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  • Is Team Thomas Investigation Politically Motivated? Gray Says Yes, Sorta
  • Good morning sweet readers! Congratulations to City Paper's Michael Schaffer, who performed a near-perfect worm last night at the holiday party. Who knew the bossman could dance like that? News time:

    All of You Are Hired, Except Dawn?: LL heard from multiple reliable sources yesterday that Almost Mayor Vince Gray abruptly canned his long-time council chief of staff Dawn Slonneger around closin' time. Not true, says Gray spokeswoman Doxie McCoy, Slonneger is still working for Vince. LL's got a call into Dawn and will try and get this sorted out. Anywho, Gray announced yesterday that most of his council staff would be joining him in similar positions in the mayor's office. The Times has more on staffing, as well Gray defending the pace of his transition. "I don't think anybody is hanging in the wind," Gray said at a news conference yesterday in response to questions about whether Police Chief Cathy Lanier was sticking around. FYI: Schools boss Kaya Henderson was not named permanent chancellor yesterday, not that that means anything. TBD has something to say about his film and TV office pick, Crystal Palmer.

    AFTER THE JUMP: Parking Taxes; Fire Department Problems; New Beginnings at Walter Reed ...

    Park It Up Your ...: Mike DeBonis' column deals with the influence of the parking lobby, even after Leonard B. "Bud" Doggett's death. "What the National Rifle Association and the AARP is to federal Washington, the parking lobby has been to city hall ... Through his willingness to gather and judiciously wield the political clout of the parking lot operators, he created a third-rail issue every bit as nettlesome as Social Security reform. It's through a carrot-and-stick approach. The carrot: Since 1998, according to campaign finance records, the Doggetts and their companies have donated about $85,000 to city political candidates. That doesn't account for the tens of thousands more from other companies that have bundled contributions to many members of the council. The stick: In 2008, parking operators were among the prime financiers of a successful challenge to longtime council member Carol Schwartz (R-At Large). 'They've been very effective in convincing members of the council and others to not increase that tax,' said D.C. Council member Jim Graham, who has been one of the few to advocate for a hike in recent years." You'll remember that Gray mentioned a few weeks ago that he was considering raising parking taxes.

    Fire Department Problems: Fox5 has a deep throat source who is saying that the case of the firefighter on 3-year paid leave could open "a can of worms" that would implicate a lot of top fire department brass. Whether that's true or not, it's pretty pathetic that the city has been paying Natalie Overton $72,000 a year since May 2007 while investigating allegations that she was trying to get paid for performing CPR classes that were part of her normal duties. LL's going to out on a limb and predict that no one will be held accountable for that mess.

    Maryland's junior senator, Ben Cardin, wants to move the District's new juvie facility, New Beginnings, out of P.G. County and into Walter Reed. As WBJ's Michael Neibauer, points out, that's "probably not what the District, or Walter Reed's neighbors, had in mind when they pondered the transformational project on upper Georgia Avenue." Cardin tells the Post that he doesn't think his colleagues wanna consider his proposal, but he thought he'd put it out there anyway. CM Tommy Wells' money quote: "It sounds like politics. It doesn't sound practical. That said, I like Ben Cardin."

    Speaking of Wells, he takes a swipe at Graham, via Twitter of course. Meanwhile, homeless residency bill moving along.

    Petula Dvorak says cutting child-care subsidies for working moms is madness, offers no alternative on what to cut or what revenues to raise.

    Bad Cop, Worse Cop: Examiner's Harry Jaffe likes the potential he sees in the Gray-Allen Lew tag team. Gray, Jaffe predicts, will be the city's bureaucracy's nurturing mother figure, while Lew plays the stern father who demands results. Jaffe also has more on Lew.

    C'mon Post, no video of Gray hand-dancing with Jo-Ann Armao?

    Would you ever pay $897 per square foot? The World Bank would.

    How do developers up their chances of getting scare public assistance? Get the neighbors on board.

