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Another Fenty Campaign Worker Gets City Job Despite Hiring Freeze

Uh-oh! LL has found another former campaign worker for Still Mayor Adrian Fenty's failed re-election bid  who just landed a city job—despite a hiring freeze.

LL's already spilled ink (and bytes) on former Fenty campaign aides who got jobs working for the District just before Fenty ordered a freeze in promotions and hirings to deal with city's crummy financial situation. Some of them, LL, noted were associates of failed dry cleaner Sinclair Skinner, Fenty's best bud who is at the heart of the council's investigation into alleged cronyism.

The previously mentioned campaign aides/new city employees started the jobs right before the hiring freeze (though not before everyone knew how bad the city's finances are). But Pamela Whiting, who campaign records show worked on Fenty's campaign for months, was hired Oct. 26, payroll records show. The hiring freeze went into effect Oct. 4. If you don't have your calendar handy, that means she was hired three weeks after the freeze.

According to a source, Whiting's salary is $40,000 a year (which is considerably less than what some other Fenty aides are now making in their short-lived city jobs) and her title is "clerical assistant." Whiting works in the mayoral bullpen. When LL called for comment, her reply was, "I'm not answering any questions."

LL also sent an e-mail to Fenty's spokeswoman trying to get an explanation about why Whiting was hired after the hiring freeze and will update as needed.

It's worth noting that the hiring freeze is not absolute and allows City Administrator Neil Albert to sign off on exceptions. Maybe there's a solid case to be made that the mayor's office really needed a new clerical assistant, but LL kinda doubts that. Fenty's been pretty much phoning it in lately, at least as far as his (practically non-existent) public schedule is concerned. LL doesn't begrudge Fenty for coasting, but sheesh, quit adding to the payroll!

And one more thing: Whiting's Facebook page (or at least, LL is pretty sure it's her page) shows that she recently changed her profile picture to a "Write Fenty In" sign, and added Sinclair Skinner as one of her friends.


    Alan Suderman, please continue to go after all politicians that have corrupt administrations. I voted for Vincent Gray, but if he does wrong, please expose him too.

    Gary Declan is too blind to see, King Fenty is not a God and he too is corrupt like many politicians in the Democratic and Republican parties.

  • Person in DC

    Seriously? Going after a clerical assistant? Really?

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    Alan, I'm sure Gary wouldn't be so defensive if you were writing about Gray.

  • http://none Tom Tomas

    Gary does not understand the District Personnel Manual requirements. Fenty and some of his department heads have gotten off light thus far.

  • Green is Gone

    Thank you, Alan. Soon to be ex-Mayor Fenty has taken DC for a ride and we all want to get off. That's exactly why he lost - twice, in fact. Sore loser = no dignity or respect for our great city.

  • DCDem

    A clerical (staff) assistant in the District Government is considered by the personnel manual to be a Career Service position that means it is required to be competitive, not appointed, thereby avoiding competition.

    It is part and parcel for Fenty and his supporters to continue to ignore both the law and the process in place that strives to guarantee that the citizens are getting the most quialified candidate for the job.

    The transition team needs to weed these folks out and kick them to the curb. They were placed illegally.

  • downtown rez

    I doubt there are any career service people working in the bullpen.

  • wi fan

    Please review the people already within the Gray Administration:

    1. Marc Barnes.. owes the city over $800,000 in taxes
    (maybe some jobs could be paid/created with that money)

    2. Ruben Charles- $250,000 in taxes in St Louis with liens on his personal and business accounts.

    3. Fraternity Brother Herbert Miller- downtown developer.

    And you are worrying about a clerical administrator.

    4. Mayor Fenty did not endorse the write in.. merely stated that he would not tell people who to vote for.
    A reason we are all proud to be Americans, we have that right.
    Therefore, he is not a sore loser.

  • Brahmin

    I am more worried about what Fenty is doing to the city property plant and equipment prior to leaving office. I have notice properties the city owned in the last few weeks move to private ownership.

  • downtown rez

    Which addresses, Brahmin?
    (by the way, I hear Fenty folks are removing all the "V" and "G" keys from desktops and blackberry's assigned to the Wilson building!)

