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Democratic State Committee Cat Fight!

In LL's column this week, he quotes an anonymous D.C. Democratic State Committee member as saying: "There a lot of people on the state committee who see it as: you have to pay your dues ... It’s very much a closed, inside network."

For proof backing up that statement, let's look at a digital catfight brewing online between two members of the committee. (Why this matters: the 81-member DCDSC will be picking the city's next councilmember at the beginning of next year.)

It begins with Paige Wedderburn, a Ward 2 committee member, sending the DCDSC's private listserv this e-mail: "Why is it that I hear the chair wants nothing but Ward 5 people as the heads of the DCDSC? And why urge us to vote for Vince Orange?"

To which ex-officio member Barrie Daneker, who LL is assuming is a Ward 5 resident since he just lost an ANC race there, responds: "For a member who on a rare occasions attends meetings (albeit in hip pajamas) and hardly does anything for the DCDSC, you sure have taken a big liberty! I'll be sure to reach out to you if I'm having a slumber party!"

Wedderburn, obviously no shrinking violet, tells Daneker to "back off." "And yes I attend meeting in my pajamas. What of it? IS THERE A DRESS CODE I'm NOT AWARE OF? ... I've aways [sic] been an advocate of the truth and am not about to cover it up. That is just not fair and not what a representative of DC should be doing. ... And I'll be sure to reach out to you to remind you when you're voted the village idiot."

Yikes! Nobody said democracy was pretty, people.

  • American Rogue

    Paige Wedderburn - Stand your ground! Bump that lap-dog Daneker! You clearly have right...a duty actually.... to question anyone attempting to influence the democratic process. Please note that the DC citizenry has twice told "orange-juice-boy" to getta-steppin: 1st as a candidate for mayor as well as this last attempt. Don't vote for that haggard looking Alexander O'Neal double.

  • DC Voter

    I think DCDSC members should launch festive bannering campaigns for their candidates of choice. Folks could get together like at an old fashioned Quilting B and stitch together a program and a banner.

  • Skipper

    Bunch of myopic little twits.

  • DCCommish

    What LL should know is Ms. Wedderburn has put rumors out into the public domain in an attempt to discredit the Chair and this committee. What LL didn't point out was the officers of the committee are made up of a diverse group of members from across the wards (Chair- Ward 5, V. Chair- Ward 4, Rec. Sec. Ward 3, Corresponding Sec-Ward 5 and Treasurer-Ward 1) and committee chairs are even more diverse group!

    So right out of the gate, Ms. Wedderburn didn't bother to do her homework before publishing her dialogue. Instead of going to source, the Chair, who she accuses in her statement; she choose to introduce her speculation and hearsay as fact. It's completely inappropriate and factually wrong! Furthermore, I know for a fact, the Chair has not encouraged anyone on the executive committee (of which I am a member) to vote for Mr. Orange or any other candidate. How do I know? I attend those meetings, and I also flat out asked the Chair in a face to face conversation if she was endorsing anyone at this point! given Ms. Wedderburn statement if she was endorsing anyone at this point! The answer was a resounding no! So I have would put my money on the Chair vs. Ms. Wedderburn's hearsay (mind you without any source being quoted in her statement) and innuendos any day of the week.

    Being a member of the DCDSC who has spent many days and weeks working on DCDSC events and business; only missing one or two meetings of the DCDSC and its executive meeting in total; I question and call out members who are misinformed; who don't attend meetings and then introduce hearsay as fact. It's a failure to their office and the trust that voters have put into them. LL should get a hold of official "officer election" results and "roll call" records over the past two years, to get the facts that were stated.

    As LL will find out from his source inside the DCDSC, I don't back away from anything that is dishonest, disrespectful and inappropriate. It's the way I ride. I'm sure there will be more to come out of this too given both Wedderburn's efforts to discredit the chair and this committee over the past two years since they were elected.

    Love you LL and the work you do! Anytime you want the facts and truth I'm available.

  • DCitizen

    DCCommish- nice handle. Why don't you put out your contact info and we'll gladly give you a shout. I'm sure the logic behind using an anonymous handle but limiting the possibilities of who you can be is simply baffling. Forget whatever fight you're trying to pick with a girl in her pajamas, I'm more fascinated by your public display of transparent anonymity. Very intriguing.

