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Marion Barry Gets a Little Less

Holiday shopping might not be what it used to be for Marion Barry—his District paycheck is slated to take a hit.

Since 2006, the Ward 8 councilmember has had a portion of his income pared away by the IRS. Now he's facing a wage garnishment connected to campaign materials he purchased in June 2008. The gear was sold to him by Lanham, Md.-based advertising company Charles G. Brown Inc. The mayor-for-life spent $9,352.92 on things like signs and lapel stickers, which the company is now trying to recover. (Barry wasn't immediately available for comment.)

Though Barry was sent a bill for the stuff in July 2008, he never responded, according to court papers. When it became apparent Barry wasn't going to pay up, the company sued him in a Maryland court in February 2009. Barry didn't show up at an Oct. 29, 2009, hearing regarding the case, and the company was awarded judgment.

Last month, the company's lawyer, John P. Lynch, filed a request with the civil division of D.C. Superior Court to slice the money directly from Barry's $125,583 annual D.C. Council salary, and it was granted. But so far, the District hasn't given his clients their cut. A response from the city is now past due, says Lynch. He finds that odd. "Usually, when I serve it [a garnishment] on city employees, they respond," he says.

That could be because the IRS is first in line. "It could get hung up if there are prior wage garnishments in place," says Lynch.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • DC dude

    What!!! Barry didn't use a DC-based LSDBE firm for these products?

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    Of course he didn't, but don't tell these DC niggas that. They's drink his piss if they could... even though he's done NOTHING for them... besides a fish sandwich and a free turkey.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    how many more times do we have to read about this? what a joke. shuffle on, marion. if you really cared about the city, and not your ego, you would have done so decades ago.

    what a cancer.

  • Sally

    Go figure - Barry goes to a Maryland company for business.

    Maybe that's the only company that didn't realize that when you do business with Barry, you demand your money up-front and before any services are rendered.

    Remember what Giant did with the Thanksgiving turkeys? No complete payment, no turkey. It's the only way you're going to do business with Barry and not get shafted.

    Which makes me wonder how on earth he can afford the legal services of lawyer-lobbyist Fred Cooke. Of course, a cynical person would wonder if Cooke isn't giving Barry freebies on his legal service in exchange for Barry's support on the numerous projects Cooke's clients would benefit from. If only we had a non-eunoch Inspector General and Campaign Finance Office.

  • Truth Hurts

    One city, baby.

    Trivia question: What CM walked the streets and knocked on doors with Harry Thomas when he ran for city council in '06?

  • Rake

    HA! One City indeed. Between Vince, Kwame, Thomas, and the ever-present Mr. Barry, DC voters will get what they deserve.

    If you see someone around Eastern Market with a don't blame me, I voted Fenty t-shirt, that's me.

  • TheresaDudley,Teacher

    That is how it is done, my union in PG backs me and fok like Marion Barry, the huckster of all huckstables.
    I only suck white folk piss like the cop Richard Delabrer, PG Cop arrested for corruption with Jack and Leslie Johnson last month.
    Richie, had four kids go through the French Immersion (PGCPS) program with my 2 kids and he and his wife ERI (she is Philipino but thniks she is white, like me, even though I am a black female)and I went to ccourt on his behalf and do not think he should go to jail. Blacks loves those cigarettes he brought back from No. Carolina and smoke around their kids with welfae checks...so what!
    So M Barry fudges on a deal to pay someone WTF.

  • imnotleavingdc

    No comment about the article -- but hope to the high heavens that poster "Theresa Dudley,Teacher" is not really a teacher! With her horrible spelling, atrocious grammar, and all-around ghetto-ness, God help her poor students!

  • Crackheads4Jesus


    Theresa Dudley is the same dude who rants about two fat black lady preachers at some church in SE. I suppose this Theresa Dudley person is just another manifestation of his severe mental illness.

  • TheresaDudley,Teacher

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  • PhillipMarlowe

    More on Theresa Dudley:

    "U.S. history teacher at Drew-Freeman Middle School -- he identified her as Theresa Dudley -- wrote six words on the board Tuesday, and told her students to define them.

    The list of words included: "bastard, S.O.B., wimp, wuss, sissy," and one that cannot be shared on a family website. Students were stunned."

    It is hard to tell if this pages' TheresaDudley is who she claims to be.
    The comments here are so over the top. I find it hard to believe she'd be a teacher.