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Slip of the Tongue?

In last week's column, LL mentioned that the second most interesting battle over committee chairmanships is Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' effort to supplant Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham as the infallible leader of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation.

Deciding between the two is Almost Council Chairman Kwame Brown, who has been mum so far on committee chairmanship picks.

But an eagle-eared tipster caught what might be a clue to Brown's leanings from last week's marathon legislative meeting. During the council's discussion on open meetings legislation, Brown said the following (or at least, this is what the tipster says Brown said; LL is having technical problems getting the council's video to load):

“…a perfect example is the Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, if, in fact, Councilmember Mendelson and Councilmember Wells were—we were at a meeting together at the Council of Governments and Councilmember Wells chaired the Committee on Public Works and the Department of Transportation, and he… we wanted to talk about a matter regarding public works, we are unable to have that conversation right after the meeting.”

Whoa, interesting hypothetical there, Kwame.

The tipster also noted that Brown called Graham a "champion of human services" earlier in the 300-hour long hearing. Wells is currently the chairman of the Committee on Human Services. Is Brown planning an even swap between Wells and Graham?

Stay tuned for more guessing based on random statements made by Kwame Brown!

Photo by Darrow Montgomery


    How does this works? Is Kwame the boss of the other DC Councilmembers? Former DC Council Chair knew how to govern the Council. Gray was ok, but Kwame will be horrible. I hate to say it, but Kwame Brown isn't that intelligent or articulate.

  • Sally

    Who know what's the worst thing about Kwame? It's the fact that he's going to run for mayor in 4 years and thinks he'd actually be a good mayor.

    Word on the street is that Kwame's car pooling these days because the repo man came to visit. I bet he can't wait until he gets that nice Navigator the Chairman gets to use. At least the repo man can't take that away from him.

  • LOL

    ROFLMAO!!!! Too mean Sally. LOL!!!!!

  • Janice

    Wells did a HORRIBLE job running the Committee on Human Services. He oversaw the construction of "New Beginnings," the juvenile detention cetner. That facility got built without a fence - delibereately! (They didno't want the juvenilel criminals to feel they were in jail, so no fence; they also called it a campus.)

    Now, Wells wants to run transportation? Puh-lease!

  • OnaJet

    whatever kwame decides in terms of committee chairs must be approved by the entire council, so if he doesnt have 7 votes, he aint gonna get what he wants.

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  • Wassup

    Alas, poor Kwame is merely the manifestation of his father's thwarted ambitions, a "peter principle" about to play itself out. He will simply be Vince Gray's doormat.
    Jim Graham should be in jail.

  • Christopher

    As a person living East of the River, moving Graham off the anything to do with Transportation city wide will be good.

    All he's done is looked out for his home Ward of 1, his neighboring ward of 2, and even Arlington, VA with his support of the DC Circulator to Rosslyn. But his LACK OF SUPPORT for the most transit dependent part of the city, Wards 7 & 8 to have any Circulator route has been a digrace.

    I don't know about Wells being good for the transportation issues citywide, but I know what Graham as done and I want him off of transportation issues, including the Metro Board, by any means necessary

  • Typical DC BS

    @Christopher: Great idea on a Circulator route thru Wards 7 & 8.

    Are there any useful Metrobus routes now?

  • http://google kizirk1

    ward 8 ward 8 ward 8 ward 8 don't forget ward 8 we need help. we are not asking you to give us a damn thing except a chance to show you what we can do. with cranes at st.e and at the bottom of the hill, and at atlantic street what does this do for us. we already know about janitorial-we want to get out the basement.

  • Crackheads4Jesus


    Any chnace you can do something for yourself without having to ask anyone to let you show them what you can do?


    Circulators receive funding from Neighborhood business development districts. Even if they were to come to Wards 7 and 8, what neighborhoods would get them?

  • Ward 6 Resident

    WARD4NDC, Sally, Wassup, and Janice: You all said it perfectly. Nothing I can add. Great job!!!

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    Just saw Kwame on the Fox5 news story following the Jobs summit. He sounds like he just found out the Emancipation Proclomation was signed yesterday. What a retard. A retard with fucked up credick...

  • Truth Hurts

    Check out the CM's in the photo behind Kwame.

  • TinyTim0101

    I think Kwame is great as a Councilmember At-Larger and I believe he will be a great Chairman of the Council. Further more, I will support him for Mayor!!!!

  • http://www.amamimus.com/solutions.html AMamimus (Real World) Solutions

    I'm glad I don't have to live in DC right now. This joker as Council Chairman? Every DC resident needs to figure out which diety/belief system works for them--post-haste. It's about to be on...

  • ThePriceIsRight

    I think Kwame is better and more responsive than Gray, Fenty, Williams, Barry, Pratt......Kwame is fresh and innovative!! New Ideas-New Faces-New Times!!