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D.C. Suing Don Peebles

Updated, 6 p.m.

Still Mayor Adrian Fenty may be coasting to the finish line, but his attorney general sure isn’t. Today’s big news is that AG Peter Nickles has filed a lawsuit against super-developer and super Fenty-basher Don Peebles. Nickles is alleging that Peebles’ MLK Associates was trying to get the city to pay for $1.25 million worth of “improper charges,” including a fundraiser and political contributions.

According to the complaint, the city and MLK Associates began a 20-year lease in 1989 to rent about 60,000 square feet of office space at 2100 Martin Luther King Ave SE. The lease said the city would pay for a proportionate share of operating costs, and paid about $30k a month from 2000 to 2009.

The lease calls for MLK associates to tally up the actual operating costs at the end of each year and compare it to what they city has paid. If the city had paid too little, MLK Associates was due extra cash. If the city paid too much, then Peebles' firm is supposed to refund the city.

MLK Associates never said either way from 2000 to 2009 if the actual operating costs squared with what the city had paid, the complaint says.

Then in February of this year, MLK Associates presented the District with a balance sheet from 1992 to 2009, saying the city owed an extra $3 million in operating costs on top of what had already been paid. In March, an independent auditing company began pouring over MLK Associates’ books. Looking at 2007 through 2009, the auditors found $1.25 million in expenses that were “not supported.”

Here’s a list of some of those “not supported” expenses billed to the city, according to the complaint:

  • $500 for a fundraiser held at the Peebles-owned Bath Club in Miami on March 11, 2007. The complaint says some of the costs for the event included $1,050 for champagne and $1,060 in tips.
  • $5,000 donation to the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation.
  • $3,700 in political contributions, including $1,500 to Councilmember Michael A. Brown, $500 to Marion Barry, and $500 to Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. (According to campaign finance records, MLK Associates has also given to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham and Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. outside of the years the auditors looked at.)
  • Nearly $500,000 in excessive management fees.
  • $146,000 in business taxes that had “no connection" to any operation costs the city had agreed to pay.
  • $11,000 in accounting fees to prepare federal and state tax returns.
  • $2,700 in legal fees.
  • $84,000 in loan modification fees, loan commitment fees, mortgage renewal fees and appraisal fees.
  • $493,000 in cleaning and janitorial costs, which the complaint claims the lease says were all on MLK Associates to pay.
  • $10,000 in other fees, which include office supplies and mail service.

The complaint says MLK Associates knew damn well it was submitting improper costs to the District, and should be forced to pay back what it owes the city ($600,000), multiplied by three, plus fines and attorney fees.

A spokesman for Peebles promised a rebuttal statement a few hours ago. LL hasn’t gotten it yet, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll accuse Nickles of using his last few weeks in office to settle scores with Fenty's critics.

Peebles, you’ll recall, toyed with challenging Fenty and is clearly not a big fan of the still-mayor. During a speech in January of this year, when talking about Fenty’s attempt to boot Cora Masters Barry out of a city-funded tennis center, Peebles said this of Fenty: “Does he think he's gonna be mayor forever? One day his wife will be the former first lady. Then I realized he probably doesn't have much respect for her."

Yeah, that’s not a very nice thing to say.

Councilmember Thomas, another loud critic of Fenty, has also accused Nickles of playing politics. Nickles is currently investigating a Thomas nonprofit that’s been accused of being a city-funded slush fund.

But Nickles tells LL that Thomas and Peebles better come up with something stronger than the “weak” argument that he's out for political payback. His advice to Peebles: “If you can justify the kind of expenses we outline here, then fine, do it in court.”

Nickles went on to say that whenever he sues powerful interests, like slum lords, pay day lenders or banks, he’s always faces the same accusations.

“It seems that everything I do is political,” Nickles says. “Bullshit—the reason I sued them is they deserved to be sued.”

Plus, he added, Fenty didn't even know about the Peebles lawsuit.

Read the complaint here:

[scribd id=41917313 key=key-1dhdnbokt2pt6b7yht6s mode=list width=500]


The plot thickens. Peebles sent out a response late this afternoon that, as predicted, casts the lawsuit as a “political vendetta” on Nickles’ part.

“The Fenty administration will end on the same note of pettiness and retribution which has defined it throughout,” Peebles says in a statement. Zing!

