Loose Lips

And Then There Were Eight

Yesterday was the deadline for interested Democrats who want to be appointed temporarily to Almost Council Chairman Kwame Brown's at-large seat to submit 1,000 signatures to the Democratic State Committee. LL noted that 11 Dems picked up petition packets. Only eight bothered to submit signatures.

They are, drumroll please:

Sekou Biddle—Ward 4 State Board of Education member
Dorothy Douglas—Ward 7 State Board of Education member; lost council chairman race
Calvin Gurley—Failed candidate for Council chairman
Stanley (Stan) Mayes—DCDSC Ward 1 committee member
Vincent Orange—Former Ward 5 councilmember; lost council chairman race
Kelvin Robinson—Former  chief of staff to Anthony Williams; lost Ward 6 primary race
Stephen A. Slaughter—Ward 8 ANC commissioner
Saul Solorzano—Executive director, Central American Resources

Ward 8 Democrats president Jacque Patterson tells LL he's decided to focus on the general election and forgo the appointment process. Patterson seemed to be one of the stronger candidates who might have had a chance to beat possible front-runner Vincent Orange.

Says Patterson: "It's anybody's race. ... I'll see the person who makes it out of the preseason in the playoffs."

Next up: A Dec. 16 candidate forum.

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“It is anybody’s race.” “I’ll see the person who makes it out of the preseason in the playoffs.”

  • TheresaUglyDudley

    As a black teacher, I always vote for the white folk and I wish I was born white and marrieda white man too.SO tell me who is white here and they got my vote.My name is Theresa Dudley and I now lotta negroes like me id ad city of DC.

  • Huh?

    Can someone tell Jacque that to make the playoffs you have to play during the regular season.

    Why not be frank and honest - he did not get enough signatures to be a candidate.

    What kind of Councilmember would Jacque make when he can't follow the rules?

    The Kwame Brown puppet just lost his ropes.

  • pmt

    So is Kelvin Robinson the leading alternative to Orange then?

  • John


    Saul's non-profit (CARECEN)is the Central American Resource Center, not "Central American Resources." Please don't make this mistake in the future, for Saul's long time leadership in this institution has helped thousands of immigrants become productive members of our city.



  • Bob Smith

    Kelvin Robinson? It's like saying Edwards was the alternative to Clinton in the last election. I probably saw more Biddle supporters out there collecting signatures than any of these other candidates.

  • DC Dem

    The amount of people collecting signatures for you does not a front runner make (or even a runner up) necessarily. This nomination comes down to simply the DCDSC members and their vote on January 6th. Plus, to be fair, I saw roughly the same amount of people collecting signatures for Orange, Robinson, Biddle and Solarzano over the past month.

  • City Dude

    Vincent Orange all the way.....

  • PeoplesRepublicofDC

    Let's face it. There are 3 serious contenders here: Kelvin Robinson, Vincent Orange, and, ina distant third, Stan mayes.

    Kelvin did pretty well against Wells in Ward 6. Kelvin got inthe Ward 6 race too late. But he pulled ina 25% of the vote; that's good for a challenger who started very late.

    Vincent Orange is the mand to beat. He's onthe DC Democratic state Committee. The DC Dems is a clique of of boring people with way too much time on their hands. But they get to select the Kwame's immediate repalcement. Orange has probably secured the votes of a bunch of them.

    Finally, there is Stan Mayes. Truthfully, Stan isa distant third, but he is a contender.

    Here's my bet. It's goigng to be a close race between Kelvin and Orange. Too close to call.

  • Strings Attached

    The Kwame Brown puppet in this race isn't Patterson, it is Sekou Biddle.

  • Southeast Resident

    It is funny how LL is always lifting up Patterson. A clever line is all he can seem to deliver! Maybe Patterson can replace you LL. If you say, "yeah right." Then you have the answer to his chances of winning a open or filled seat on the Council. Not! He failed miserably before in running for Council and School Board. Who wants a retread when you can have an old savvy hand or a fresh new capable face? As to Biddle, the folks in Ward 4 need to be asked about him. I smell a Fenty clone! Pass! Frankly, with a term of about one hundred fifty days, the person who gets the job needs to hit the ground running and not waste time finding their way to the bathroom in the Wilson Building. Thus, Orange should be the hands down favorite for both appointment and also later in the election. Orange can say "been there, done that, and was pretty good." In other words, he has proven that he can do the job. The only problem is keeping the dog on the porch, instead of sniffing around for other higher jobs at the drop of a hat.