Loose Lips

Ready, Set, Go!

Ever watch channel 13 and think, "Hey, I could do that."

Now is your chance. The Democratic State Committee has just released its criteria for individuals interested in being the committee's pick to replace Almost Chairman Kwame Brown. Under their rules, you:

1. MUST have legally resided in the District of Columbia for one (1) year preceding the scheduled appointment.

2. MUST be registered as a Democrat with the DC Office of the Board of Elections and Ethics by January 5, 2010.

3. MUST circulate and return nominating petitions with a minimum of 1000 valid signatures of registered democrats in the District of Columbia, including at least 100 per Ward and no less than 27 signatures of current DCDSC members.

4. Nominating petitions MUST be accompanied by a Statement of Qualifications and a Biographical Sketch (150 words or less each) as prescribed by the DCDSC.

5. Interested candidates MUST complete a “Declaration of Candidacy” Form at the time of filing their petitions.

The signatures and 150-word bio have to be in by Dec. 6. A candidate forum is scheduled for Dec. 16, and the committee will vote on Jan. 6.

  • t

    Please advise as to the time and date of the candidate forum.

    I plan to be there. Should be great!

  • NU78

    Why does D.C.'s ridiculous law REQUIRE that Brown's replacement be a Democrat? At-large councilmembers are supposed to represent the whole city, not just Democrats.

  • Truth Hurts

    Reuben Charles is ineligible.

  • John

    @NU7B: Because he is a Democrat. If he was a Rep they would pick, same w/Statehood Green. It isn't just DC, this is common across the country...the party picks the temp replacement, if there isn't an immediate election. The other common method is for the executive to appoint a temporary replacement.


    I will not be voting or supporting Vincent Orange and Ray Clark if they both decide to run for the At-Large D.C. Council seat.

  • Sally

    Shouldn't Vincent Orange take down his tons of campaign signs BEFORE he decides to run for another office.