Loose Lips

Voting In The District: Boring

I barely voted today. I waited until I was driving by my polling place, saw an empty spot, and decided what the hell I should just vote. It was 6:57 p.m. There was little to no line. But after voting for a few of the usual suspects, I decided to start writing in people. No, not Fenty for Mayor. (But, um, Bryan Weaver, you still got my vote).

Just to make things interesting, I kept at it.

Uh, Loose Lips: I hope you win that ANC race in my single member district!

  • downtown rez

    Can we start a CP commentator pool on how many votes (in actual numbers and as a percentage of elligable voters) that each candidate gets? :)

  • BHill

    Jason, where in the hell have you been??? We miss you, big time!!!

  • Truth Hurts

    @ Drez: That'd be an interesting challenge were it any other election. But having already watched Rand "civil rights laws shouldn't extend to private businesses" Paul and Marco "tea time" Rubio give victory speeches tonight(and it's still early), I think we'd be better off stockpiling survival gear.

    A nauseating turn back the clock wave is sweeping the country, and DC's dust ups seem trivial in comparison.

  • downtown rez

    Yeah. Times will be hard in this country.
    To paraphrase a great and lately departed American, we'll need ask not what our country can do for us.

  • dcdem

    I actually believe that there is a healthy balance in the country now. My beloved Democrats cannot posture as if they are royalty and must make an earnest effort to work WITH the feisty GOP and the GOP can no longer just be the party of HELL NO.

    The very real reality in the states is that unemployment is really hurting families and deficit spending is something that has to be dramatically curtailed. EVEN in the District.

    The GOP will try to meddle in District affairs, particularly where it pertains to our restrictive gun regulations. Any regulation on guns is one too many for the GOP. Gay Marriage will certainly face a challenge as well as Medical Marijuana. However,Eleanor is right, there is a democratic majority in the Senate. Lets just hope they have the guts to protect District home rule.

    We really need to gain full control over our budget. Congress has YET to vote on our FY11 budget. This is preposterous.

  • Bryan Weaver

    Thanks for the support.