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Bonus! Easy $6k for Fenty Campaign Workers

LL wrote a month ago on a number of former campaign workers for Still Mayor Adrian Fenty getting city jobs just before Fenty ordered a hiring freeze to deal with the city's $175 million budget gap.

LL couldn't nail down whether the half-dozen or so Fenty faithful who were awarded $70k-a-year jobs for a couple of months of work in an administration that's cruising on autopilot until Jan. 2 would get separation pay.

Now comes the Washington Business Journal's Michael Neibauer, who got his delicate hands on a copy of the Fenty administration's "Transition Exit Information Packet."

The packet, prepared by D.C. Department of Human Resources Director Brender Gregory, appears to say that the newly employed Fenty campaign workers are eligible for four weeks of seperation pay.

Here's all the packet says about short-timers:

Excepted Service employees are eligible for separation pay upon separation. Separation pay will not be paid if an Excepted Service employee separates before December 17, 2010. Separation pay will be disbursed through a mailed check or direct deposit (whichever method is currently used to pay your salary). Your separation payment should be received within 3 to 6 weeks after the date of your separation.

Note: By law, separation pay for Excepted or Executive Service employees who have been employed by the District government for less than 1 year shall not exceed 4 weeks of the employees’ basic pay. Separation pay for other Excepted and Executive Service shall not exceed 12 weeks of the employees’ basic pay.

At $70,000-a-year salary, that comes to roughly a $6,000 parting gift. Which is a pretty nice payday after working only three months on the job.

LL has, of course, reached out to the Fenty administration to make sure there isn't some rule LL doesn't know about prohibiting separation pay for the short-timers and for comment on the appropriateness of the separation pay for favored campaign aides. LL will update as needed.

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  • xtreme_butler

    They don't make reporters like they used to! The point of this whole exercise is the severance...Take a stroll down to the JWB and see if any of these employees are actually at work. Or FOIA their time reports to see how much leave they have used....

  • whatever

    WHO CARES!!!

    At least many who worked so hard during the past years will get something from their effort.


    And they'll still end up paying more taxes than Vincent Gray cronies, or should I say, they'll pay taxes at all.

  • Wassup

    And if the city kicks in another $494,000.00 for "consulting" fees and the like they can put up some festive "Places from Which You Can See The Douglas Development Sign District" banners.

  • Bob Woodward

    I don't get it - what's the story here? So employees of an outgoing administration are getting a legal severance. Watergate its not. Maybe you should set your site on...the incoming administration?

  • Truth Hurts

    All the suspect Fenty recent hired combined don't approach the monetary value of tax dollars/judgments owed by Barry, Charles and other incoming cronies.

  • DCDem

    Truth Hurts, so you don't say anything wrong with this blatant misuse of public dollars? If this were Gray instead of Fenty, would it matter to you?

    Just asking?

    So many double standards here.

  • Indeed

    Fenty is perfect. He never does wrong. We will miss him so.

  • American Rogue

    Whatever, Truth Hurts, Bob Woodward et al:

    This act is just one more in a series of "eye-pokes" by the grinning cheese-monkey – fenty – to the residents of this city. His unsuccessful re-election bid was not due to the DC citizenry NOT wanting “change” as much as he claims he does (recall his statements on Bill Maher’s show). The citizenry realizes the poor state of the school system in the nation’s capitol. DC residents also fully realize the various other deficiencies of the District of Columbia. The grinning cheese monkey was, IN FACT, elected to address these issues. DC residents objected to his “Lording over them.” DC residents also found his corrupt practices to be seriously out-of-sync with the “change” they expected. The comments by both journalist and bloggers expressing their collective dismay at the rationale of DC voters was more than slightly tinged with “racist high-handiness.” Their comments completely looked askance to the mayor’s conduct. I submit no people would tolerate such treatment. I rush to assure you the mayor-elect will be monitored with the same level of intensity for the DC electorate is really serious about improving this city so it fully lives up to the banner: Capitol of a Nation! The outcry resulting from the mayor-elect’s failure to: attend the funeral of fallen police officer Paul Dittamo, his highly suspect transition team members, and lame placating Council Resolution efforts (Officer Dittamo) are the first shots over the bow! “Straighten-up and fly right” mayor-elect or you too will find yourself will ample free time.

  • American Rogue

    will find yourself with ample free time

  • hymesb


    Another truly weak gossip column.

    What is the deal with kicking dead horses?

    Turn your focus to the incoming administration. Or, go get a real job. One where you produce something of value.

  • SEis4ME

    @Truth, of course you would say that and I would expect your online bosom buddy to cosign your crap.

    Why on earth would you compare the personal debt owed by Charles and Barry (who isn't even relevant as an attack) to the city paying Fentiers salary plus a severance to serve us over the next two months? Nevermind. I know why.

    You Fenty Puma's are obsessed, irrational, and unconcerned about anything in DC other than, well, yourself.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    SEis4ME- this is typical of Fentites. Instead of arguing about the specifics of this particular issue, they raise something totally unrelated and avoid the issue altogether. Gray got criticized for trying to save the City money by utilizing private funding sources for his transition, yet when Fenty blantantly scams the City out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the final months of his administration, no problems with it.

    To all the idiots who claim that this is a valid form of severance for DC Gov employees, well, they technically shouldn't have been even employed, if Fenty had followed his own damn hiring freeze rule.

  • http://deleted etta

    He fired teachers and gave them extra 31 days of health insurance. They found out 3 weeks before school started that they didn,t have jobs. All major systems had hired most of the teachers that they needed.Fenty is a real gem a limestone.

  • ward4 gets new council member

    no one seemded to mention that one of the workers is Ron Moten's son....don't any of you care maybe you would of you didn't have a job and have been trying to get a job by you couldn't and then you hear even though there is a hiring freeze....Fenty's people stilll get a job, WOW...and you wonder why DC is not and will not become a state.

  • missing the point

    The Golden Fleece Award!

    We have no money, folks.

    Thank you for this report.

  • deeceevoice

    Substitute "Marion Barry" for "Fenty," and many of the folks who've rushed to downplay this story or discount its import altogether would be hysterically slobbering/foaming at the mouth, shouting for, at the very least, a city council investigation.

    This situation is outrageous. The Fenty gravy train for frat bwois, homies and lackeys just keeps rolling right along....

    He -- and Rhee -- can't leave town soon enough.

  • David

    I wish the feds would go ahead and indict Fenty and his cronies. As soon as he is indicted, a lot of his blind supporters will see him for the crooked, unethical person he is.

  • American Rogue

    To the citizenry of the District of Columbia:

    It seems to me the funds provided to this city come, a least in large part, from the Federal Government. There is/are a Hotline number(s) which may be used to report suspected instances of Fraud, Waste and Abuse” of Federal funds and/or property.” Do any of you know that/those number(s)? Liken the dynamic between the Federal Government and the City’s this way:
    DC you only have a much rope as I give you and by the way, the rope is mine too!

    Give no credence to the “findings” of AG Nickels. Call the Federal Hotline numbers to report Fraud, Waste and Abuse of Federal money and/ or property. The Feds will be compelled to respond. Prior to calling, have you facts in order. A personal attack such as fenty is a grinning-cheese- monkey will fall on deaf ears.

    You want to be treated like a citizen, then act like a citizen! The Preamble of our Constitution is a never ending call to action: “to form”; “establish;” “insure;” “provide;” “promote;” “secure;” “ordain;” “establish”. Acting like a citizen means you have to always be an active participant in your Government even if you are not an elected Government official!!!

    American Rogue