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Breaking: Nickles Suing Peebles Over False Claims

Breaking news this morning: Attorney General Peter Nickles is suing super-developer Don Peebles for allegedly trying to bill the city for $1.2 million in "improper charges," some of which included "political contributions and champagne and valet parking for a Miami fundraiser," the AG's office says in a statement.

The complaint says Peebles' MLK corporation, which owns and leases office space to the city at 2100 Martin Luther King Blvd, improperly billed the city for political donations, including donations made to Councilmembers Marion Barry, Michael A. Brown and Jack Evans.

LL will update in a bit, after he gets his morning round-up done. Worth remembering: Peebles nearly ran against Still Mayor/Nickles boss Adrian Fenty in the primary, so there's bound to be accusations that this whole thing has something to do with—gasp!—politics. Stay tuned!

  • Wrack

    LL, can you post a copy of the complaint??

  • Truth Hurts

    I second Wrack's request.

  • samantha

    It is time for the DOJ and Bar Counsel to launch a major investigation on Nichels/Fenty . Political Payback should be costly to this Mad Man! We all know the WAPO will carry their water and his anti-DC leadership rhetoric has been a part of the Tea Party / Boehnor Plan . Put Them all in a padded , rubber room at the WAPO and they can really get off in their vile behavior .Nickles should be indicted on Ethics charges and rot in DC Jail .

  • Nunya

    I remember Peebles contemplating a run for DC mayor and then going on to endorse Gray. Nickles' is pretty much Fenty's consigliere.

  • downtown rez

    I'm sure it was a simple accounting error, easily attributable to a low-level (unnamed) staffer.

  • American Rogue

    The rats are betraying each other to the apparent benefit of the District. LL, please detail the normal audit process of charges submitted to the DC Government for reimbursement. While this “Peebles matter” seems to be pay-back for a political slight (Peebles entertaining the idea of challenging the grinning cheese-monkey – fenty), I suspect DC Government as a whole is ill-equipped (poor internal controls) to monitor the invoices it receives.

  • American Rogue

    downtown rez:

    Are you anticipating the Peebles Corp.'s defense. If so, I fully agree. Of course, such an error now brings into question the company's internal controls for its invoices.

  • downtown rez

    Actually, I was mocking Gray's responses to his various gaffs.
    I have no crystal ball into the Peebles' camp.

  • American Rogue

    Downtown rez:

    You're right about that being the standard Gray response. I know a guy who was a poll-watcher for the Gray campaign during the primary. He was supposed to be paid but was not. After several unsuccessful attempts to obtain his money, he went to 7-on-your-side or something similar and that was the response he got. He did eventually receive his pay.

  • American Rogue

    Character, Leadership, Integrity....we'll see

  • Stephon

    Hey Peter,
    You short, pot-bellied "little" man, go back to Virginia. Your boy lost. Get over it!! Oops I forgot, you never lived in DC.


  • Keith B.

    I'm really really glad the Nickles era is almost over, but if he takes Peebles down on the way out, I'm not going to shed many tears either...

    If this drags out, I wonder what Gray's attorney's going to do about it.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Drez- we know how you're suck a stickler for accounting. Nothing gets pass you, you integrity animal. You've called out every one of Gray's snafu, even the ones that have nothing to do with him. Bravo sir, bravo.

    Thank God you were around during the Fenty Administration to make sure nothing like this ever happened, you sharp beast.

    By the way:
    $87 million to Banneker Ventures
    $12 million to Peacaholics
    $4 million to Liberty Engineering
    Firetruck donations, property give-aways to shady non-profits, tens of thousands to host frat party...

    Any of that great insight can help us here?

  • downtown rez

    Thanks for not forgetting about all those investigations that came up "no wrongdoing". Say, whatever happened to that parks and recs investigation? You know, the one started by Thomas and Gray early in the past campaign year?
    Weren't the results do out last spring?
    Really, nice try at getting me to grade Gray (or is it Peebles?) on the curve. Sorry, Drez don't play that.

  • downtown rez

    American Rogue
    We are seeing.
    It's the same old same old. Deflection and distraction.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Drez- you see the weird thing is that Nickles has no qualms digging his fangs into people who are so Anti-Fenty, but known Fenty supporters such as the ones awarded "no wrong-doing" contracts that you seem to also support, are never given the same treatment by Nickles. Rather, he settles with them to avoid the facts from ever coming up out. Well, while you're system of accounting doesn't indicate any wrong-doing, the City is facing a $175 million deficit... good accounting work buddy.