    • DCexpat

      Hee hee, "homeless residency"... Thanks for that.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Alan, What is the confusion about Ms. Slonneger, I told her to have to belongings removed from the building and she will arrive over the weekend to do just that. Exactly what did you expect Doxie McCoy to do, go against what I have instructed her to do in all areas, DENY, DENY, DENY until the bitter end.

      Again, I am Mayor (I Am Legend); DC voted for me and now I am making the moves necessary to yield as many city contracts for myself and my cronies as humanly possible. I have already begun by placing all of my OLD friends as Vince Gray's aids and to put one in control of who is hired in DC government is ingenius, if I do say so myself. As I told you on last night Alan, I run DC not Vince Gray. Since you did not understand my statement on last night, let me reiterate it here.

      Mayor-elect Gray's Chief of Staff, Dawn Slonneger has now been terminated and escorted from the building in tears; per instruction from me, Lorraine Green.

      I have never liked her closeness to Vince. So, for all of you who don't know it, you voted for me to be Mayor, Vince Gray works for ME

      You wonder whether or not your fears about me and my contract dealings were overblown, well let me let you know they are very well placed.

      Dawn has been with Mayor-elect Gray since Covenant House and if I can get him to thrown her out on her ear, and replace her with my girlfriend, then imagine what I can have him do to each of you.

      I don't like for anyone to have access to Vince that I cannot control and I couldn't control Dawn.

      Thanks DC for voting for me to be Mayor. Imagine, running for Mayor and never being on the ballot...let me tell you once again, whose BAD!!!

      By the way, all of those jobs that you Vince Gray supporters and volunteers think are coming your way, think again, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

    • theworst

      @ LG/Envy..... AKA Dawn Slonneger, you are only making matters worse for yourself. Posting as LG? Calling the news media trying to make a story out of nothing. Get a grip.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Thank you my cronies! You have jumped on this story as instructed, now keep'em coming. If we discredit anyone who defies me, and state that it is Dawn by saying she is the one posting this then we have won.

      Thank you again for justifing my actions, now go and get your cushy job assignments making six figures, as promised. Hell, if I, with my mere high school diploma can command and have oversight over Transition Team members with Doctoral degrees then you know that I am the Master of this entire DC Mayoral universe.

      Don't get yourself upset, this will blow over just like my dealing with the Lotter Contract has been forgotten.

      Now stop posting, aren't we supposed to be going to an extended lunch paid for by the our developer supporters.

    • Wassup

      Crystal Palmer? You have got to be kidding Vince!
      This vapid moron had this job for 23 years and did nothing with it. DC was a bad joke in Hollywood. Things have improved vastly over the last few years. Clearly you were not paying attention here.

      This woman was never qualified and only ever phoned in to her subordinates. She only ever got this gig and kept it because she was Harold Brazil's wife, a job she also clearly wasn't so good at given Harold's prepensity for stepping out.

      Crystal Palmer is the worst kind of careerist poseur. This is really bad news. The idea that you would even consider this is troubling. The fact that you would do it makes me question your sanity. This is like PG County appointing Leslie Johnson aduditor. Pkease Vince, rethink this. This is a big mistake.

    • Wassup

      I guess we really are taking 10 giants step backwards. If I had even suspected that something as stupid as bringing Crystal Palmer back was even possible I would never have supported Gray. She makes Neal Albert look competent and like a hard worker. Even Harold would rather live in the garage then go back to this hack.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      @ Wassup, what don't you understand. I, Lorraine Green, am appointing these people. She is my friend,and a great card player, that is all of the qualifications that she need. It doesn't matter that she is not qualified for the position. Look at me, all I have is a High School Diploma and I am running rough shod over learned individuals with Doctoral degrees. She may take us back some 20 years in her thinking but I am from the DC good ole days and so are all of my most recent appointment, we like it that way.

      It only matter that "we" are friends. I am making these appointments because I am the Transition Team Chair.