More interesting is Peebles’ assertion that MLK Associates had reached a settlement with Department of Real Estate Services Director Robin Eve-Jasper on Monday, which Nickles invalidated before filing suit. Peebles also says that Nickles is attempting "to derail the Peebles Corporation's bid for the Stevens School.” The Fenty administration just yanked plans to turn the historic West End school into an apartment building.

Here's Peebles' full statement for your reading pleasure:

Today, I was disappointed to learn that the District of Columbia, directed by Peter Nickles, filed suit against 2100 Avenue Martin Luther King Associates, a partnership of which I am a part.  This lawsuit is without merit and the allegations made in it are false.  Sadly, this action represents another example of a continued pattern of abuse of power under this Attorney General.  It is no secret that I have been highly critical of this administration and for good reason. This retaliation does not surprise me; it has become the modus operandi of the Fenty administration over the past 4 years.  I know that this is a consequence of my criticism.  It is a price I am willing to pay in order to do my part in standing up to an administration that has repeatedly practiced intimidation.

Under normal circumstances, people sit down to work out this kind of disagreement.  For example, the District has owed 2100 Avenue Martin Luther King Associates between $216,000 and $326,000 since 2009 and we never demanded payment or even considered filing suit.  Going against the recommendation of the Department of Real Estate Services, Peter Nickles has taken the most confrontational path possible by retroactively invalidating a settled agreement the partnership made with Director Robin Eve-Jasper this past Monday and going straight to court.  Furthermore, he has issued an inflammatory press release in an attempt to further damage the reputation of our partnership and it’s owners.  This lease is a triple net lease and provides for the District to pay 100% of all operating expenses associated with the building operations, including reimbursement of the  Lessor for expenses including attorney's fees for the costs of collection of rent under the lease.

The building ownership has and will continue to make charitable contributions and political contributions to worthwhile candidates as is it sees fit.  None of these contributions have ever been charged to or paid by the District.  To suggest that we would knowingly attempt to charge the District for $3,700 in political contributions and $500 for a contribution for event expenses and risking a $30 million building is simply ridiculous.  The lawsuit is based on our unofficial internal documents that were requested by the city and handed over immediately, they were not reviewed by attorneys and our outside accountants and were never represented as an official bill.  Nothing was withheld from the District and there was no intent to deceive.  Most importantly, no demand for payment was made by the partnership. At best, this is a dishonest application of a false claims suit. At worst, it is a setup.

As a point of clarity and indication of Peter Nickles motivations; here is a short timeline:

  • 1987: the District signs letter of commitment regarding the lease of the building at triple net.
  • 1988: the District signs off on lease including Addendum H which indicates that the District will pay for waste removal and char/cleaning services.
  • 1997: the District audits the building and gives a clean bill of health.
  • May 17, 2010: we get a letter from DRES auditor saying overcharges to the District based on attached audit not done in accordance with GAAP. DRES gives us until June 7 to respond.
  • May 28, 2010: we respond and ask for a meeting.
  • We do not get a meeting for 5 months until Oct 25 despite repeated attempts. At this meeting our accountant is advised that the District is bringing suit and no need to talk.
  • On November 8, 2010, a follow up meeting takes place with the director, staff and city attorneys, we are told that we have only until the close of business to settle. We reach agreement.
  • November 8, 2010: Peter Nickles voids the settlement agreement.
  • November 9, 2010: Peter Nickles files a lawsuit.
  • November 10, 2010: Peter Nickles issues an inflammatory press statement.

This is not only an unjustified escalation, but is also a waste of District resources.  Based on these facts, Peter Nickles has demonstrated that he is using his government position to pursue a political vendetta. This lawsuit is an attempt to derail the Peebles Corporation's bid for the Stevens School, projects in the region and to embarrass me personally.  It is not an accident that Peter Nickles waited for nearly six months before allowing the Department of Real Estate Services to meet with us and file this frivolous law suit. He waited because he knew when it went to court and it was time to prove these allegations, he would be long gone.  Nickles has brought this suit within days of his departure from his job and the end of the Fenty Administration with the false sense of security that he will no longer be in office when it is time to prove these baseless allegations and suffer the consequences of his actions.  He will be held accountable.