  • uurrghhh

    Tom Tomas, you should wake up and realize that one clerical assistant is nothing compared to all the expenses Gray is going to get into. The WIlson Building is getting ready to turn into a Castle. Goodbye to cubicles and welcome the leather chairs. I heard Gray already has security detail....a lot of our tax money is going to pay for Gray's entourage, cars, fancy desks...and his time is going to go on dinners, appearances, events...You thought Fenty was a king? You haven't seen anything yet.

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    wi fan- Barnes isn't a part of Gray's administration nor will he ever be. As for Charles, I'm holding my breathe here.

    Brahmin- From what I've heard, Fenty isn't very active or even present down at the Wilson building anymore. I'm certain he's not orchestrating a brillant scheme to privatize City properties- all of them require public diposition hearings if title is to be transferred (almost impossible for even Fenty/Nickles to get around).

    Drez- pretty damn funny.

  • wi fan

    Me-Bent.. no Barnes isn't.. but having a party at Love, while it would seem pretty "transparent" that there were donations ... while owing the city $$ is pretty low.

    I think the next problem is going to be the FOP vs Gray
    action.. and whether he is already dissing them .

  • Me-Bent Adrian

    wi fan- Fenty's been to Barnes' places as well, so it cuts both ways. Barnes is a shady club owner and a soon to be bankrupt one as well. I highly doubt that he'll ever be appointed into anyone's administration.

    He didn't diss the FOP but not showing up for a funeral. I think it's stupid regardless, but I highly doubt the FOP will all of sudden go on a 4 year warpath with Gray over this. Just a hunch.

  • hymesb

    Bullshit Alan,

    You are a hammer that sees nails everywhere.
    This article does not expose a waist of money. And, you don't even claim that it does. What you are trying to do is make it look as if people are breaking rules.

    It places a spotlight on a clerical assistant. Someone that does not deserve the glaring spotlight you thrust her in. Last time I checked, organisation often need a little extra clerical assistence during major transitions.

    My good man, please show some restraint with that pin/keyboard. DC is a small town and you are mighty loose with your charater assasinations.

  • Person in DC

    No seriously... No one sees a problem with attacking a simple clerical assistant as some sort of horrible political favor? This woman needs a job just like everyone else, and my bet is she's a government employee by training. Getting up in arms about paying a fair wage to an employee that no one has any proof is a bad employee seems nuts. If you're that worried about the DC budget start fighting for better efficiency throughout the district.

  • ward411


  • Really?

    "No seriously… No one sees a problem with attacking a simple clerical assistant as some sort of horrible political favor? This woman needs a job just like everyone else, and my bet is she’s a government employee by training.Getting up in arms about paying a fair wage to an employee that no one has any proof is a bad employee seems nuts. If you’re that worried about the DC budget start fighting for better efficiency throughout the district."

    Ummm...ok so we should feel sorry about her and not maybe those folks over there at CFSA, DCPS, DHCD, etc...

    Please! ABM said it best "It cuts both ways"

  • American Rogue

    That grinning cheese-monkey fenty has given the DC citizenry the “what-for” at least one more time. Has anyone else noticed that Wards 3 and 4 have three dates for leaf collection and the rest of the city has only two dates (review the pamphlet mailed to residents)???? That baldheaded troll rat bastard!!!!!

  • American Rogue

    Gary Declan - get stuffed!!!!!

  • Everyone is related or are they/

    Is Pamela Whiting any kin to Cherita Whiting?

  • Person in DC

    "Ummm…ok so we should feel sorry about her and not maybe those folks over there at CFSA, DCPS, DHCD, etc…

    Please! ABM said it best “It cuts both ways”"

    When did I say feel sorry for her? I said leave the poor woman alone. She probably does her job just as well as anyone else. You're mad that someone got a job through networking. Welcome to the world. Like I said before, if you were really concerned about the DC budget you would be more concerned with programs that actually make a noticeable dent in the budget. This is just people complaining for the sake of complaining. And the poor woman has to take the beating from a bunch of self-righteous jackasses. I have no problem with Gray OR Fenty hiring people. People could use the jobs right now.

  • Anothernative

    I agree with DCDem, the DPM states the position of the city on issues concerning employee's, along with city negotiated contract's, without them people could do whatever they wanted too, but in the Mayors view they don't mean squat, so why have laws or processes let's just party, you feel me.

  • Five To Go

    Fire every lazy slick @ss associate of the current Fake-@ss-Lost-the-Primary-General Election, but will not go away Mayor Adrian Fenty! You lost sucker so hit the bricks! Pleezee Go Away!