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COS Salaries, a Comparison

Update: Councilmember Phil Mendelson currently doesn't have a COS and CM David Catania's COS is out on leave. The chart LL posted is as of Dec 3.

When LL was looking into how bad the Washingtonian messed up D.C. public officials' salaries in its annual salary issues, he was sent an interesting spreadsheet of the salaries of D.C. Council employees.

LL was struck by the disparity between what councilmembers pay their chief of staffs. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans pays his chief of staff, Schanette Grant, $132,000 a year, while Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham pays his chief of staff, Calvin Woodland, only $85,277 a year.

Councilmembers are each given a set amount each year to spend on overall personnel costs. But how much they pay each employee is up to them. Anyway, here's the chart:

Grant,Schanette L CHIEF OF STAFF $132,000 Jack Evans
MEYERS,JON R CHIEF OF STAFF $104,194 Yvette Alexander
Holland,Joy CHIEF OF STAFF $94,061 Muriel Bowser
LEWIS,GRACE J CHIEF OF STAFF $93,256 Harry Thomas Jr.
Clements Smith,Joyce Ann CHIEF OF STAFF $90,000 Marion Barry
Woodland,Calvin CHIEF OF STAFF $85,277 Jim Graham
  • PPlainser

    In fairness isn't Jim Graham still paying for two chief of staff?

  • DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    It must be nice to get these type of salaries. PPlainser, are you talking about Ted Loza? Is he still on Miss Jim Graham's payroll?

  • Skipper

    Graham's always been known as the cheapest of Councilmembers. It's how he has so many people on staff.

  • Typical DC BS

    Wonder how much Marion Barry's COS has to kick back to him so he can keep living his Mack Daddy lifestyle while the IRS and DC take some of his net pay? Or is she expected to service him with her lips in lieu of kickback?

  • Ward One Resident

    Alan, can you look into whether or not Ted Loza is still getting paid? I believe he was getting somewhere in the 90K range when he got busted. It would be nice to know if he's still getting any/all of that.

  • WARD411


  • DC Architecture Buff

    What was that woman's name who was Gray's COS at first? Is she still around?

  • theworst

    Because Dawn is a worthless price of trash. She thinks she is the Chair instead of him. If he had any idea of all she's done she would be one of the first that he fires. She may be covenant house worthy but Office of the Mayor, me thinks NOT!

  • EP Sato

    Barry's chief of staff is a straight shooter. She's really serious about her job and isn't trying to hook up with the Councilmember. She's married!

    If you read into the stories, the women on Barry's staff were actually quite upset and opposed to Barry's paramour being added to the payroll. Say what you will about his scandals and shortfalls, Barry does at least have a solid staff.

  • drpolisci

    It simply amazes some of the crap peopel post. I have this theory that people post crap because identification is not required. Totally ignorant. The comment about Barry's mack daddy lifestyle siimply shows how ignorant some people came be. Also, referring to CM Graham as Miss is just stupid. We cannot have a decent conversation because we have to wade through the mcuk.

    theworst, please explain why Dawn is a piece of trash. I live in Ward 7 and have had contact with her from the time Gray was elected to council until now. I think she has served Chairman Gray well. Please enlighten me.

  • Mayflower

    EP Sato:

    Barry has to - he suffers from dementia, can barely complete a sentence, or remember what he just said!

  • Ward 6 Resident

    I thought Dawn has served the Chair and the people of DC in a pretty straight forward and competent manner. Unfortunately, I have heard these negative rants directed at Dawn over the past several years. Interestingly enough the rants were always from African American council employees and not from the general public. Enough said!

  • WDCPolitico

    What the heck are Schanette and Irma doing to command that type of money?? I've worked in the Wilson Building from both the govt and private sector positions and can tell you that those numbers shocked me. Charles Allen, Linda Boyd, J.R. Meyers and Joy Holland are the most effective for their members in their positions. Catania's CoS Benjamin Young is also very effective. Allen and Holland in particular are so integral to their council offices that if they're absent everything slows to a crawl and the ball is sometimes dropped.

    I don't remember what the council salaries are ($125 or $140k?), and I don't want to imply anything, but $127 & $132k ?!?!? Come on!!

  • theworst

    to answer your question about Dawn, there have been numerous time where she has decided that because SHE does not like a group, organization or person, that SHE will not even let the Chair know that he has been invited to something. Ward 7 residents excluded, there have been numberous issues in other wards that he has found out about not from the information sent to him but because someone has run into him and mentioned it. DAWN has gotten too big for her britches. She doesnt realize that a Council Chair or Mayor should be available to all citizens, not just the ones who kiss HER behind to get to him. Most people have learned to go around her when trying to reach him as Chair.

    Ward 6 Resident
    I too live in Ward 6 and no I dont work for the council but if they too are having the same problems reaching the Chair because of her then thats really saying something. I thought they all worked together (or at least they should). I am however, african american and if you are saying that for WHATEVER THE REASON, she simply can not work well with african americans, well then she really is in the wrong business. As I said before, this isn't covenant house, this is the big leagues and Dawn is like Fenty yelling at the top of her lungs "I GOT THE POWER!"

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  • Govt watch

    Calvin Woodland is the biggest idiot I have ever come across, and Jim Graham validates that by giving him the charity amount that he receives, which is actually more than he deserves. The true star in that office is Sedrick Muhammad, the only one in that office that "work on behalf of Ward 1"

  • people1st

    As a longtime Ward 1 resident, I regretfully agree, we hit rock bottom when Graham gave his b_ yf_ _ _ _d that job; I guess for Calvin it beats stripping for a living.

  • Lorraine Green

    Mayor-elect Gray's Chief of Staff, Dawn Slonneger has now been terminated and escorted from the building in tears; per instruction from me, Lorraine Green.

    I have never liked her closeness to Vince. So, for all of you who don't know it, you voted for me to be Mayor, Vince Gray works for ME

    You wonder whether or not your fears about me and my contract dealings were overblown, well let me let you know they are very well placed.

    Dawn has been with Mayor-elect Gray since Covenant House and if I can get him to thrown her out on her ear, and replace her with my girlfriend, then imagine what I can have him do to each of you.

    I don't like for anyone to have access to Vince that I cannot control and I couldn't control Dawn.

    Thanks DC for voting for me to be Mayor. Imagine, running for Mayor and never being on the ballot...let me tell you once again, whose BAD!!!

    By the way, all of those jobs that you Vince Gray supporters and volunteers think are coming your way, think again, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.