  • DCCommish

    Oh I'm not fighting, just calling out a member who was out of line with her statement. As for my identity, I'm the subject of this article; seems every knows who the DCCommish is! Call me any time I'm listed! As for comment about a fight with a girl in her pajamas; she's a woman, an adult and a DCDSC memeber. I'm sure you are not suggesting something sexist! Are you saying because she is a woman, no man can call out a woman and DCDSC member on her bad behaviour? Let's not go there because that's surely not the point nor is it appropriate. We are all people on equal footing!

  • DCitizen

    I'm not privy to your listserv, but from the article, it seems that you drew first blood here. She seemed to have asked why the need to push a particular candidate and then you insult her about her attire. Classy indeed.

    You seem to be an abundantly self-importantly person, so I can only imagine the terror you inflict on those who digress from your line of thinking.

    Also, why don't you simply use your own name Commish if the purpose of your argument is to further promote yourself.

    Enjoy the fight with her though. She's seems to have you pegged accurately as the village idiot. Maybe you can add that to your resume Commish.

  • DCCommish


    You seem to have the wrong impression here! It was a very well plan attacked on her part. Ms. Wedderburn, the WARD 2 Rep, just voted in an election for officers a mere month ago at the DCDSC's October meeting. I would hope as a voting member representing WARD 2, you'd know who was running, who you voted for; who won and what ward those new officers are from. On top of that, her statement with its misinformation was another attempt to assassinate the Chair! If she really was asking a question, then she would have directed such a question to the chair directly instead of transmitting her diatribe into a public forum.

    Now think about that? Doesn't it seem odd to you? She is very aware LL has a source inside the DCDSC who feeds him the emails from the group? Please! Come on this is the type of politics some people choose.

    As for the comment about her hip pajamas...She in fact does were some hip PJ's! I'll be sure to take a picture of your the WARD 2 representative at the next meeting if she attends, so you can see for yourself how hip the are! She seems to know her PJ’s very well given the various ones she wears. So of course I would seek her advice if I were having a slumber party! Wouldn't you?

    As for my line of thinking...I believe it's wrong for someone to call out the leadership full knowing the information is wrong and doing it in order to push a personal agenda, a vendetta against the Chair and obviously a jab at Vincent Orange. It's not the right path to follow.

    It's not the first time the Wedderbrun clan has attempted to disgrace the Chair. It's just the not the right path to follow. We need to speak up against such actions and I do. It wasn't appropriate, it wasn't called for, it's wasn't the first time! Enough is Enough! Either be fair and equitable or go away.

  • DCitizen

    Jeez buddy, you're a little high strung... "another attempt to assassinate the Chair!"

    I think you're taking this a little too serious. But when the ninjas start showing up to the meetings, let us know. And hey, who's gonna refuse an offer of someone taking pics of a girl in her pajamas.

    By the by, which bell are you ringing today?

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  • Southeast Resident

    @DC Commish, nothing like a little drama to make things more interesting! Hey, other than Vicent Orange, can you let us in on the names of potentials who picked up their petitions for getting signatures? Also, how do the 86 members breakdown by Ward?

  • quid pro quo

    Okay so since when did asking a question like that become a tactic used to discredit someone? A question is a question. Also, who was the one responsible for creating that secret account that caused there to be an internal audit of the committee?

    There is NO attempt to assassinate the chair. People who get caught in their own lies assassinate themselves. A friend joked to me once that "If you're going to lie, at least write the lies down so you can remember next time."

  • dbrighthaupt

    "There a lot of people on the state committee who see it as: you have to pay your dues ... It’s very much a closed, inside network."

    Don't I know it.
    On the flip side: @DC Commish - I'm feelin' your post.

  • DCCommish

    @SE resident- a list of Candidates and members is on the DCDCS.org site and update often.
    @quid pro quo-You are very mistaken. Read my comments above and understand Ms. Wedderburn already knew the answers to the questions she was asking; therefore it was a jab and an attempt to attack the character of the chair! As for the convention account, that soooo old news! It was never secret, mistakes may have been made but there was no liability found by OCF, no malfeasance, etc. So let's move on!
    @dbrighthaupt--thanks! It's not so much dues; it's giving of your time and efforts towards issues and policies that the DNC supports and working for issues the DCDSC has taken up on behalf of the DC residents.