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Together We Stand With Vincent Orange, Divided, We Fall

Former Ward 5 Councilmember Vincent Orange is displeased with recent editorials in the Washington Post and Greater Greater Washington decrying the fact that the 81-member D.C. Democratic State Committee (It's actually an 82-member group, but one seat is currently vacant but Deborah Royster is currently both the national committeewoman and Ward 4 president) has the power to appoint a councilmember to replace Almost Chairman Kwame Brown.

Orange, who just ran against Brown and lost, is thought to be a frontrunner for the committee's pick. In an email to committee members, VO references the editorials and this blog post by Mike DeBonis, which wonders whether there's a cheaper way to hold a special election in which turnout is expected to be ridiculously low.

Read VO's email after the jump:

There is a movement to manipulate the DCDSC out of its power granted to us by the Home Rule Act. There is a desire to weaken the DCDSC by placing an Independent or Republican on the DC Council through the Special Election process. We must stay focus on the mission granted to us by the Home Rule Act. If this was a Republican At Large vacancy or Independent At-Large vacancy, there would not be an editorial entitled "Getting a leg up on D.C. Council". We cannot let the Washington Post or Greater Greater Washington divide the DCDSC or manipulate the intent of the Home Rule Act.

See below the latest twist on the election process. Remember, no one contacted the DCDSC for comment on trying to amend the Home Rule Act.

Together we stand with the Home Rule Act, divided, we fall.

Vincent Orange
DC Democratic National Committeeman

LL gives flair points for the last line, but in terms of style it's not VO's finest work.

  • Skipper

    Lame. Maybe the d-bag should first focus on removing all his old campaign signs from all the lightposts before he runs for another position.

  • candycane1

    My opinion: Appointing a person to the office gives an edge of being the incumbant. I'd rather have a special election, period. Turnout might be low, but the person in office would reflect the people's choice. In this case, the people already decided that they didn't want Vincent Orange. He then gets appointed to a council seat?

  • SuperS

    Whatever happens, it is a process that has been part of the Charter for years, so why all of a sudden do we want to change the charter? This is the one time that I agree with Vincent Orange.

  • ward411


  • DC Voter

    Now I am confused. After the DCDSC selects a temporary replacement to Kwame Brown's seat, then there is to be a special election either 114 days or 71 days sfter Brown steps down (depending on the status of Norton's legislation). If VO is selected by the DCDSC, he will only serve to the special election unless he runs in that election and is voted in by the voters.

    This will only be the third time this process has been used since Home Rule. The first was in 1978 when John Ray was selected to replace Marion Barry who had been elected Mayor. Ray was then elected in the special election to fill the remainder of Barry's term.

    The second time was in 1997 when Arrington Dixon was selected by the DCDSC to replace Linda Cropp who had been elected Council Chair. Republican David Catania defeated Dixon in the December 1997 special election and filled the remainder of Cropp's term.

    Kwame Brown's replacement will be the third time this will be used. Selection by the DCDSC is no guarentee the individual will be elected in the special election as Catania's election proved.

    Had Kwame Brown been either a Republican or Statehood/Green Party representative, then those parties would have selected a temporary successor until the special election.

    This whole thing is much to about nothing which has given life on a slow news day by both the WP and VO.

  • SuperS

    Thank you DCVoter

  • American Rogue

    Appointing orange to the seat would be tantamount to NEGATING the will of the citizenry!!!!!!!

  • WDCPolitico

    I think the real story is how does someone hold two seats on the DC Democratic State Committee simultaneously? Does holding two seats mean she gets two votes? How does that work?

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Vincent Orange appear to be an opportunist. I can't vote for this dude.

  • Anonymous, Too


    Is that just for At-Large or all vacated council seats?

    I vaguely remember JackPac Evans winning a special election after John Wilson gave up his Ward 2 seat when he became chair.

    Council Period 9 (1991-1992)
    John A. Wilson – Chairman
    John Ray (Chair Pro Tempore) – At-Large
    William P. Lightfoot – At-Large
    Linda W. Cropp– At-Large
    Hilda H.M. Mason – At Large
    Frank Smith, Jr. – Ward 1
    Jack Evans – Ward 2
    James E. Nathanson– Ward 3
    Charlene Drew Jarvis – Ward 4
    Harry Thomas, Sr. – Ward 5
    Harold Brazil – Ward 6
    H.R. Crawford – Ward 7
    Wilhelmina J. Rolark – Ward 8

  • DCNative

    This appointment by the State Committee is appropriate and should be maintained no matter what the WP thinks.

    However, I personally will advocate that my ward reprsentative votes for someone who doesn't want to run in the special election. Let's have a clear, equal base for all candidates coming forward for our voted.