It is sad that in the twilight of the Fenty administration, Peter Nickles is pursuing such a classic case of abuse of power and wasting tax dollars to settle a political vendetta. The Fenty administration will end on the same note of pettiness and retribution which has defined it throughout. Peter Nickles conduct in this matter will remind us of the legacy of Adrian Fenty when this suit fails in court. His legacy will be abuse of power, retribution, and political vendettas. A sad chapter is ending for the District of Columbia.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Stephon

    Hey Peter,
    You short, pot-bellied "little" man, go back to Virginia. Your boy lost. Get over it!! Oops I forgot, you never lived in DC.


  • hungrypug

    Stephon: Were you trying to call attention to the fact that Peebles' business, called "2100 Martin Luther King Associates Limited Partnership," is located in Coral Gables, FL? If so, then you've made excellent use of irony.

  • Truth Hurts

    Peebs' got lots of splaining to do. An arrogant jerk trying to "get paid" the old fashioned DC way. It'll be interesting to see how Mayor Gray handles this lawsuit against his buddy.

  • DCDem

    Mayor Gray will not "handle" the lawsuit. The next "Attorney General" will.

    If it has merits and it has already been filed no attorney worth their salt will withdraw it.

    By the Way TH, did you support the initiative to make the attorney general an "elected" official. Because, under that circumstance, it wouldn't matter WHAT the Mayor thought.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    TH- maybe he'll do it the same way Fenty did with his buddies and settle.

  • Anonymous, Too

    Payback's a bitch, Petey!! Just remember that when Peebles sues over the "pay-to-play" smackdown he got from Sinclair Skinner et al on the Stevens School, which is what this is really all about.

  • DCDem

    Anony: Stevens School deal is back on the market and Peebles is now back in the bidding game for that project too.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Stevens School deal is back on the market..."

    That's what the "big boys" would like everyone to think.

    "...and Peebles is now back in the bidding game for that project too."

    Yep... along with six others that were eliminated in round one, including Fenty Treasurer Ben Soto's sugar daddy, Toll Bros. Get the picture?

  • Anonymous, Too

    HEY LL!! Time to fix the clock on your site to match up with everyone else's EST.

  • downtown rez

    Because, under that circumstance, it wouldn't matter WHAT the Mayor thought.
    No, it would matter what the Mayor thought, what each of the councilmembers thought, and it would also matter what the general sense of public opinion was and, specifically, what the AG's donors thought.
    That's democracy for you.

  • tired

    Wow Nickels now that the Fenty Admin. is over you are running around suing people. Go retire and shut the hell up.

  • downtown rez

    If peebles and jemal were gay lovers, who would be on top?
    And would they name their first born Vince?

  • Truth Hurts

    DCDem: Yes, the next atty general will handle the suit and Gray will soon choose that person. So I think you understand my point of my comment: Peebles spent an enormous amount of money in support of Gray's campaign. They're also personal friends. So it will be interesting to see what happens given the dynamics. I make no prediction, but Peebles has already issued a statement claiming the suit is frivolous and was filed only because he was a high profile supporter of Gray over Fenty. If I'm Gray, I'm wishing Peebles hadn't issued such a strident statement. Like most cases, it'll likely be settled (Peebs already laid that groundwork in his release)and then Peebs will pull a Harry Thomas and claim he would've paid up earlier but didn't because Nickles demanded it.

    Re the elected AG question, long ago I said on this site I think it's a bad idea. I gave my reasons then and my view hasn't changed. But it doesn't matter at this point because the majority of voters want an elected AG. Twenty years from now, I suspect dueling law review articles will argue over whether it was a good or bad decision.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Peebles spent an enormous amount of money in support of Gray's campaign."

    Sez who???

    "...and was filed only because he was a high profile supporter of Gray over Fenty."

    Baloney! (See above.)
    This lawsuit is an attempt to derail the Peebles Corporation's bid for the Stevens School, projects in the region and to embarrass me personally.

    Give it up, TH; you're embarrassing yourself.

  • DB

    If Nickles files a truly baseless lawsuit, he risks his law license.

    If Peebles issues the usual denial & distraction press release, he risks nothing.

    I will not be surprized if the facts demonstrate exactly what was alleged, Peebles stands by "it was an accident," and the new admin. setlles for an apology instead of damages.

  • downtown rez

    This lawsuit is an attempt to derail the Peebles Corporation's bid for the Stevens School, projects in the region and to embarrass me (emphasis added) personally.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Peebles response is simply gangsta. I love this guy. Say what you all want about the man, but he offers valid rebuttals to every claim laid against him.

