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Republicans: Harry Thomas Jr. is a Dangerous Man

Does this look like a dangerous man to you? Well it does to the District's local Republican party.

The DCGOP continues to try and make things less pleasant for Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr., whose youth sports non-profit Team Thomas is under investigation for allegedly raising $200k during the last two years without a proper license. Yesterday, the GOP asked the city's Office of Campaign Finance to force Team Thomas to disclose its donors and its expenses.

Today the GOP submitted Form 3949a to the IRS, telling the feds they think Team Thomas broke federal tax laws. (Nobody likes a tax snitch, DCGOP!)

Thomas lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., said he hasn't seen the GOP's complaint but doesn't think there's much there there. Team Thomas has never held itself out to be a tax-exempt non-profit, according to Team Thomas's response to Attorney General Peter Nickles' first subpoena.  "The organization applied for the tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, the decision was made to discontinue the application process," the letter to Nickles' reads.

And "just because I raise money doesn't mean it's [taxable] income," says Cooke, who correctly notes that the GOP's complaint is politically motivated.

LL will leave the tax questions to the IRS. What's funny about the GOP's complaint is that on IRS Form 3949a there's a box that asks, "Do you consider the taxpayer dangerous?" And the GOP checked the box "Yes."

Now, a councilmember running a mysteriously financed nonprofit without disclosing any potential conflicts of interest is a lot of things, but dangerous isn't one of them. The proper word is "questionable."

LL asked DCGOP Executive Director Paul Craney what was up with the danger box. His reply: "He continues to mislead people on the subject of Team Thomas and that [endangers] our trust in our elected officials."

Only if you trusted them in the first place.

Here's the form:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Phil Perry

    Wait... DC has a Republican? Hmm... must be hiding deep in the bowels of upper northwest.

  • LOL

    Yeah cause if Thomas goes, a republican will represent ward 5. Get outta here with that mess.

  • Anothernative

    That's the reason this town is so largely democratic, the GOP is out of touch with everyday folk and really think they're dealing with children. The fact that you're willing to waste tax payer's money in an attempt to make this situation look like some dangerous criminal enterprize shows a lack of real leadership qualities and a vendictive nature, it's like a scorned woman trying to hurt your lover at any cost. Why don't you just take two pamperin and call it a night.

  • Wrack

    Harry "L" Thomas? I thought it was "S"...?

  • John

    Wrack: No, that's the white guy running against him. ;)

  • samantha

    Wake up DC , Paul Craney and Co. are the agents of Delay , Armey and Cheney . They cannot win in DC and the nation's capitol should not be used as a platform for the KKK . All Lincoln Republicans who were registered in DC have left the GOP - DCRC . What we see now are the Tea Party - Klan- Rent-a- N's who are against every right DC citizens are due .Craney and local GOP need to stop attacking real men , especially those of Color . DCRC epitomizes the very pro slavery segregationist who fought against the Party of Lincoln , voting rights , affirimative action , the New Deal and Social Security to name a few .Don't be folled . DCRC is is an enemy of the health and well being of the District of Columbia and all people of goodwill.

  • Wrack

    Nice one, John.

  • james

    Pleaze.... crooks sit on the council. DC is jacked up, always has been and always will be if you continue to vote for clowns. Control Board pleaze.....

  • James Williams


    Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

  • TheresaDudley,Teacher

    So, I am a stupid Black teacher from PG County,named Theresa Dudley, I love white racists from Dc and Pg so much. I went to Us District Court in support of one white PG cop named 'Richard Delabrer' of Laurel last month, he was arrested as part of the Jack and Leslie Johnson investigation of pay-to-play BS.
    So, Harry Thomas should know I am one of those closet republicans,born black wishing I was white cause of Negroes like you and Charlie Rangel.
    Watch them Black female fat obese preachers too from SE and them crackheads4jesus types on this blog.

  • PhillipMarlowe

    More on Theresa Dudley:

    "U.S. history teacher at Drew-Freeman Middle School -- he identified her as Theresa Dudley -- wrote six words on the board Tuesday, and told her students to define them.

    The list of words included: "bastard, S.O.B., wimp, wuss, sissy," and one that cannot be shared on a family website. Students were stunned."

    It is hard to tell if this pages' TheresaDudley is who she claims to be.
    The comments here are so over the top. I find it hard to believe she'd be a teacher.