Loose Lips

Confirmed: Linda Argo Out at DCRA

The exodus continues. DCRA boss Linda Argo's letter of resignation has been accepted by Almost Mayor Vince Gray, according to a well-connected source. Stay tuned...

  • WardQueen

    Anybody know the fate of Fenty favorite, Gray pragmatist, power $#%% Chris Dyer? I hear rumors he is on the short list for the MPAA gig? Also, that Joe Salmonellanese may be forced out at HRC to make room for Dyer if Gray lets the city lose him.

    That MPAA gig would be sweet! Dyer could like hang with Lance Bass!

  • DC Voter

    Gray needs to move very carefully on Dyer. Still waters run deep and wide not to mention he has worked like a dog for his constituents. Gray might be smart to hold that one over.

  • kob

    When a new CEO is appointed at a company, he/she doesn't start the job by firing all the middle managers and losing the experience. So why does a new mayor feel the need to fire his managers? Exactly what will be improved?

  • Indeed


    What head of government doesn't make new appointments? Do you understand the difference between political appointees and career government workers? Or no?

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    Will Vincent Gray have the unshaven balls to get rid of that fucktard Natwar Ghandi?

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    How about Client-fucking Roque Gerald?

  • kob


    >What head of government doesn't make new appointments? Do you understand the difference between political appointees and career government workers? Or no?

    No, I didn't understand it. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Really?

    2nd Crakheads for Jesus

  • Just Saying

    Did Gray can any Blacks? Or only white folk?

  • concerned

    how many WERE black.

  • ControlBored

    Kob- Fenty did the same thing when he was appointed Mayor. The heads of departments rarely are the agency work-horse. Those tend to be the people who carry over from administration to administration. The heads have control, but the work really gets done because of the experienced workers who will most likely stay on. For example, Rhee high-tailed it and her second in command jumped right in. Even if this is temporary, most likely Henderson will remain on with whomever is selected as the next Chancellor.

  • ControlBored

    Concerned- great point. I don't understand why everyone has to make this a race issue. Maybe it's an age issue as Kaplan points out.

  • Gary Willis

    If Gray leaves DPW Director William Howland, he shows how little he knows about inefficient agency heads. Howland along with DOES Director were among the worst. Oh, yes, Howland is black, uhm, he may not get the boot.

    Only white folk get kicked out.

  • tiredofincompetence

    Not sad to see Argo go. I hope to God she takes CBO Masoero, fast as possible.

  • Clement “Klem” Stokes III

    I'm more than happy to see her go I use to work for her she does not know what she is doing in my view. It appears that Linda Argo was only an expert with just pleasing Mayor Fenty by any means whether it was wrong or right bottom line. Further it also appears with the many illegal termination of agency employees in my view Linda Argo was nothing but a big liability to the District Government regarding all the civil cases that she has created because of the many bad choices she has made.

    Several top officials she had working under her did not do a good job in my view who did not know anything about enforcement or had a regulatory back these people were great actors who were perpetrating a fraud to get a great salary at the expense of the tax payers.

  • Anothernative

    @Gary Willis, I was wondering when the stupidity was going to start on this one. If you race baiter's really took time to look, you would find that they're aren't but one or two black's that he could fire even if he wanted too, AF saw to that.