Loose Lips

Photos: Gray Wins!

Love Nightclub, November 2


    I voted for Vincent Gray, but he looks scary in this picture. He look like one of the undead in the AMC new series, "The Walking Dead". LOL LOL

  • dcdem

    Congratulations to Mayor-elect Gray. He has his work cut out for him. We are facing a 400 million dollar deficit in FY12 and we now have a Republican controlled House of Representatives who will more than likely try and micro-manage local affairs.

  • SEis4ME

    @Ward, I would imagine that was the purpose in using these particular stills of Gray.

    Seems unbelievable to think that these were the best of the night.

  • Keith B.

    It's part of The Plan~!

  • Truth Hurts

    Is he hand dancing in those photos? I'm guessing that would explain them.

  • truxton

    Doesn't Love and/or the owner owe the city a ton of money in back taxes? Think we'll ever see it?

  • Dancing as fast as I can

    Where was Eleanor? Get your inaugural outfit ready people, we're gonna paaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty! Bring your records and stereo-system to the house basement...it is gonna be a throw-down like no other. I gotta fry the chicken and make the tato-salad. Look here, who's gonna to the liquor store? Shake your groove thing...baby.

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  • candycane1

    Folks he was dancing. He also danced with Eleanor. The dancing was about all of one or two minutes that he was addressing the crowd. Shame on WCP. There were too many other shots that could have been printed. If this is the best that WCP could have printed, they need another photographer. The party goers got better shots than this even with him dancing.

  • Interested DC Resident

    I was just wondering. Before the election the now Mayor Elect and the Ward 5 Councilman were pushing all of these accusations about contracts that were supposed to be published in a final report a few weeks after the primary. Now that we are months away and after the general are we finally going to see the report showing that they were wrong and get a formal apology or are we going to see still spineless lies?

    Secondly, how can Thomas now attack Fenty when he still has yet to produce the documents he claimed he would produce prior to the election and why hasn't he produced them yet?

  • TS

    Kwame won the dance-off, hands down - so to speak.

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Interested: That's just the way DC rolls, dawg. Get used to it.