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Nickles Drags Wilmot Back to Court

Attorney General Peter Nickles is dragging beloved group home leader David Wilmot back to court to try and get his non-profit, Individual Development Inc., to pay more than $240k in fines for improperly operating its group homes for developmentally disabled residents.

Nickles filed a motion in Superior Court today asking that IDI pay the fines, plus interest and attorney fees, and be held in contempt of court for breaking a settlement agreement. The District and IDI settled last year after Nickles initially sued the company. Complaints about IDI's treatment of its clients have been around for years. (For more info on IDI and the huge salary it pays Wilmot, see here.)

Last Friday, you may recall, Nickles ordered Wilmot to pay him by 3 p.m. Wilmot didn't, and Nickles  put into motion a plan for the District to take six group homes away from IDI by February 23. IDI filed an appeal with Nickles, as per terms of the settlement agreement, today. But Nickles says the decision about whether IDI will keep its group homes is a separate issue from the fines.

"Under the settlement agreement ... they have to pay," he says.

Nickles hinted that IDI's officers may be trying to use their political influence to get out of paying the fines. Wilmot is one of the District's best-paid lobbyists, and is super politically connected. He's serving on Almost Mayor Vince Gray's transition team. Superlawyers Fred Cooke Jr. and A. Scott Bolden are also on IDI's board.

"They've gone underground," says Nickles. "I know from talking to people that they've tried politically to affect my decision, but that will not help them." Nickles declined to be more specific.

LL has a call into Wilmot's office and will update as needed. LL also reached out to Gray's spokeswoman for comment. Gray's spokeswoman Doxie McCoy says Gray has not talked with Wilmot about IDI.

Here's the motion:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Truth Hurts

    1) The AG should proofread pleadings before filing them;
    2) Gray's a fool for keeping Wilmot on his transition team;
    3) Brook Hedge is a smart, no nonsense judge who will correctly apply the law to the facts;
    4) Nickles is exercising poor judgment by publicly sliming adversaries; and
    5) Wilmot is a jerk.

  • Isn’t It Obvious

    @ Truth Hurts: I agree with you 100%.

  • drez

    Eye (heart) $0.05's.
    Proofread that! ;)

  • Ward4ever

    So, wilmot's company took advantage of disabled children and took money from DC taxpayers. Nickles is a jerk but he is doing the right thing in this case. Nickles and Wilmot desrve each other.

  • Hypocrite Much?

    @ Truth Hurts, Gray WILL keep Wilmont because they are friends and Lorraine Green backs him as well. These Sharon Pratt cronies are all aligned to each other. Well someone must be correct that Lorraine Green is the new Mayor of the District of Columbia because Vincent Gray is taking ALL of his marching orders from this woman and her own agency investigation proved that her judgement is faulty at best and criminal at the worst.

    We are going to wish we had retained Mayor Fenty when Lorraine Green and Sharon Pratt finished re-installing all of their old friends to run this government right back to the 90's.

  • dbrighthaupt

    @Truth Hurts - Can appreciate it quantitatively. If Nickles weren't so crunched for time, #4 may not be an issue.

  • David

    David Wilmont should be ashamed of himself. He would not want his family members treated the way he treats these poor people. I hope the universe gives Wilmont what he is dishing out.

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  • WARD411


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  • jwhite

    @Hypocrit Much you are right about "Sharon Pratt finished re-installing all of their old friends to run this government right back to the 90's." she left this city in a heap