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Loose Lips Daily: Lanier (Maybe) Stays Maybe Edition

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  • Has Kwame Brown Already Given Tommy Wells the Transportation Committee?
  • Good morning sweet readers! LL's dog loves snow. LL's wife, not so much. Conflict. News time:

    Lanier Kinda Maybe Will Stay: The Post reports that Almost Mayor Vince Gray has decided to keep Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Except he hasn't. Here's how the Posties put it: "Sources close to Mayor-elect Vincent C. Gray (D) say that he is likely to keep Lanier as chief. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Gray had not made an announcement, said that the mayor-elect could still change his mind." To boost its case, the Post quotes CM Phil Mendelson, who says that his reading of the "tea leaves" suggests she will stay. Sounds like a slam dunk! LL isn't sure why the city's paper of record decided to go deep on a Lanier piece when the best it has is anonymous sources who say Gray is leaning toward keeping Lanier, but hasn't made up his mind. In any event, LL doesn't think the Post is going out on much a limb, as Lanier seems to have a lot going for her. Why would Gray wanna ditch a police chief with an 80 percent approval rating? Especially after losing or ditching other popular agency heads like Linda Argo and Gabe Klein. The Post article also gives a nice shot in the arm to Ward 8 Dems President Jacque Patterson, who is running for the soon-to-be vacant at-large seat. Patterson is quoted praising Lanier and discussing crime levels, but he isn't mentioned as a political candidate. And while LL is on it, the Post also incorrectly reports that three teens were killed during the South Capitol shootings earlier this year. It was four, at least according to the, uh, Post. Of note: The Times reports that the crime rate is up during the last 30 days as compared to last year, a spike that runs counter to the decrease in crime the District's experienced this year.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Jobs Summit; Fenty on a Roll; Gabe Klein, Fare Thee Well...

    Don't Wear Jeans to a Job Interview: Gray got an earful from business and education leaders yesterday at his much ballyhooed jobs summit. The Post lists some of the obstacles to lowering D.C.'s depressingly high unemployment rate in some parts of the city: Bad schools, bad manners, expensive parking, high crime, more attractive suburbs, a tuition assistance program that provides incentives for students to leave the District, and caps on universities expansions. With more on that last one, Freeman Klopott writes that Gray is cautiously open to the idea of removing caps on uni growth. Meanwhile, Almost Council Chairman Kwame Brown tells Fox5 that "he's tired of hearing that D.C. residents can't read, write, add or subtract. He said the District is full of people who are qualified for jobs and have skills for those positions."

    Two in a Row?: Still Mayor Adrian Fenty, whose limited public appearances since losing the primary have included eating pancakes and riding a bike, is scheduled to be at Dunbar High School today to make another school modernization announcement. That's on the heels of yesterday's similar announcement at Cardozo Senior High. The Post's Mike DeBonis reports that Fenty was late, and they started the news conference without him. Afterwards, Fenty praised Gray's pick of Allen Lew as his city administrator. Klopott's take: "The school modernization announcements are the icing on the legacy Fenty has sought to shape in national media."

    Outgoing DDOT Director Gabe Klein gets an attaboy from the Post editorial board, who says he's the Michelle Rhee of transportation reform.  LL is telling you, in two months Klein is going to announce a grassroots advocacy group that's going to raise $1 billion to support likeminded politicians. The group's name: Bikesfirst. (And if you follow LL on Twitter, that joke will sound familiar.) Anyway, the Post thinks Klein's progressed too far for his work to be undone by his successor, and they tell cyclists that they need to exercise greater responsibility on the road and avoid killing people. In somewhat related news, Washcycle discusses "bike deserts."

    Big day on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt, CM Jim Graham is on, as are Peaceoholics co-founders Ron Moten and Jauhar Abraham. LL thinks a Moten reality show would be far more interesting than a Barry one.

    Homeless advocates sue city for closing Columbia Heights shelter.

    Adams Morgan Hotel resistance begins. LL is announcing now that he refuses to move. Too much work.

    CM Mary Cheh has bill that would empower city to go make polluters clean up.

    Quick: How much does $103k worth of meth weigh?

    "Group of residents" opposing Ward 4 Walmart.

    Council expected to keep cheap booze out of Georgetown for another five years.

    Gonna buy me a condo, never have to mow the la-aa-wn.

    Good news for LL's ride to the Wilson Building.

    Fenty and Gray: At Dunbar, 10 a.m.

    Council: CM Michael Brown has a roundtable on the District's workforce programs.

    • ScCali

      Can anyone track this down? My hope would be that this is just a nasty rumor. If there is any truth to
      this would someone close to Mr. Gray please let him know this would be a very bad idea? As I wrote in WP.

      SoCali wrote:
      Please tell me it is only a nasty rumor that Mr. Gray is bringing that completely incompetent, utter hack, Crystal Palmer back to head the Office of Motion Pictures and Television. Please Mr. Gray, you have not been paying attention here.

      This is a nascent economic development sector that is a natural for DC. It is only beginning to take root and flower as it recovers from the debacle that was Crystal Palmer 20+ year reign. Ms. Palmer always treated this job like her sinecure, more often then not phoning in her abysmal performance and in the process making DC a bad joke in the industry. That reputation is only beginning to change.

      You will be setting an economic engine that has the potential to bring ever increasing revenues into our economy (hotel taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, usage fees, etc.) back 20 years. This is not some backwater office anymore; the synergies with our information technology, academic, theater, and arts communities hold tremendous potential. Palmer is not an unknown here. She had this job for 20+ years and did NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING with it.

      This is not about providing Ms. Palmer a venue in which to flounce about as the grande poseur anymore. This is about nurturing an economic sector that has potentials to provide opportunities and jobs to our citizens across a broad socio-economic range.

      I urge others to join me in letting Mr. Gray know bringing Crystal Palmer back is a disasterously bad idea.

    • Hypocrite Much?

      This appointment has already occured; along with a slew of ex-Mayor Sharon Pratt's OLD staff members, courteosy or Gray's Transition Team Chair, Lorraine Green.

    • Wassup

      Bringing back Crystal Palmer is truly insane. What could Ms. Green be thinking, or smoking? I mean she even bored her intellectual featherweight hubby Harold Brazil to the point he sought his solace at tatoo parlors for gosh sakes. How much less "there" could possibly be "there".

      What possible reason could Mr. Gray have for wanting to cripple a whole industry?

    • Wassup

      Does Mr. Gray have an email address?

    • Truth Hurts

      Nikita will let us know when the Lanier deliberating is done.

    • TheresaDudley,Teacher

      We gots a white police chief and DC and PGC and I love it.I Theresa Dudley, teacher from PG Cee babee, supports the crooked white cop Richard Delabrer. He was arrested for corruption last month with Jack and Leslie Johnson (she put %90K in her bra) and the white cop all he did was escort, via PG Police Cruiser cars,illegal cigarettes and dope from North Carolina for the rich Indians who are still in jail...so what I still love the white cops and would never come to court for the Johnson's but I DID for the corrupt cop Richie Delabrer jsut casue he is white and I am black w 2 kids.

    • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

      Gabe Klein and Linda Argo weren't popular Agency Directors. Good riddance to them both!