide me with any information about his platform, and repeated that his campaign website was not yet up and running. He seemed unprepared to express much to those from whom he seeks support.

  • KappaNupe

    Josh Lopez conducted himself like a bully during the mayoral campaign. Watching Josh Lopez last September 2010 on ABC7 News, he was yelling and screaming at Vincent Gray and his supporters with a bull horn in front of 441 4th Street, NW outside of the Board of Elections.

    Such bad behavior is a turn off to me and I will not be voting for Josh Lopez. He displayed a lot of former King Fenty's characteristics and this is not a good thing.

    North Portal Estates
    Ward 4 DC Resident

  • Kathryn

    Josh Lopez is a man of little to no character. I am a landlord of a home and was renting a room to his girlfriend during the campaign. I rented the room and stated clearly in the lease that it was a "single occupancy room". Within one week of her arrival, Josh started sleeping over. None of my business, we're all adults, except for the fact that he showered at my home twice a day, left his clothes here, used my bath products, stayed over 7 (no exaggeration) nights a week, and came and went as he pleased. He never once acknowledged my presence, the homeowner, even when I said hello, which made me very uncomfortable. After 3 weeks, I approached him and told him this behavior was unacceptable and not allowed according to the lease. He began sneaking into my home while I was asleep and attempting to leave while I was showering in the morning. I then after two weeks approached him again and told him he could not LIVE at my house without a lease. His girlfriend (the type that wants to "sleep" to the top) told me that she could do as she pleased, I offered a two week time period for him to find somewhere to go. After two weeks I notified her that her lease had been violated for the last time and she needed to move out within 7 days, which was also in the lease. She entered my room at 12:30 am to intimidate me and berate me, I asked her calmly to exit my room 28 times (its all recorded) and then finally called the police while Josh Lopez sat in her room. Josh Lopez never once stopped staying at my house, never once acknowledged or attempted to pay utilities or rent, never once acted like a man of character. He is obnoxious, rude, and oh by the way, is unemployed and lives with his mother--hence the attempt to secretly live in my house. Please do NOT vote for him and endorse this fool.

  • Bob Smith

    It's interesting that there are people on the City Paper site (and from Ward 4) calling others "elitist." @Ward411, I've seen him in both Wards 7 and 8 assisting in bringing great schools east of the river. I've seen him out and about with the Jumpstart campaign.

    That being said, I totally agree that the process sucked and should have never happened, but everyone had to go through the same process and agreed to it prior to running. Either way it would have been an inside job; if Orange would have won it would have been because the DSC wanted him to win. Do I feel more comfortable that Biddle collected the most signatures, had the support of groups such as the Young Dems, many members of the Gertrude Stein club and a lot of educators.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Wow Kathryn, if your comment is true about this man, then he has little character. But on the other hand, how many politicians have character and work in the best interest of the voters, not the lobbyist?

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