Loose Lips

Photos: Vince Gray Can Dance!

Love Nightclub, November 2

  • Keith B.

    Nice. You should put a sad-fenty.jpg at the end of the animation though.

  • Adams Morgan


  • Dancin Machine

    Teach me how to Vincey, teach me, teach me how to Vincey!!!

  • downtown rez

    Is Kwame laughing with him, or at him?
    It's hard to tell, his eyes are closed the whole time.

  • Anothernative

    @downtown rez, Dancer's are confident extroverted people, some who don't fit that mode have a tendency to hate, why? only they can answer that. By the way, why is that?

  • downtown rez

    I coldn't say.
    See, I'm a laugher not a hater.
    If you do ever figure out why Kwame and Gray seem so... Disconnected, please let me know.
    I'm mildly curious. Not about why, mind you, but if whether you manage to figure it out.

  • AmandaBroadnax

    You have to watch the whole video to see how Vince Gray orders Kwame to dance,Kwame was happy to oblige. (at least that is my interpretation of the viewing.)

  • http://deleted etta

    It is quite obvious that you do not care for the Mayor elect. Give him the same respect that we gave Fenty when he first won. We gave him a chance until he showed us that he cared very little about the working class people and the poor in this city. Every day there is something negative in you column. This criticism is getting old already and the man is not even in office.

  • Anothernative

    IT'S apparent to me that Kwame isn't a dancer, what do you read into that? Does he hate Vince for showing him up or one better, maybe he's just unconfortable in that situation, either way who give's a sh*t but you and the rest of you stuck in twilight zone people.

  • Truth Hurts

    Take down these moving photos. I'm getting seasick.