    Nickles is a fucking hypocrite- he settles with Karim so that the City will avoid a potential lawsuit and thus save the City a lot of money (us rational folks know better, he was covering asses for all involved, including himself), yet he's committed to battling a well-versed developer with deep pockets. Let's see how much DC bleeds out because of this petty action by Nickles/Fenty.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Anonymous Too: Sez who? Read DeBonis' article in today's WAPO. "Peebles helped bankroll an independent expenditure campaign aimed at ousting Fenty, spending nearly $100,000 ..."

    And you can read Peebles' statement, released yesterday and posted on this site, for Peebles' claim of political retribution.

    The record sez who.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "This lawsuit is an attempt to derail the Peebles Corporation's bid for the Stevens School, projects in the region and to embarrass me" (emphasis added) "personally."
    Interesting. --downtown rez

    Yes, DREZ, that was what Peebles said in his public statement issued yesterday. And he's absolutely right. Nickles better watch his bony a$$ and get out of town while he still has it.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "Peebles spent an enormous amount of money in support of Gray's campaign."

    I stand by my original assertion that your statement is long on hyperbole and short on reality. While "Peebles' bankrolled an independent expenditure campaign aimed at ousting Fenty," it was just that, independent. Gray just happened to benefit from it.

    And, by-the-bye, do you have any idea how much money Peebles raised for Obama's election? Apparently enough to make it really stupid for a punk like Fenty to let his creepy thugs Skinner and Karim try to shake Peebles down in a pay-to-play on the Stevens School deal.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Anonymous, Too- you know try to reason with Drez about Nickles/Fenty's shady tendencies will never yield us anything. The problem with his opinions is that the facts are often distractions to his reality. Soon enough, Nickles will be out tanning in NOVA while Fenty goes off and works for Rhee again.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Anonymous Too:

    The twisted logic you posit in the first paragraph of comment #20 is absurd.

    Personally bankrolling (to the tune of 100k) a campaign to oust Fenty (when the race is between Fenty and Peebles' close friend Gray) is materially different from spending an enormous amount of money in support Gray?

    That's a distinction without a difference. Particularly since much of that money was used for direct mailers urging folks to vote for Gray.

  • drez

    - Why is the Stevens parcel reopened at this time?
    - Is Asher Corson still working for Peebles?
    - Is Asher Corson still working for Kwame?
    - What did the $100,000 that Peebles spent "exploring" a campaign buy?
    - What became of that product?

  • Interested Resident

    Who is Asher Corson?

  • drez

    Google him.

  • Interested Resident

    Brilliant idea which is why I did that before asking the question. Just trying to determine his relevance to this discussion. I'll assume from your curt response that there is none.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Interested Resident- you must be new to the CP comment section. Drez and TH don't ever really argue the merits of the article when commenting. Instead, they use republican scare tactics to avoid facing reality. They will gladly add irrelevant points to a debate about Fenty or someone opposed to Fenty, and then expect the rest of the discussion to hover around those points than what's actually written. Great strategy in general, but for those of us who are used to it, it's simply pathetic.

    Drez and TH- Peebles did consider running himself, but to your point about where the money was spent and to what purpose, obviously it was to defeat Fenty. News for you fools- Mission Accomplished. So, enjoy the next few weeks while you can. Oh yeah, don't forget to read Fenty's exit guide. How's the house hunting in Montgomery County coming? Remember, Black-zilla is gaining fast...

  • drez

    Who are you that I should care about your assumptions?

  • Truth Hurts

    MBA: Your personal attacks are really getting old. I tried, really tried, but you apparently are unable/unwilling to pen civil comments directed at me or have respectful debates. You and noodlez, I should say.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    TH- did I hurt your feelings? Are you going to ask your boyfriend Drez to come and beat me up now... boo fucking hoo, ya little pansy.

    If you clowns ever argued about specific facts and relevant issues raised in the articles you are commenting on, then giddy-up, we have grounds to engage on a substanative level. Instead you tools choose to add in irrelevant information so that you can both avoid talking about the real shady behavior of your saviours.

    Peebles brings up very good points that none of you seem to care about:
    -Why did Nickles' office wait 6 months before bringing a suit against Peebles?
    -Why is Peebles the only one out of 29 other leases that have questionable items to have an actual lawsuit filed?
    -Why throw out an agreement that Nickles' staff was a part of negotiating?
    -Why issue a press release informing the public of it (a highly unprofessional thing to do)?

