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Gray’s Transition Director is Also Low-Budget Movie Star

Almost Mayor Vince Gray's transition director Reuben Charles is kind of a mystery. He met Gray in May, and quickly became his top fundraiser, de facto campaign manager, and now directs the transition team.

But we still don't know what much about him. LL has reported on part of his past in the Midwest, which includes some unpaid debts, and his financial backing of a prison consulting firm.

Now we have a video (H/T to the Post) of Charles the movie star. The film is 12, a 2003 low-budget video that still exists on YouTube. Here's the plot summary on IMDB:

Best Friends since childhood, Jack, Steve and Larry found St. Louis an unlikely spot for the Pope's annual pilgrimage. Raised on the streets the three boys survived the harsh winters and harsher summers cheering their beloved Rams, Blus and Cards...they also dealt drugs. Jack's girlfriend now pregnant vows enough is enough and would not accept a drug dealer as father to her child... and Steve the ringleader has something very important to share with his lifetime cohorts...on this very special day...their lifes are about to change...forever.

Charles plays drug tycoon "Lowell Heschel." The film was directed by Lloyd A. Silverman. Back story from the Post:

Silverman gained acclaim as executive producer of 1999's "Snow Falling on Cedars," which was praised and nominated for an Oscar for its cinematography.

A few years later, Silverman was shooting a film in St. Louis, where Charles, a member of an art museum board at the time, was friendly with Silverman and his wife. Charles said he agreed to let Silverman shoot scenes in his office and he soon found himself in the film.

See the video clip after the jump:

Money line: "Everyman had his passions, religion's mine." Deep!

LL thinks Charles has got some good acting chops. What do you think?

  • downtown rez

    I think there may be a joke about life imitating art in here somewhere.

  • Brahmin

    This decision is the most critical first step of Chairman Gray (Mayor Elect Gray) will have to getting off on a good path.

  • hearmeloud

    this is the lowest LL and Fenty loyalists can get. This news story further adds to the the success of Reuben Charles. It shows that besides doing so much for the minorty communities in St Louis he is also a very good artist. A new face in DC politics comes as a fresh breeze. Vince should not succumb to this negative propoganda but beleive in this young black man who has so much to offer to his administration

  • etta

    Think it it terrible that people are attacking people they do not really know.If nothing was said about Skinner and the frat brothers stop attacking Mr. Gray's associates.After the stealing of the past 4 years Mayor Fenty and associates. Please give Gray a chance to prove himself as a good leader. We have had a cruel and nasty mayor that cared very little about the working class and poor residents of this city

  • downtown rez

    I, for one, appreciate confirmation that Mr Charles is a good actor. It reinforces my initial impression that he's a sociopathic con artist.
    Hey- anyone else amused by Nikita Stewart's lede: The more we get to know Reuben O. Charles II, the more we learn about him.. I mean, gee, Nikita, really? You think so?

  • Truth Hurts

    That's what Nikita does. Nothing intelligent.

  • noodlez