      Vince didn't consider anything. I am making these decisions; he is clueless about much that is happening inside the Transition Team. He didn't run his campaign, I did, and he is not running this Transition Team, I am. And I am still making a full salary at Amtrak, talk about multi-tasking and double-dipping.

      Stop telling Vince to rethink my decisions; he ONLY listens to me. I have isolated him from anyone who would give a different opinion than myself. I am running this show, either get used to it, get over it or get gone!

    • Wassup

      Well Katherine Bradley should know better!

      Its telling that Palmer is even available or would take a job in which she never rose to a level above being an embarassment in. 20+ years of a do nothing job, 3+ years off, then back to the same do nothing job. Except for the occasional trip to a tatoo parlor with Harold for some matital bonding sessions what has this lazy lay-about been doing?

      I mean she couldn't have expected the industry or the theater/film community to be happy to have her back could she? Even she could not possibly be that stupid. This woman lacked even a rudimentary understanding of what that office should be and should be doing. Add stupid and lazy to the mix and the result for her tenure make sense.

      I mean even if Miss Green wanted someone from the "good old days" Cora Masters would be a better choice. At least she has cajones and smarts. Any number of others come to mind. Crystal Palmer is simply a dim bulb.

    • ThomDC

      That is really too bad. That office had improved a whole lot as evidenced by the number and caliber of projects shooting here. This is really a step backwards for the theater and film communities. This is very troubling on a whole lot of levels.

    • Ruben Charles


      Was it you who told Mr. Gray to throw me under the bus?

      Be careful who you mess with, girlfriend.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Don't worry Ruben, I told you "we got you". You don't need to be a DC employee. Remember, I told you that I was going to get you all of those contracts as long as you stay connect to me, I got you!

      You have been with Brooks and myself long enough to know that we take care of our own. How do you think that we got you that $10,000.00 payout from Transition funds, and we let you keep $6,000.00, all we took was $4,000.00.

      Try to remember the plan, we funnel city contracts to you, you take the money and form a dummy company; you know how to do that. Tie the funds to your native country Guyanna, open up a overseas bank account, untraceable by Interpol and unable to be attached by the IRS.

    • Ruben Charles

      Yeah, you right. You did pay that 10k to my "Adagio" LLC rather than to me personally so those judgment creditors couldn't get it. For the record, though, that was my idea, but to your credit you went with it. Sorry for jumping you, sister.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Vince has just usurped my authority because of the pressure from this article, i.e., the sh!t storm that this story has generated. Alan, you are now personal non grata with me and the Transition Team.

      We have just "rehired" Dawn Slonneger however, she will be unavailable for comment until I give her permission to speak with the press and you will not be the press person that she speaks to.

      We will be reexamining the Transition Team Non-Disclosure Agreement because once we fire you, apparently, you do have the right to air all of our dirty laundry.

      We need a dirty laundry clause; I need to have legal work on that.


      ok, so gray says he didn't fire her; what do you think he is going to say? if gray would have said he did fire her to storm would have been unbelievable. this is called cleanup. it took almost 24 hours for the gray camp to assertain whether or not the chief of staff was fired, c'mon who yall kiddin. ms mccoy it took gray this long to talk to you for you to have something to say to the press? the story has legs and because it did the gray camp decided to cut them off by keeping slonneger under wraps and why did you need to speak with ms mccoy twice because she seemed uncertain of her first answer this morning. she had to verify with gray and then they had to get to slonneger and make sure she was ok to come back and say nothing to the press. the only thing is that you would have done better with getting the information through a foia request because it would not lie and it would have given you a paper trail of events in time.

      call peter nickles, he will get it for you.

      great communincations team.

    • Just Saying

      Hollinger is white. Out.

      Palmer is ???. In.

      Anybody keeping score of whites/out v. blacks/in?

      Does it roughly reflect the city's racial breakdown?