    I'm just shocked that you all can easily ignore these very basic concerns. Imagine if Peebles didn't have the resources he has and an average person was facing the wrath of Con men Nickles/Fenty. Scary fucking thought.

  • downtown rez

    Why the surprise? Haters hate.

  • downtown rez

    None of the "basic concerns" you raise have any sustance in that they are not responsive to the charges filed against Peebles.
    They amount to nothing but claims of unfair treatment and distraction.
    Really, the response, such as it is, is nothing but PR.

  • DCitizen

    Drez- And I so hate you bitches, haha. But seriously, why move forward with an action that could be mediated beforehand? Being an attorney you should know this. This is an action of last resort, not first strike. The city started the lease clean-up to save itself money, not to engage in a lawsuit that will not go anywhere. You yourself argued so vehemently in favor of the Banneker/Nickles settlement when in fact, there was more grounds to investigate that deal than this one.

    That substance you're speaking of isn't lacking on Peebles end, it's on Nickles. Let's wait and see what happens in court (if it ever gets to this).

  • DCitizen

    Fenty is done, so ABM and MBA is no longer necessary. I like this handle better.

  • noodlez

    @Truth Hurts-YOU ARE A TYPICAL WHITEY! YOUR LITTLE SNIDE BULLSHIT ("you apparently are unable/unwilling to pen civil comments directed at me or have respectful debates. You and noodlez.") IS SUPPOSED TO FLY UNDER THE RADAR BUT WHEN THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT IT IS A PROBLEM. "Your personal attacks are really getting old."





  • Anonymous, Too

    "@TH Why the surprise? Haters hate." --downtown rez

    "If downtown rez and Truth Hurts were gay lovers, who would be on top?
    And would they name their first born Adrian or maybe, Michelle?

  • drez

    LOL @ <Anonymous, Too!
    f downtown rez and Truth Hurts were gay lovers, who would be on top? And would they name their first born Adrian or maybe, Michelle?
    Do I really have to choose? I'd feel fortunate to be blessed with such twins!

    You yourself argued so vehemently in favor of the Banneker/Nickles settlement when in fact, there was more grounds to investigate that deal than this one
    The council did investigate this. Where are the results? (I feel like I've asked that question before...)

  • DCitizen

    Drez- let's see what the council could have done.

    DC CC- Please provide information to us.
    Karim- No
    DC CC- We will be forced to subpoena your records.
    Karim- I don't have any.
    DC CC- Well, we will be forced to bring in your entire staff and question them as well.
    Karim- I don't have any staff.
    DC CC- WTF.
    Karim- You don't know who I'm friends with?

    I dare you to actually go and look at these hearings:

    DC CC vs. Omar Karim
    DC CC vs. Sinclair Skinner (classic one I might add)
    DC CC vs. Rhee, Jannarone, Edmonds, Santos, Albert, any department head

    Yeah, so I can see how an investigation would really yield much, but thanks for your wonderful insight as always. It's not that they aren't willing to look deeper, it's just that they can't and the man who made it infinitely easier for them to get away with it, Peter Nickles.

    But, it's you team doing the avoiding, so I see why you wouldn't care.

  • downtown rez

    Are those actual transcripts?

  • Truth Hurts

    MBA, ABM, DCI, NLDZ, ATOO and SLEEPY are rabid Gray supporters. Read their comments. And say your prayers.

  • downtown rez

    It's cool, TH.
    Gray may aspire but he's not cut out to be an executive. He's already trying to roll back expectations and blame Fenty and the Feds for his past and future failures. That might have worked when he was part of the crowd, but he's the Mayor now. People will buy those excuses for about a year.
    Unless he gets a new game, taking down his bullshit will be a fucking walk in the park.

  • Truth Hurts

    About a year, huh. Is that when the IG's lottery investigation will be done?

    Btw, when do you predict Kwame "lunching with Vince" Brown will realize the Council never received the Banneker investigative report? Before or after March madness?

  • Anonymous, Too

    "MBA, ABM, DCI, NLDZ, ATOO and SLEEPY are rabid Gray supporters." -Truth Hurts

    While I can't speak for anyone else, neither can U, TH. As several folks on this board have pointed out, reality is not your strong suit.

    Beginning in early 2005, I happily worked my butt off for nearly two years as a volunteer (I had no need for, or any interest in, a job) to get Adrian elected. Later on when he fired Neil Richardson, let one of his minions falsely accuse Dorothy Brizill and have her handcuffed and jailed (what a manly guy), and repeatedly lied to numerous colleagues, the bloom was off the rose.

