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Nickles Tells David Wilmot To Pay Up … NOW!

Attorney General Peter Nickles has sent a letter to beloved group-home leader David Wilmot demanding more than $240,000 in penalties (plus interest) for multiple violations of a settlement agreement between the city and the Wilmot-owned Individual Development Inc, which runs multiple group homes for the District's developmentally disabled. If Wilmot doesn't have a check hand-delivered to Nickles' office by 3 p.m. today, Nickles said he's going to take the group homes away from Wilmot.

A few weeks ago LL devoted a whole column to IDI's problems, which include allegations of treating both its disabled clients and its front-line employees rather poorly while Wilmot, who is also one of the District's best paid local lobbyists, makes off with a small fortune every year for apparently doing very little work. The column included the news that an independent monitor had found that IDI wasn't living up to its terms of a settlement with the city and owed the $240,000. IDI had until Dec. 2 to pay $240,089.60. It never paid. Now Nickles wants the money, plus 4 percent interest on the eight overdue days. (First math nerd to post what that comes to in the comments, wins.)

LL has a call into both Nickles and Wilmot, and will update as soon as he hears back from either one. Below is a copy of the letter Nickles sent today.

Of note: Almost Mayor Vince Gray, who has spent much of his career advocating for the developmentally disabled, has included Wilmot in his transition team. Gray spokeswoman Doxie McCoy says she believes Wilmot is part of Gray's economic development group. Wilmot is also a lobbyist for Wal-Mart, which just announced plans to expand into the District.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • bonnie

    Good for nickles doing his job, particularly in the face of a bigwig. Unfortunately the city does not have the gum-shun to withdraw the certification or asking the judge to hold wilmot in contempt of court. Does this kind of contempt lead to a few days in jail for wilmot? Let's hope so.

  • S.E.


  • Alan Suderman

    S.E. Sorry, should have mentioned that you need to show your work.

  • philip

    S.E. had way too much interest. There are several ways to calculate the amount, but the variations will amount to little difference. The easiest is assuming simple interest (1+.04x(8/365))*$240,089.60 = $240,300.09.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL, are you going to ask Gray if he thinks this is politically motivated?

  • ControlBored

    SE is right. $249693.18. Philip- I think it's per 8 day total, not per day for 8 days. So the formula would be $240,089.60*(1+.04) equals $249,693.18

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  • philip

    $249,693.18 is one year's worth of interest. If anyone thinks that is the correct answer, I feel sorry for them trying to understand their credit card interst statements.

  • Crazy

    Please keep the Nickels stories coming. It is a great reminder of why Fenty is no longer mayor.

  • ControlBored

    Philip- you're right. Subconsciously I assumed that Nickles would charge the man 4% for potentially being 8 days late, cause you know, Nickles aka DCheney aka Darth Vader, also moonlights as a loan shark.

  • S.E.

    "$249,693.18 is one year's worth of interest. If anyone thinks that is the correct answer, I feel sorry for them trying to understand their credit card interst statements".

    $241,089.60+4% interest for 8 days (per the letter)


    Sorry........I went to D.C. Public Schools

  • Political Observer

    Can you identify the troubled group homes or is that a violation of their privacy? If the homes are being mismanaged internally there are likely external issues impacting the residents and neighbors quality of life.