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Democratic State Committee: We Have No H.Q.

Three times LL has written that the D.C. Democratic State Committee's headquarters is in the basement of Executive Director David Meadows's home.

That's apparently one time too many for Meadows, who never said boo the first two times LL wrote it, but now wants a correction to the latest mention (from Tuesday's LL Daily).

"The D.C. Democratic Party has no headquarters," Meadows wrote to LL. "I like most households in America have a home office." When LL didn't run a correction, he got a voicemail from Meadows adding: "Our lawyer is in Quebec for Christmas, but I could call him and ask him to speak to you guys' legal counsel."

Fair enough: If the Democratic Party says it has no headquarters, then as far as Washington City Paper is concerned, it has no headquarters. Which means its headquarters is not in Meadows' basement.

What is in Meadows' basement is the party's office. When the party sent out an official notice on how to qualify as a candidate to fill the vacant at-large seat, which address did it list as the location where potential candidates could pick up petitions, drop off signatures, and make challenges to other candidates' signatures? Meadows' basement.

So from here on out, LL won't call the basement the "headquarters." He'll call it the "office." Joyeux Noel!

  • Sally

    Does he have a certificate of occupancy to be running an office out of his house?

  • Rauschist

    I know you have not been Loose Lips for very long and your DC political bona fides are, to be charitable, thin gruel, but if I may offer a word of caution. David Meadows above anything else is a loyal, time tested, sworn, Rauschist. Tred lightly! You know not who, or where we are, but though we are few, we are everywhere!Meadows learned at the Master's side.

  • Anonymous

    Heil Rausch!


    Certificate of occupany permits are issued for commercial buildings in the District of Columbia and home occupancy permits are issued to home owners/renters, if applicable.