Loose Lips

Photo: Politics and Pancakes

IHOP, Irving Street NW, November 23


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    not an ounce of integrity among them.

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    Are the blue sweaters IHOP uniforms?

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    boo what joan said

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    After losing the primary election Former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, and after the immediate bankruptcy of the city following, two Councilmen replaced by a new control board find themselves forced to take jobs at iHop. Can they work together without killing each other?

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    Boy, Jim looks so sweet and Andre seems bewildered and poor Kwame is learning how to use a smartphone. Not much intelligence at this table that's worth a damn.

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    This picture is very telling. Graham is self-absorbed and yapping on about God knows what. Fenty has that blank, thoughtless gaze that the City has come to know so well, and Kwame, well Kwame, is playing brick breaker on his blackberry- the most productive he's been all year.

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    @ DCi: Cracked me up.

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    They don't know J.A.K (Jim, Adrian, and Kwame). If only the real Jack had joined in the fun....

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