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Could Vincent Orange Oversee Pepco?

Keep smiling, Vince. (Darrow Montgomery)

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m. – It appears that the initial list has shifted such that it's not obvious to which committees the incoming councilmember would be assigned: Each committee now has five members, with the exceptions of Parks and Recreation and Marion Barry's Aging and Community Affairs (which now has just three members, after Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells left it). Harry Thomas joined Housing and Workforce Development, Phil Mendelson joined Public Services and Consumer Affairs, and Bowser joined Public Works and Transportation.

So Orange could still join Public Services, but doesn't need to. He told Mike DeBonis it wouldn't be a problem anyway, since the Public Service Commission is the one that does the regulating...but the committee also oversees the Public Services Commission.

A couple weeks ago, David Alpert observed that the incoming at-large councilmember would sit on four rather important committees: Housing and Workforce Development, Public Works and Transportation, Economic Development, and Public Services and Consumer Affairs.

That last committee is the interesting one, at least as far as repeat candidate Vincent Orange is concerned.

Although it hardly seems likely, with the pace at which insurgent Sekou Biddle has been picking up endorsements, a spot on the Public Services committee would give Orange a vote on issues concerning Pepco, where he served as a vice president for government affairs (read: Lobbyist) from 2007 to 2010.

Which would seem like something of a conflict of interest, no?

  • http://greatergreaterwashington.org/ David Alpert

    Great point. And Public Works and Transportation has oversight over the way DDOT handles utility permits and fees for utilities, among other DDOT things, which also affects Pepco.

  • samantha

    Orange and Biddle both have baggage known as Conflict of Interest.

  • Wonder Woman

    @samantha - I could not have said it better myself! Where are the better options?

  • DC Guy

    What are Biddle's conflicts of interests? Oranges are obvious.


    Former Councilmember Vincent Orange is the better candidate among the job seekers for the at large council seat. Additionally, an accountant is now needed at the Council to help the blind mice there count the taxpayer's dollars that are becoming scarce.

  • http://www.watchoutmomshome.wordpress.com watchoutmomshome

    By virtue of his record of service, his education and his experience, Vincent Orange is the obvious choice for the at-large seat. No one in the race is better qualified to help us navigate through the current financial crisis. His work at PEPCO can only be an asset to the District given that he has access to contacts and relationships which he can leverage on behalf of the city, thereby providing support to consumers who are challenged to meet rising energy costs.

  • DC Respected Common People

    It is necessary that Vincent Orange, a real fiscal politician be our new At-Large Member to demonstrated the real role he should have earned in recognition of the imcompetent current Chairman of City Council that has already began to embarrass residents (Black, White, etc) city-wide.

    It's ashame that people vote based on their personal relationships for a person, while ignoring one's ability and due-diligence of getting the JOB DONE.

    If the union supports a person in DC, we must revisit them, because they do not represent the people who pay their salaries that have been riffed or terminated.

    May the truth set us free, so let's vote for Orange who is RIGHT for DC.


  • Boston

    Vincent Orange is the best candidate for the seat, especially at time when exeperienced candidates are difficult to find in DC. We need his fiscal leadership with all the changes on the Council.

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