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      @ Just Saying; It is not about Black or White its about me getting all of my OLD girlfriends/boyfriends a job in DC Government and giving all those good government contracts to those connected to me. Please remember, I was a lobbyist at one point and I still know how to rangle, finagle and backdoor a deal in a minute; don't believe me, ask Emmanuel Bailey, Howard Brooks, and Vince Gray himself.

      Who do you think I wouild hire; they would have to be folk like me, my age group, my educational equal, my race, and my sex. The new Golden Girls of DC Government.

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Well Just Saying----you will like my selection for Deputy Mayor of Economic Development, Ms. Emily Durso.

      Emily Durso currently serves as the President of the Hotel Association of Washington D.C., an affiliation of 91 hotels in the District of Columbia. The Hotel Association is a public affairs organization supporting its members in the political arena and in all dealings with the District Government and other business organizations in the District. In addition the Association has a major Community Affairs agenda first and foremost by developing and supervising the first Charter High School in America devoted to the hospitality field. The Hospitality High School of Washington, a Charter school, has graduated 7th classes, most recently sending 97% of its senior class to college with significant scholarship assistance. In addition the Association participatesin a BackpackProgram for 800 first grade children in D.C. Public Schools and supports many groups such as the D.C. Central Kitchen, The Shaw Orange Hat Brigade and the Carlos Rosario School.
      The Hotel Association also plays a lead role in Labor Negotiations for its unionized hotels, in providing education training for hotel employees and serving as a link between job training programs in the District and its member hotels.

      Ms. Durso serves as a Trustee with the University of the District of Columbia and Chairs the External Affairs Committee. She is also on the Boards of: The Washington Urban League, COMCAST, and the Washington Convention and Tourism Corporation as well as the Hospitality High School.

      Prior to the Hotel Association Ms. Durso was the President of E.V. Housing Corporation, Vice President of Marketing for Techworld Trade Associates, Executive Assistant to the D.C. Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Assistant Director of the D.C. Office of Business and Economic Development and the first Director of the D.C. Committee to Promote Washington.

      Ms. Durso is a native Washingtonian attending Holy Trinity Grade School and High School and graduating from Georgetown University.

    • Just Saying

      Is she white or black?

    • Lorraine Green w/Envy

      Ms. Durso, appears, by all accounts to be Cuacasian. Will that suffice?

    • Spoke

      To the misinformed who are commenting about Crystal Palmer w/o the facts... 1) Ms. Palmer held the Director position in the Office of Motion Picture & TV Development before she even met Harold Brazil. 2) The Office of Motion Picture & TV Development was in it's true infancy and a non-entity when she became Director. It was Ms. Palmer who made it possible for this office to even exist and over the course of her tenure took the office from obscurity to being a prominent national player... Just look at the filmography on the Office of Motion Picture & TV Development's website during her years as Director where you will find hundreds of projects successfully filmed in the District. 3) With 20+ years of tv and film experience, Crystal Palmer surpasses Ms. Hollinger (who had zero tv and film experience 2 years ago) by leaps and bounds. And 4) To those making the disgusting, insensitive comments that I've read here, shame on you! Crystal Palmer is a true professional who has served her hometown with distinction.

    • b jacques

      Well stated "Spoke" and "Mrs. Goldwurm":
      "What is past is Prologue!" Why is experience in this western culture so threatning, In the orient and rest of world Elders are revered due to their accrued wisdom,judgement, and most importantly, accomplishments! American youth; " be silent thus listen and learn" this must be a key to Asians succeess? How hard is this? You learned from teachers thru your formative years,..but now you have all the answsers? c'mon.. you have to earn the right to "live large", but "not by any means necessary" By America's youth logc, Amb Richard Holbroke, Elliot Richardson, Dr. Ralph Bunch and yes Pres. Bill Clinton as qualified elders, were past their time and usefulness! because they are not your peer ages,.stupid!

    • Claire Wilson

      I think it's pretty obvious that Mz. Palmer was always just a way to help Harold pay the mortgage. Everybody knew that!