Loose Lips

Welcome, Republican Overlords

LL had the honor of telling Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton that his Twitter account was telling him the House had officially flipped and was now in the control of the GOP.

"Surprise, surprise," she said.

But relax, Norton said, all is not lost.

"I have absolutely no reason to believe that this is an automatic swing against everything the District is trying to do," she said, noting that there's always the Senate or President Obama's veto pen to block the GOP's worst instincts towards the District.

As they say in France, on verra.

  • JennynDC

    Jason Chaffetz wins. This is going to be interesting.

  • Southeast Resident

    I think that the DC Statehood/Green Party should become the DC Statehood/Tea Party. That way an army from across the country and not just DC can march up to the Hill and protest against Chaffetz about don't tread on me, limited Federal government, state's rights, and keeping his nose out of DC affairs. I bet that will scare the shit out of him to stay off of our backs. Those Republicans do fear the Tea Party. That Wacko Sarah Palin could not resist the moment to keep her ass in the spotlight. She could even bring in Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle to help her out since they both need a new gig.

  • Mr. Bigglesworth

    Back to the good ol' (boy) days, when the likes of Tom Delay (now FINALLY on trial for money laundering) would fuck with the District whenever possible ... such as when he used Congressional authority to prevent the official tabulation of a medical marijuana ballot "poll" in 1998. Though he claimed it was a waste of taxpayers' money, this censorship was actually more expensive than if they votes had just been tallied.

    P.S. Was anyone else inspired by the Pelosi & Co.'s awesome work to listen to Modest Mouse's "How to Make Nothing out of Something" ...?