  • downtown rez

    In my view, the settlement saves DC money by avoiding suit which, given that the contracts were found to be legal, no doubt would cost the city much more. Naturally I think the Council is/was foolish for tampering with that. The political points they are trying to score will come at the expense of our taxdollars.
    Again, you can say whatever you want, but it is a fact that as of today there has not yet been one single council investigation that has found any wrongdoing associated with Fenty or those he hired or appointed. And leading up to the election the council sure did spend a lot of our tax dollars on a lot of wild goose chase investigations. I'd say they all came up empty, but that's not quite true. Our taxpayer funded investigations did manage to buy a lot of campaign year press.
    As to that "$175 million deficit", well, the Mayor proposes and the Council disposes. The council approves the budget. They could have whittled any of Fenty's proposed budgets down. They simply chose not to. They chose not to because that would have spelled political suicide for them.
    Now it's Vincent Gray's turn, MBA. I hope he enjoys the ride.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Drez- sadly, you're delusions are exactly why crooks like Karim, Skinner, and Fenty were allowed to thrive. While what was orchestrated might have been "legal", does not make it right. If Fenty really had faith in their ability, why not offer the contracts in a competetive bidding process. Routing them so that they could not be vetted by the proper channels is simply shady, regardless of Nickles "findings". Also, Nickles didn't save the City millions, he saved Fenty, himself, and others from being in jail. Only a moron of your caliber could justify this.

  • DCDem

    DR, you are in for a very long 4 years. You will be stuck on 2010 in 2013, still opining about a past that had long gone. Peebles is an 'out of towner' billionaire. I am sure he will find a way to muscle his way out of this situation as most billionairres do. If he's done something wrong, lets just hope not and leave it there. I'm not hopeful.

    I, unlike Fenty's pumas, do intend on holding Gray accountable for his missteps once he is inaugurated into office, continuing on through when he vacates the position. You guys would drink Fenty's used toilet water and swear that it was lemonade.

  • downtown rez

    I wasn't referring to Nickles investigations. I thought it went without saying that you didn't trust Nickles' take on this or any other matter.
    I was referring to Gray's- the council's- own investigations- many of them- that all turned up no wrongdoing. Except, of course, for the one that is still (and may forever be) ongoing.
    Cluetrain: They were all about election year posturing on the taxpayer's dime, as even "a moron of your caliber" should be able to in hindsight recognize.

    At the end of the day: No Wrongdoing.
    Have fun in the drivers seat. Just watch for the potholes now that there's fewer dollars to smooth the road, and mind your lane now that there are a bunch of other pissed-off drivers that you share it with.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Drez- the council can only get so much information from these idiots. It's not as if any of them were willing to confess to any back-room deals. And when the City's attorney is covering their asses for them, what can you expect, seriously.

    Do you, in all honestly, believe Skinner should have been awarded any of the contracts he received. Do you believe that Karim was really capable of doing hundred of millions of dollars of development work when his only background prior to this was failed small real estate acquisitions. Without Fenty, Skinner would have been a bankrupt, former laundry mat owner. Karim would have been a project manager for a small time construction company (if that). Instead, both are millionaires.

    I'm glad we're pushing the car back up the hill now, because the ravine was starting to smell.

  • downtown rez

    Excuses excuses. Either there is proof or there is not.
    And if as you say a confession was what was required to get proof, then why even bother to hold such a protracted investigation in the first place?
    Seriously, just accept the obvious-
    That the investigations were always about casting aspersions. Colby King pointed this out months ago.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Drez- you sir, is what we call here in the hood... a retard. Good day.

  • downtown rez

    I'll see your "good day" and wish you a great four years. I only hope they don't retard the progress of this great city.
    I'll be around to point out if and when they do.
    Good night, and good luck.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ DR and MBA: The back and forth between you guys on this thread cracked me up. Good night to you both.

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  • Wrack

    I just want a copy of the complaint.

  • Truth Hurts

    LL posted it. Scroll up on LL's blog.

  • American Rogue

    To the citizenry of the District of Columbia:

    It seems to me the funds provided to this city come, a least in large part, from the Federal Government. There is/are a Hotline number(s) which may be used to report suspected instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse” of Federal funds and/or property.” Do any of you know that/those number(s)? Liken the dynamic between the Federal Government and the City’s this way:
    DC you only have a much rope as I give you and by the way, the rope is mine too!

    Give no credence to the “findings” of AG Nickels. Call the Federal Hotline numbers to report Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Federal money and/ or property. The Feds will be compelled to respond. Prior to calling, have you facts in order. A personal attack such as fenty is a grinning-cheese- monkey will fall on deaf ears.

    You want to be treated like a citizen, then act like a citizen! The Preamble of our Constitution is a never ending call to action: “to form”; “establish;” “insure;” “provide;” “promote;” “secure;” “ordain;” “establish”. Acting like a citizen means you have to always be an active participant in your Government even if you are not an elected Government official!!!

    American Rogue