    The final straw for me came when Fenty and PG county resident Keith Lomax were caught "in flagrante delicto" driving around DC with Lomax at the wheel in Fenty's city-issued SUV in May 2009 and opening up Pandora's Box.

    After Fenty's initial "he is if I say so" bungle and subsequent "apology," the news came out that Lomax had also been awarded over $11+ million in city contracts as a DC business! [And for what, know one really knows. He must be an exceptional chauffeur.]

    It was further revealed that Lomax committed voter fraud in the 2008 DC Democratic Primary. (The BOEE finally purged him from the voter rolls in late spring 2010.) These facts and questions are on the record, but were never addressed nor answered by Fenty and Company.

    That's why I held my nose and voted for Vince Gray in the Demo Primary and again on election day. Frankly, you should be happy for Adrian--now he can relax and figure out who and what he wants to be when he grows up.

  • Truth Hurts

    Have it your way ATOO.

    Footnote to #40 -- ATOO is a "hold his/her nose Gray supporter", a Fenty hater, and a Peebles defender.

    The rest of the comment stands.

  • DCitizen

    Anonymous, Too- No need to explain to these two. Even though they are now dating each other, they need to communicate via CP blogs. It's ok, the world is well aware of their love affair.

    Every rational person in DC that has any vague awareness of DC politics hates Fenty. The reason on some level mirror what your first-hand experience exemplifies- Fenty changed as some point and his true nature revealed a person that many of us simply do not like. I was a hard-core Fenty supporter and even volunteered time and resources for his campaign last time around. Over the years I became a detractor because of what I was seeing that he was doing.
    I don't need to explain to anyone my hang-ups with a douche of his caliber, especially to those who are most unaffected by his horrendous behavior- Drez and TH. These bitches will never know what it is to really be a committed DC resident, cause they don't live in DC.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "These bitches will never know what it is to really be a committed DC resident, cause they don't live in DC."

    LOLOL... actually, DCitizen, downtown rez (or, more familiarly, DREZ, etc.) does live in DC and his two kids attend separate schools in the DCPS system, so he is committed to DC. His diehard stand on Fenty goes back many, many years--I suspect he's genuinely worried about his job and funding for his non-profit org. (where he has worked for 10-15 years) now that Fenty is leaving.

    On the other hand, I have no idea where "Truth Hurts" lives but he certainly comes across like a lot of the self-important, self-righteous gasbags and pompous asses living in the Wards (2,3,6) where Fenty won the primary.

    I've just been waiting since May 2009 for either of them (or any other Fenty Fanboy) to address the voter and contracting fraud perpetrated by Keith Lomax (don't worry--I'm not holding my breath).

  • DCitizen

    Annonymous, Too- I should have said "they don't live in the real DC"...

    These two are relatively immune to the atrocious decisions made by Fenty because these policies never had a direct impact on their lives. Defending hundreds of millions of dollars in shady contracts to frat buddies when tens of thousands of residents are living below the poverty line, unemployment is almost 30% in Ward 8, and valuable social service programs are cut because of budget constraints, simply translates to individuals who don't have the same vested interest in the City as the rest of us who have to live in this reality. So, they don't "live in the real DC", only in the one Fenty supporters believe exist where magic fairies made the budget crisis disappear, ship poor residents to PG, and prioritize parks over people.

  • American Rogue

    To the citizenry of the District of Columbia:

    It seems to me the funds provided to this city come, a least in large part, from the Federal Government. There is/are a Hotline number(s) which may be used to report suspected instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse” of Federal funds and/or property.” Do any of you know that/those number(s)? Liken the dynamic between the Federal Government and the City’s this way:
    DC you only have a much rope as I give you and by the way, the rope is mine too!

    Give no credence to the “findings” of AG Nickels. Call the Federal Hotline numbers to report Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Federal money and/ or property. The Feds will be compelled to respond. Prior to calling, have you facts in order. A personal attack such as fenty is a grinning-cheese- monkey will fall on deaf ears.

    You want to be treated like a citizen, then act like a citizen! The Preamble of our Constitution is a never ending call to action: “to form”; “establish;” “insure;” “provide;” “promote;” “secure;” “ordain;” “establish”. Acting like a citizen means you have to always be an active participant in your Government even if you are not an elected Government official!!!

    American Rogue